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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We’ve been following closely issues in Leland the past couple of weeks. Today, a town leader has finally come forward to talk about what she thinks needs to be done. Leland Town Council member Martha Currie sat down with us this afternoon to talk about the situation.

Currie was the only council member to speak with us about issues within the Town of Leland and its police department when we approached local leaders a week ago. Today, she said town leaders have waited long enough and need to take action. We asked Currie if she thought town leaders believed by ignoring the issues they would just go away.

“No, I do not,” she said. “Maybe at first I kind of thought, ‘This is just rumors, and it’s gonna go away,’ but it hasn’t gone away, so it’s time we do something.”

Currie says she can only speak for herself and not the whole council, but she says it’s time for action, and she is going to push to get answers for her community so that the good guys can get back to keeping Leland safe.

“I just want an investigation now,” Currie said. “I wanna know the truth. I want to know what’s happened.”

Currie says with all the allegations of corruption and deception in Leland, she thinks the only answer is a private investigation to find out the truth. The process should be simple. Mayor Walter Futch would just need to call a meeting of the council so they could vote on hiring an investigator.

Currie says she is just as shocked by the allegations against the Leland Police Department and Police Chief Tim Jayne as the rest of the community. She hopes to clear the air by finding out what’s true and getting rid of any bad apples.

“I never thought that corruption in the police department would ever, ever come up,” she said. “And I still, like I said, I’m praying these rumors are just rumors, that they’re not true, because I think we’ve got some real good men out there trying to protect us every day and every night.”

District Attorney Jon David says he has alerted the Attorney General’s office, but has recused himself of calling the SBI for an investigation because he is a neighbor and friend of Chief Tim Jayne.

We tried to speak with Futch this afternoon to see if he would call for the meeting needed to discuss a private investigation. So far he has not returned our call.

If you would like to call the Mayor and let him know how you feel, call him at 279-2274 or email him at wfutch@townofleland.com.

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  • Kblue22284

    Sure am gonna miss you L.T. NOT!

  • trueblue

    I’m glad we had our talk yesterday, now you can stop this foolishness and let the department get back to business…O.K.?

  • Upnorth22284

    So your from “UP NORTH” and you don’t know Rick or Bill? But you know Nathan? That is so weird!!! So now that we have PROVEN that your a liar and you are indeed either Rick lets air this “laundry” k? First we answer your question. “what crime has been broken” Well L.T. Let’s start with the obvious, You shot a female with training rounds to the point she couldn’t walk? Need the general statute for Assault liar? 2nd? Work at Ben Davids house as well as Rocky’s (Jayne) Which brings me to the left hook at Nortons party. Need the statute number for that liar? You have embarrassed this department enough. You have been caught in a lie for all of 8 counties to read. Its time you resign. And when someone files a complaint against you? Don’t keep throwing them in the trash can…..Hey Ricky? Have a great day……

  • trueblue

    You have said enough, what crime has been broken? I keep hearing that people have been done wrong but no CRIME! It’s not against the law in North Carolina to not be in the “click”. Look “Nathan” just submit you complaint in writing and stop this, you are only hurting your department in the long run.


    If your from “Up North”? Why the interest? I know I always follow news from “Up North” K that was a joke….Its my belief that these Officers make comments about themselves. The man/women is trying to tell you that his “Chain Of Command” is the problem. The men’s names he/she used “ARE” the I.A. UNDERSTAND?

  • Kblue

    You sir are ignorant! Have you read NOTHING??? “Corruption”? The word corrupt (Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, to –>abuse or destroy< -- : com-, intensive pref. and rumpere, to break) when used as an adjective literally means ----->“utterly broken”<------. "UP NORTH" this means um? BROKEN!? Which means the "chain of command is?? You can do it!!!! GOOD BOY!!! brrrooooken! People this man has no clue as to what is going on. "UP NORTH"? has a Union. Heck they may even have a chain of command that works. If Mr "NO CLUE NORTHERNER" read one single post here he would know or at least hold a single clue as to whats going on! Professional? Tell that to our leaders. Have a blessed day "Nelly No clue Northerner"


    I don’t know “Rick or “Bill” but it proves my point! You clearly are a disgruntal employee by the way you are going off on me thinking that I work for Leland P.D., I am simply saying that we handle things differently up NORTH and a bit more PROFESSIONAL. Most of the response’s on here are positive about these two guys yet you keep saying negative things. If you know of anything criminal just put it in writing and submit it to your supervisor for I.A. to look into.

