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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – District Attorney Jon David responded via a news release today (posted below) regarding our exclusive reports on the ongoing issues within the Leland Police Department.

After confirming with multiple sources that Chief Tim Jayne took his station vehicle to Myrtle Beach last year for a bachelor party, struck an officer in the gut while at the party, has ordered officers to work on his home and on neighbors’ homes, along with reporting about a Leland cop shooting fellow officer Sherry Lewis between the legs at least 12 times with simulation ammunition during a training exercise, we reached out to David to see how his office was handling the allegations.

We also told him about a story dealing with a criminal situation within the Leland Police Department we’ve chosen not to report at this time because we feel that if we did, it could put some people’s safety in jeopardy. He said he hadn’t heard anything from anyone.

David has also continuously discredited our sources saying they are just disgruntled employees with an axe to grind. We have continuously reminded him that we have confirmed everything we’ve reported with at least one more source, if not more, and that we stand by all of our stories regarding the Town of Leland and the Leland Police Department as true and factual.

David again told us that he had not received any calls regarding the allegations. When we reminded him that one of our sources had indeed called him, he did admit he remembered taking that call. That source tells us that David took the call but ended up laughing and hanging up on them. David says he doesn’t recall doing that. But in the news release, he says again that he hasn’t received any calls.

We also informed him that many of the people talking with us are close to the situation within the Leland Police Department and don’t trust him because he’s friends and neighbors with Chief Jayne. He said he was disappointed to hear that.

In his news release, David says the purpose is to, “clarify the responsibility of the District Attorney and to discuss what steps I have taken to ensure the integrity of the investigative process for any criminal case, should the need arise.”

David mentions a “conflict of interest” in the release and has told us by phone that it does involve his relationship with Chief Jayne.

He also writes, “When personnel problems are alleged, the matter can be investigated by Criminal Justice Training and Standards, which is a division under the Department of Justice. In this case, I have been informed by the Attorney General’s Office that an internal audit has already occurred.”

That audit did happen early last week. However, Attorney General Spokeswoman Noelle Talley told us by phone that she has talked with Training and Standards Director Wayne Woodard who told her his department does not investigate “personnel matters,” instead focusing on training and certification. She did say Woodard would be interested in hearing about concerns within the department.

David told us Tuesday that John Aldridge, who’s with the AG’s office, could take complaint calls from people concerned about the situation within LDP. However, as of Tuesday, Talley said that wasn’t the AG’s policy and Aldridge didn’t have approval to take phone calls from the public.

Now, in today’s news release, he says people concerned about personnel issued within LPD should write, not call, Training and Standards, which we’re told doesn’t handle personnel issues.

Once David told us no one has called him with complaints, we approached him saying people who were talking with us were ready to file formal complaints. He said he wasn’t comfortable hearing those complaints because of his friendship with Chief Jayne, so we asked who we could send those people to. On Tuesday it was a representative from the AG’s office. Today it’s Training and Standards, which doesn’t deal with these issues. So we are still unclear who’s responsible for at least sitting down and listening to what these people have to say.


Press Release Regarding Leland Police Department

This press release concerns media reports of internal problems at the Leland Police Department. Recently, a local television station has been running a series of news stories about personnel issues within the Leland Police Department. The purpose of this press release is to clarify the responsibility of the District Attorney and to discuss what steps I have taken to ensure the integrity of the investigative process for any criminal case, should the need arise.

The Constitutional duty of the District Attorney is two fold: (1) to prosecute crime and (2) to advise local law enforcement.

The District Attorney does not have any supervisory authority over the internal functioning of a police department. When personnel problems are alleged, the matter can be investigated by Criminal Justice Training and Standards, which is a division under the Department of Justice. In this case, I have been informed by the Attorney General’s Office that an internal audit has already occurred. A follow-up investigation can proceed if necessary. Investigators with Training and Standards routinely seek legal guidance from the Attorney General’s Office, not the local District Attorney. The reason that investigators get advice from the Attorney General is because personnel matters of law enforcement agencies are not the purview of the District Attorney.

When law enforcement officers break the criminal law it is my oath and obligation to prosecute them for their behavior.

When I receive these types of complaints my practice is to refer the investigation to a law enforcement agency, generally the State Bureau of Investigation.

