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WASHINGTON (NEWS RELEASE) -– U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre announced today that the Surf City Post Office has been removed from the closure list by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Congressman McIntyre stated, “This is great news for the residents of Surf City! The Surf City Post Office is an essential component in day-to-day living and in business operations, and its removal from the USPS closure list reinforces that. Mayor Zander Guy is to be commended for his leadership, and the entire Surf City community is to be applauded, for their efforts in working together to gather information, advocate for, and inform the USPS about the importance of the post office to the citizens and the community! Indeed, this is a good day for Surf City!”

Upon getting the news in late July that the USPS had placed the Surf City Post office on its targeted closure list, Congressman McIntyre and Mayor Guy formulated a strategy to inform the USPS about the business impact of the Surf City Post Office and the support from the local community. In September, McIntyre sent a letter to the USPS Postmaster General stressing the importance of the facility and included a petition from over 1600 citizens in support of the post office and three local municipality resolutions in support of the postal facility.

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2 Comments on "Surf City Post Office removed from Postal Service closure list"

2015 years 10 months ago

if we apply your hypothesis to government in general, than most local, state and federal government agencies would be shut down.

What then does one do with all of those newly unemployed millions?

Of course we could start in Raleigh and work in stages.

2015 years 10 months ago

If a post office is losing money, it should be closed. Period. If those served by that post office want to keep it open, then they should bear the cost of its operation instead of allowing it to remain a financial burden to the USPS as a whole.


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