  • Lelandblue

    Yes, our chain of command is really doing well. Each complaint the Officers make? Goes though this “chain of command”. For those of you who don’t know the chain of command its, Chief Jayne, Bill Kozak, and Rick Delapea! Each complaint we file about them? Goes “TO” them. Convenient? Yup each one goes in the trash. Unless another government entity comes in here so we can talk to them directly? Nothing will be done.


    If you do in fact work at the Leland P.D. then you know that you can handle your issues in house and not “Air Drity Laundry” outside the Department. If you have a problem with your supervisor you can contact the chain of command like all the other “Professional” departments do. Again it takes 1 (ONE) disgruntal employee to spread rumors…….

  • Wanda77

    First, if an assualt took place in Myrtle Beach, Brunswick County has no jurisdiction. Second, no warrant was ever sworn out against the chief. Third. tempers occasionally flare in occupations where the group is tightly knit and possessing an “us against them” work ethic. I’m sure the officer who was struck considers it no big deal at all.

  • Which 2 “outstandinng” officers are you referring to? You may find that your “outstanding” officers aren’t so outstanding!!

  • Kblue22284

    Again its easy to tell its one of you two because I know first hand the “things” you do for “our” Community (nothing) Shooting a female in the groin aside your both worthless! Its cute how you beef up the comments on here to make yourselves look like upstanding Officers. I have to laugh though, I can actually see you two sitting next to each other typing your comments. lol!!! But I work with you and know first hand no one on this department likes you. Both your prier agencies didn’t want you. Notice how fast you gained rank When Mr. Balboa (Chief Jayne) took Office? And because your such good friends and going to parties in SC? You figured you had the run of the department. Demoting almost every Sergeant that was promoted proves that. Smell that??? Smells like change is near!! Ms. Martha Currie? Keep up the GREAT work. Leland loves you!

  • PublicAvenger

    You conveniently left out several key factors. Like an assault that took place at Myrtle Beach. Also, two outstanding officers being “let go” for no appearent reason, other then politics. When I see good law enforcement officers getting hacked off, I get mad.

    I knew Martha, when she was on the other side of the river, I can see she still is not afraid to take the hard stand, and I have nothing but respect for her.

  • youtake

    I got the same thing from the BCSO…Since I wasn’t the victim or involved they didn’t want anything to do with me. I was even told that it was none of my business and to leave the subject alone. My sister and her husband split up and she called for a Deputy so she could go get her stuff and they wouldn’t even come out while her husband was throwing all her of her stuff out in the yard and took everything he wanted and left.

  • lelandcitizen

    These guys have done a lot of good for our community. Who else would work for the small amount of money they make! The Chief, Bill and Rick have done a great job of making our department more professional and having to be critized for it isn’t worth it. I know first hand that Bill has given up his free time to hel kids in our town that don’t have the things that others do. Rick and his family have also made sacrifices that will never be mentioned. Lets moves on so we can all get back to our jobs of protecting the citizens of our town!

  • Waste of Time

    I have tried on numerous instances to file a complaint on Leland Police Officers. You get nowhere. Since April, I have tried to contact the District Attorney(who states he has not been contacted about any suspected criminal activity regarding the Leland Police Department). I have emails from one of his Assistant DA’s telling me I need to contact the Internal Affairs Department of the Leland Police Department. The problem, one of the officers I am trying to file the complaint against is the officer that handles IA. I have tried contacting every law enforcement agency I can think of or that will listen. None will do anything. The thing is, I was trying to file this complaint as a witness of Leland’s Actions and not actions that were taken against me.

    If you have a complaint or have been a victim of a crime by the Leland Police my advice is to just give up and hope they don’t find out you tried to report them. I am retired and do have some free time so I have been able to drive to Bolivia, make calls, etc. I basically decided to give up and just accept it as natural behavior in Leland. If someone were breaking in my house, I just hope they take what they want and move on or hope it isn’t a Leland Police Officer. By no means will anyone take a police report.