At times, a District Attorney may have a conflict of interest in being able to personally handle a criminal matter involving a law enforcement officer. In this case, I contacted the Attorney General’s Office and requested their assistance on Friday, September 23, 2011. I had a detailed phone conversation with attorneys from the Attorney General’s Office, and memorialized that conversation in writing (see the attached email dated, Monday, September 26). The decision to involve the Attorney General’s Office at that juncture was preemptive in nature. To date, I have never received a criminal complaint from any victim or witness of a crime alleged to have been perpetrated by a Leland Police Officer.

The Attorney General’s Office will continue to work with the Investigators from Training and Standards and, should allegations of a criminal nature surface, they have agreed to refer the matter for a follow-up criminal investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agency. Moreover, the Attorney General’s Office would assume any future criminal prosecution.

Anyone who wishes to allege criminal behavior connected to this matter is asked by the Attorney General’s Office to put that request in writing and send to:

Attention: NC Criminal Justice Standards
P.O. Drawer 149
Raleigh,NC 27602-0149

If a victim or witness is reluctant to detail these allegations in writing, then you are asked to merely supply your name and phone number to the above address and you will be contacted immediately.

From: David, Jonathan M.
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 4:52 PM
To: jcoman@ncdoj.gov; jaldrid@ncdoj.gov
Subject: Leland Police Department

Jim, I hope this email finds you doing well. This message follows our telephone conversation of last Friday
regarding the Leland Police Department. As we discussed, there has been a substantial amount of coverage in
our local press regarding problems in the department. Apparently, the source of the news stories is the former
Assistant Town Manger, who was recently terminated. The Police Chief, Tim Jayne, has been instructed by
his Town Manger, Bill Farris, not to respond publically (sic) to the allegations. This strategy has lead many in our
community to rush to judgment and condemn Chief Jayne’s behavior. Some members of our community are
strongly voicing the opinion that the Chief and/or department should be “investigated” by the District Attorney’s Office.

I have not received any complaints regarding criminal behavior by the Leland Police Department or Chief Jayne.
Moreover, as you are aware, I do not have any supervisory authority over the Chief or his department. It appears that the current allegations, if true, raise troubling issues regarding personnel matters only. To this end, I have been made aware that Training and Standards is already conducting a review of the department. In the event that additional allegations surface of a criminal nature, I would have a conflict of interest in advising law enforcement, or in prosecuting Tim Jayne. The reason for this is that Tim Jayne and I are neighbors and friends.

Moreover, one of the news stories suggested that Chief Jayne was using his employees to perform work around
our neighborhood while on duty. To the extent that I could be viewed as benefiting from this “corruption” I feel it necessary to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.
While I do not believe that I have an actual conflict of interest some may perceive the appearance of a conflict. In this regard, I consulted the criteria for acceptance of requests for assistance that the Attorney General’s Office has set forth in interpreting its responsibilities when a conflict request is made, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 114-11.6.

The Criteria for acceptance states:

Although there is not always an actual conflict of interest in these cases, it is sometimes better from a
“public perception” standpoint to eliminate an appearance of conflict or some suggestion that the matter
will not be handled properly. Having a separate independent prosecutorial agency assume responsibility
for these types of cases is in the best interest of the proper administration of justice in assuring the public
that the case will be handled properly and in the public’s best interest.

The types of cases which readily fall into this category include the following: (d) When a local attorney, law enforcement officer, court official or other public official is investigated or charged and the District Attorney has a personal or professional relationship with that person such that his ability to be totally fair and impartial will be questioned; or when, in such instances, both the District Attorney and the Attorney General feel that public confidence in the proper administration of justice will be severely damaged without the presence of an independent prosecutorial agency’s participation in the case.

Given the circumstances, I ask that your department advise law enforcement and assume any future prosecution
of this matter should the need arise. I have already contacted members of both the SBI and the FBI and informed them of our telephone conversation wherein you agreed to let Assistant Attorney General John Adridge and his team provide assistance. Mr. Aldrige is already aware of some of the allegations because of this working relationship with the folks at Training and Standards. Again, I appreciate your help with this matter. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Jon David

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    WWAY, You all are a political attack group. I wish you would attack your governor Purdue and her corrupt politics and that money blowing NOBAMA as much as you do the local government. I think Jon David has done a great job so far in office. It is pretty obvious that no matter who is in office, you all are in attack mode. I don’t know David personally, but he has done a better job than Rex Gore ever thought about doing.

  • Reginald Denny

    WWAY is impartial as to who they hunt, and so be it, they are calling out the screwballs regardless of party… if you seriously look at the issues, they will cross lines where the two opposites in the national view, CNN and Fox News are so slanted towards their direction. I believe in John David, I supported him, And he definitley needs to follow protocal to continue getting my support, or, by failing to do his job alone, he will become the next star of film at 11. Bev is gone in my book. As a viewer and a voter, I can honestly say that this station is as close to non partisan as you can find any where in THIS viewing area. If you dont like the coverage, click on sesame street or change the channel. Oh, and if WWAY is reading… Thank you for the replays of your 6pm newscast on 3.2, some of us dont get home to watch the news at 6 because we work long and hard just like you. Keep it up!

  • Guest28451

    and supported him in this fight with Judge Jolly but John David needs to step back and ask for help from Raleigh to hold an investigation without the appearance of conflict of interest which there clearly is between him and Chief Jayne… On the flipside Im no fan of Chief Jayne theres been rumors for awhile of shenanigans of Leland officers overstepping authority and acting like bullies in some cases and the Mayor, Town Manager and the Council have all turned a blind eye to the goings on. I suspect the theory that the Chief has dirt on the elected officials is probably true and already Leland has little hope of any changes with the milquetoast mayor to be not having any backbone in asking for proper investigations to confirm or deny these allegations.

  • SurfCityTom

    Roy Cooper, the Attorney General.

    He aspires to higher office.

    If he can’nt take the matter in hand or assign responsibility for an investigation to someone in the SBI, then the folks in Leland might consider selling their property and moving.

    There’s always the State Senator; the legislature is out of session. He ought to be able to get someone’s attention in Raleigh.


    elect a new town council and Mayor with a primary focus of cleaning out the dog house.

    On another note, it was reported deputies worked on the Chief’s house as well as other houses in the community while on the clock. Could one of the homeowners be Mr. David who benefited from the donated labor?

  • Guest1

    The local DA has jurisdiction to investigate. The SBI, which works under the Attorney General, has no jurisdiction to investigate until the local DA asks for help.

  • Guest1974

    I don’t know a thing about this situation except what the various news outlets have been reporting, but I have to ask the question–what business would the DA have in dealing with this situation anyway? The town of Leland is a TOWN. They have an organization & structure. When personnel allegations are made about officers, the complaints should go to their boss. When personnel allegations are made about the chief, go to his boss or bosses. When criminal allegations are made about any of the above, some law enforcement agency not directly involved needs to investigate & bring criminal charges if merited. I just don’t see how Jon David plays into any of this at this point. Leave him alone, WWAY. You guys are turning into the local equivalent of The National Enquirer.

  • Guest1

    This is not a “training” issue. It is a criminal matter. If the various allegations are true, crimes have been committed. When “on duty” officers worked on the former sheriff’s home, the sheriff was indicted. If the Leland Chief is not indicted for similar misconduct, someone needs to apologize to former Sheriff Ronald (“Hollywood”) Hewett. Citizens have long known that some cops in the Leland PD were over the top, untruthful, and out of control hooligans. Instead of working in Leland proper, they have also tried to usurp the State Highway Patrol by setting up speed traps on US 74 and US 17. They are a dysfunctional crew.

  • Guest28451

    Except Leland is Spurbery. UGh this is an embarassment. Jon David is quickly turning into Rex Gore Light.

  • Names Please

    I know this is old news in comparison, but can someone tell me the names of those involved with the “shooting” of Sherry Lewis? And also with the bachelor party gone wild? I’m trying to figure out who is on what side with all the blog posts. I’m sure this information will clarify many things.

  • FOLR

    Mr. David has the authority to call for a SBI investigation. All he has to do is ask. Simple huh? What is he afraid of? Is he involved? Who really knows? These are questions that the people want to know. So Mr. David when are you going to ask? The SBI has to be asked by either one of the following, 1. Sheriff, 2. District Attorney or 3. a Superior Court Judge. And guess who that would be? You got it Ola Lewis. That’s right she knows too. Could it be that these are all political positions? Maybe all of them have known of these allegations for some time? Want them to be reelected?

    Come On people get it together!

  • SurfCityTom

    I guess you did not read the entire article. I’m pretty familiar with the law, government agencies and chains of authority.

    Did you not read the DA’s comments concerning his reluctance to involve the AG and his concern over possible conflicts of interest as he and the Police Chief are neighbors?

    So in the absence of his willingness to seek outside intervention or to take the bull by the horns directly, to which person or government agency do the citizens turn to?

    Everyone waits, with baited breath, for your response.

  • Ralph Hines

    Seriously John Aldridge doing an investigation? No conflict of interest there. I not only think he is a waste of my tax paying dollars but also a puppet for Wayne Woodard. I wonder if he is even going to conduct one or wait 6 months like he did for me and give a 15 minute bias investigation when he found out I was attempting to complain to the Board.

    Then there is Wayne Woodard. Woodard was so kind that he suspended my Law Enforcement Certification for not conducting my yearly firearms qualification because I was in Iraq and unable to return in time. At that time, the Board let it be at Woodard’s discretion as to be suspended or not. When I contacted his staff about this, they arranged it so I would be forced back through the entire Basic Law Enforcement Training. When I attempted to contact the Board about this, Mr. Woodard and his staff denied access to them. Woodard contacted me via mail after I did contact someone and asked I direct all correspondence in this matter to him and he would address it. I mailed him a letter on 4 Aug. 2011. Woodard has never responded to it. Not sure of how many characters I can post but I will attempt to post it. Perhaps WWAY can obtain an answer since I cannot.

    Mr. Woodard,

    I like when something is factual. Your letter date 20 July 2011, is correct that you have answered my questions for the past two years. Although I have never really tried to get a question answered by you or your staff since the only people that can solve it now are on the Board. Why did you neglected to state anything about the 4 previous years? Maybe the reason why you cannot answer the question is because you and your staff have forgotten the question.

    The reason why my certification was suspended was because you personally stated that I did not meet the minimum standards of 12 NCAC 9 while I was in Iraq. At that time, it was at your discretion as to be waived.

    Here is your question that no one would answer. HOW AM I ABLE TO OBTAIN A LETTER OF APPOINTMENT/INTENT WHEN THE MINIUM STANDARDS OF 12 NCAC 9 ARE NOT MET? Don’t worry I know the answer to this. I cannot.


    Jenny Little was told several times by two chiefs of police and a school director. Now if I knew that in 2007 this problem cannot be new. Why does your staff not know?

    I am now going to go over a very brief synopsis of what has taken place. Every incident is not in here since it would take to many pages:
    Feb. 2005, I returned from Iraq on leave and received a letter of suspension for not conducting my firearms qualification. This was excusable at YOUR discretion. Therefore you deemed me a threat to the citizens of the state. If not a threat, you could not suspend me without being in violation of your Charter (bet you did not think I would know that. I did not push that issue but if I have to take you back to Court I foresee several of your Admin Codes and maybe even as much as your POPAT in violation).
    Feb. 2005, I contacted your office in an attempt to comply. I was informed that I would have to attend 48 hours of Firearms through a BLET class. I specifically asked about using an instructor but was told I could not do that it would have to be through BLET.
    Feb. 2005, upon checking with several schools (most of which the instructors offered their services), I learned that it would take approximately 6 weeks to complete through a BLET class. I could only stay in the country 4 weeks before returning to Iraq. (While on this subject, explain how Emerald Isle was able to conduct theirs in a week through a NIGHT BLET class? How is that construed to be “fair and uniform enforcement of stands? Does this Sound more like punishment than meeting your standards?) I contacted your staff for assistance to comply. Instead of help I was ridiculed and dared to take you to court.
    July, 2005, went to court and loss like expected since I did not push a Constitutional challenge. I was informed by your staff at that time that all I had to do was 48 hours of Firearms within a year. Oh boy!!! It took going to court to find out how long I had to do it. To me that was $5,000 well spent just to get your staff to explain things to me. The only problem was I extended in Iraq because I did not think I had a job upon my return. But I was assured that I would receive a “Limited Letter of Enrollment” Upon my return as long as I did not exceed 3 years.
    Aug, 2006, returned back to the country 6 months early (I was granted an extension) so I could take care of my certification.
    Sept. 2006, started a night BLET class after obtaining a “Limited Letter of Enrollment”.
    Dec. 2006, since I did not have to attend every class, I was not there nor was I contacted in a change of schedule. I therefore did no attend a class that was required. I was informed at the beginning that if I missed any classes I would have to start over. A change is not uncommon but something that took place in 2009, again with your staff, makes me wonder about this incident (no proof only speculation).
    11 Dec. 2006, contacted Jenny Little via telephone. I explained to her the situation and asked what I need to do. I also informed her that there was a class starting in Jan. 2007 that I wished to attend but was unsure if this could be done in time before the Holidays. She informed me that she would have to locate my file since it was not there and call me back but the time frame should not be a problem. There are how many officers in the state and my file is not with them?
    14 Dec 2006, Jenny Little sought and obtained a “Letter of Separation”. She never called me back until the following year when I started calling again around late Feb early March of 2007. In fact thanks to that incident in Feb/March all outgoing and incoming calls with your staff were taped. Check those two dates and explain to me how your staff provides assistance and attempts to retain Law Enforcement Officers in accordance with your Mission Statement? Correct me if I am wrong since I am writing this from memory but Mr. Aldridge stated in his letter that one of the reasons why I needed a Letter of Intent was because I was not affiliated with Law Enforcement. Was it not your staff that made me unaffiliated? Was this on purpose since now I would not only need a Limited Letter but a Letter of Intent, which I cannot obtain a letter of Intent per 12 NCAC 9? What sense does it even make to have me separated from that Department and then inform me to obtain a Letter of Intent from that Department so I will be affiliated? Did anyone read the blocks check and/or the reason for separation? Why would they send me for my Annual Block of Instructions a full year after the suspension if they did not want to retain me (the Department)? Why did Jenny Little never contact me about the Jan class? Was it because she didn’t want to answer the question of this action? Does the staff there ignore the person and hope the problem goes away? Does this sound similar to Mr. Aldridge’s 6 month investigation that should have taken 15 minutes (the only reason why he contacted me was because Pam Pope knew I was trying to contact the Board once again)? Is Richard Squires ever going to call back from 2007?
    Aug 2007, I have skipped over several other incidents including the attempt to contact the board to solve this problem. At this time, Little knows I am attempting to enter BLET in approximately a week, with a spot held open for me at the school. Another Department contacts Little on my behalf to find out what I needed to do to attend. Little informs that Department that it is too late and that I will have to attend the entire BLET again. Why does Little inform them of this when I am not only still able to attend the class that I want but I have approximately 5 and ½ months left to find and enter another one?

    For years anytime this subject was brought up, I would literally spends days straight researching your Administrative Codes. I mean I couldn’t sleep and didn’t have a job so what else was there to do. This, my being angry, attempting to convey the entire story, and not wishing to directly ask the question until I was in front of the Board with you and your staff may be the reason why some of the letters I wrote sounded as if I were “rambling on”. . This letter by its self does not even come close to the entire story.

    I was told by a recruiter, from a large Department, prior to my three years being up, that the state would make me go through the entire BLET program again and no Department would touch me until I did. He stated that when someone is suspended it is almost always for something “bad”, such as criminal activity, and not something as dumb as a simple oversight. He continued by stating that this was Standard Operating Procedure for the State to do this.

    I am not sure of the reason behind this action, retaliation for taking the State to Court, Standard Operating Procedures, or something else. I do know this. It appears that this is nothing more than an abuse of powers. The board can do something but you and your staff do not have the authority to punish someone in accordance with your Charter. What you and your staff have done is nothing more than another form of “Blacklisting”. Whatever the reason may be, at the end of the day it appears that you took my Certification because I participated in a War.

    While you and your staff sit around and plan, scheme, combine, confederate and conspire with each other on how to answer this, keep this in mind. I not only know a lot of answers to the questions I ask, but I also do not let you know all of what I know. You cannot hide a lie. Mr. Aldridge’s letter has already documented the fact that you wanted me to do the impossible.


  • FJK

    …… You make no mention of being deployed so I am assuming (unless I missed it by scanning versus reading the whole post) that you left to go do Contract work overseas. If thats the case, knowing a little about this, you put the full weight of maintaining your required standards upon yourself and I wonder if thats why they gave you little or no leeway in maintaining your status. Obviously you were not a “threat” to the citizens of NC. Unless there is something you are not telling us I wonder how this went south so quick.

    So Mr. Hines, how long were you in Law Enforcement, was it contract or military and did you ever get this corrected. Im just curious after reading your story.

    CJ Standards are strict in NC for a reason, we have very little corruption by LEO’s because of that. I cant imagine however that if you had been sworn for any amount of time, and then left on good terms why there was so much controversy so quick with them.

    And again, IF you were active duty and they did this to you they should all be fired. Let me know…….

  • Saki

    The DA can and should ask the SBI to conduct an investigation into the goings on at the Leland PD. Sounds to me like Tarnished Badge all over. If Jon David doesn’t want to look like Rex Gore, sweeping the obvious under the rug, than he should allow the SBI to check things out. If the Leland PD and Chief Janey have nothing to hide, than they and DA David have nothing to worry about from an outside source investigating, right?

  • Pac

    Yea, and the Chief has turned into Hollywood Hewett!!

  • guesty

    All I do is complain without facts? Really? So the facts of the criminal record I provided about the high school football star charged with murder don’t count? The fact I provided about Muslims and their intolerance of a thief in the recent bank robber story isn’t really there? The facts I put out that too much money is spent on welfare, too little is done to keep the system from being abused were all in my mind? There is many more that I could go on with but I feel my point is made.

    If you don’t like what you read, don’t read it. Just like you are not forced to watch certain TV shows (except I know you never miss Ellen.) You really need to seek some reading comprehension courses or just slow down a little and let the words sink in.

    But on the plus side it shows you do have the ability to remember my user name. Thanks.


    my butt. Just look at the stories of police misconduct and corruption in NC, just look at the NCSHP. Never mind in the country as a whole.
    Cops and corruption go hand in hand in these times..

  • FJK

    …. another disgruntled so called “native” talking out of his rear once again on WWAY. Listen, why is it that all you do is complain? You, and “Guesty” and others …. all you guys do is argue. No points, no facts just complain. Is your life that boring that you just pick fights on these forums all day? I mean really, if there was some factual basis for your arguement that corruption is rampent in NC or to quote you “Cops and corruption go hand in hand”? Maybe then I could understand….. but you just sound plain stupid.

    Fact: I have been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years and can speak to the fact that corruption is NOT rampent. I’m not saying it does not occur, again in my post I said very little occurs. I have seen fellow Officers arrested but that wasnt what the post was about.

    Heres a ILM Native “fact”: I have no idea what I’m talking about but ever since my arrest for DWI, Solicitation, drugs (etc. just insert your crime) I have been biased to all Law Enforcement.

    See the difference ILM Native? I think theres over 50,000 sworn LEO’s in NC alone and I would say maybe 100… maybe 200 Officers get arrested , indicted, charged, jailed every year? maybe? I mean to get to 1% of total Officers you would have to hit 500 so “hand in hand” seems like a stretch. Maybe instead of picking fights and sounding ignorant you should just do a little research first.

    Also I guess the reason this has become personal is that I was interested in HIS story about being “screwed by the state” not in YOUR unfounded comment so why did you even post a response? Nobody was talking to you.

  • Ralph Hines

    Yes, I was conducting contract work for the State Department. I was working with the Iraqi Police, including firearms training. The “Standard” that suspended my Certification is no longer in place. In other words, all anyone has to do now is conduct an “In Service Firearms Qual.”. At that time they required 48 hours of training, or as I like to call it “punishment” so I could tell which way the pointy ends go in the gun, via a Basic Law Enforcement (BLET) Class. I was specifically told I could not obtain an instuctor but had to go through a BLET class. During that period of time all I could find were classes that were conducting approximately 8 hours a week, which means 6 weeks…I could only stay back for 28 days every 4 months and was not allowed to split the time. By the way, how would you like to be sitting out of work for 6 weeks…Is that not financial punishment too?

    As for how long I was in Law Enforcement, it was approximately 17 years.

    Left on good terms with who? I never left my last Department. I was forced out by Mr. Woodard’s staff so they could make me do the impossible to obtain a “Letter of Appointment”. In my “Letter of Seperation” from my last Department, it clearly stated that they would re-hire me. Not only would they re-hire but I had two other Departments call the “State” on my behalf to hire me. The problem lays with the “Letter of Appointment”. For them to suspended my Certification I have to have some sort of defiecientcy in 12 NCAC 9. To obtain a “Letter of Appointment” the letter clearly states you are not allowed to have any in 12 NCAC 9. Anyone misrepersenting that fact is subject to a suspension and possible revocation of thier certification.

    I have been told for some time that it is Standard Operation Proceedure for them to force an individual back through BLET. That is not only wrong but as far as I am concerned “Double Jepordy” since it is the same soveirgn conducting two punishments. One by the “Board” the other by Mr. Woodard. I personally feel that it was because I took them to court in 2005 about the 48 hours of firearms. They changed it by 2006 and it takes well over a year before any changes are made with their Admin Codes. Some how though they “Grandfathered” me in on the punishment.

    As far as not telling everything, I will tell you anything you want to know, wether you want to hear it or not, all you have to is ask. That is what people like about me I am honest unlike the unethical “State”. Let me explain it to you in these terms: They took my career, not job, from me; I enjoyed my career so much that I left a 6 digit a year job, after being granted an extension, to come back and reaquire my certification; instead of reaquiring it, they changed the rules and tried to have me do the impossible.

    I believe it was Gerald Ford that said this “A government that can give you everything can also take everything away” or words to that affect. You say we have very little corruption by LEOs…I say it is because it is all sitting in Mr. Woodard’s Office since he is protected by the largest Law Firm in the State, the Attorney General’s Office. I said this to his staff in 2006 and I will say it again…No one in that office can make a command decision… The “buck” stops with Mr. Woodard.


    arrested in my life sorry to disappoint you Columbo…You think everyone that does not worship your a** is a criminal of some kind. Ever think YOUR attitude towards the public is why most people distrust and dispise you cops?? Think about it, even in your posts you have the God complex..keep writing everyone is seeing it here on the forums.
    Now as far as your comment maybe 100 or 200 get arrested that might be right but how many do you and your boys cover up for each other?
    Nice try….

  • The real FJK

    You just confirmed what I wrote… and nobody worships me here, I hardly ever post, but what you still dont get is that this convo had nothing to do with you and your response yet YOU stuck your nose in it and I just kinda put you in your place. Period. I notice you didnt even have a factual response to your post about “all” cops being corrupt.

    See, you cant justify it and you still just whine, complain, and deflect.

    So if you missed my point, I was looking for a response from Mr. Hines not some ILM Native (which I got and you might want to read above, its how civilized people carry a conversation) and point #2 being that your ignorant which you proved once again. Thanks again for not dissapointing me.

    And as far as a God complex did you even read the first post? Show me in there what “attitude” problem you found? Oh thats right you werent part of that conversation. All you read was my statement that we have very little corruption and you posted the dumbest comment this month on WWAY, who’s got the complex I ask?

    I was asking for information on his situation. If I was God dont you think I would already know the answer? (I can hear the marbles turning from here).

    ***** Ha! I forgot you guys do this to people when you cant win, I went to preview my response and found out all of a sudden one of you went and registered FJK as thier own to stop me from using it****** classy, real classy…… Its ok. I guess I must have intimidated you with all my power. Ha you people are a trip

  • the real FJK

    your like a living ledgend on the site….. I just dont agree with most of your responses

  • Grand Ole Party

    We get it, you don’t like cops. Every story connected with law enforcement you post negative BS. I am sure they don’t much care for you either. Ever think YOUR attitude towards cops is why most cops distrust and DESPISE (proper spelling) you? There is a place called Somalia, no cops to speak of, it would be paradise for you. Feel free to move anytime. You won’t be missed.

  • guesty

    Well put.

  • sailboat2323

    You appear to be nothing more that a bad joke here. Full of hot air while nobody is scared of you.

  • guesty

    We don’t have to agree on everything or even anything. Being as this is America we both have the right to our own opinion. The only point I took issue with you was you said I was only here to argue and provided no facts. I often back up my position with facts and try hard to remain impartial and unemotional on issues.

    Welcome to the board, get your name registered so it can’t be taken and post away.

  • Guest111

    Have you been practicing your math today???


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