    It will take physical injury to someone who has tried to complain before anything is done.

    Take a look at http://www.townofleland.com/police and look at the blotter section. Review the “crimes” these guys respond to. Missing stop signs, stolen dogs, trespassing, etc. Look at the NHSO or WPD and the crimes they respond to only a daily basis. I wonder what the Leland Officers do all day.

  • socallednews

    There is a reason you can say “Only on channel 3”..that is because other news outlets in our area actually have Journalistic Integrity, unlike your Tabloid News Station! To spread gossip, rumors and outright lies just to get a story, is disgraceful and everyone involved with WWAY and anyone who would actually watch and believe what your so called News People have to say should be embarrassed. After reading Jon Davids statement, perhaps it’s the forced to resign ex Assistant Manager we should be investigating. Where did she come from?
    Why was she asked to resign? Who is she “working” with to get her so called “inside information”? It is quite obvious to any thinking person where her motivation(and others) is coming from, shame on you for perpetuating the untruths she is spreading. But then again, that goes back to my original statement about your station and Journalistic Integrity.

  • Guest0070

    OK.. I admit that I haven’t really followed this as closely as I should. Maybe its because WWAY starts their story with something that sounds like, “We’re the only ones reporting this because no one else reports on rumors..”, but in any event.. My understanding of the “allegations” are these: 1) There was a training exercise where one or more male officers shot a female officer in the groin multiple times, she sued and the town settled; 2) The chief of police supposedly drove his police vehicle to a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach; 3) Some officers helped clean up a neighborhood on company time or did some work or something (not clear to me).. that was in the chief’s neighborhood.
    Alright.. #1 if true, is not appropriate behavior. Horseplay is not uncommon in those situations, although still not appropriate. This appears to be something that could be handled by suspensions or if serious enough.. terminations. It doesn’t really sound like corruption. #2 if true, leaves out too much information for me, as an already admittedly uninformed citizen, to make a judgment. Was it a bachelor party for an officer, and the chief felt that he needed to make an appearance? Is it an expectation of the Leland town government that the chief attend such functions as part if his job? Was it some old college buddy? Is the chief allowed or expected by agreement of the town government to drive his car like that to either be available 24/7 or as a perk of the job (I know its tax dollars, but so is his salary and benefits)? I really don’t know the answers, but even if it happened and should not have, it sounds like he violated policy, but it doesn’t sound criminal and it doesn’t sound like corruption. #3 if true, again leaves too many unanswered questions.. Are we talking about the chief calling up and saying something like, “Hey, I need to lift something really heavy. If someone is in the neighborhood, can they stop by when they have a minute give me hand, it won’t take more that 5 minutes”… or was it, “Hey, I expect the on-duty shift to come over and build an addition to my house.”.. maybe it was officers helping to pick up yard debris in the neighborhood after Irene. Maybe they picked up yard debris in other neighborhoods as well. I really have no idea what is supposed to have happened.. maybe I missed it… but unless its the “build an addition on my house”.. it doesn’t seem like corruption. Somewhere I saw something that said officers are afraid for their lives… Really? Why? I have seen nothing to support that. If there is a legit reason, then people need to know. If the officers are afraid for their lives because we have sociopaths on the police department, then the citizens should be too. If it is just sensationalism to get attention, or get more viewers then shame on you. I’m curious why WECT, Star-News, or maybe CNN aren’t reporting this “news story”. Finally, as to Jon David.. that guy is in a no win situation. If he gets involved and eventually says, “No corruption, nothing criminal.”.. he’ll get crucified. If he truthfully (but maybe popularly) says, “the chief is a friend of mine, so I’ve alerted the attorney general.”… he gets crucified. We wonder why more good people don’t run for public office.
    Ms. Currie seems to have shared the crux of the matter… lots of rumors, no official complaint of any kind. Since there are no grounds (i.e. no official complaint) for an investigation by public agencies, then lets get someone to do a private investigation. Sounds good.. do an investigation and take corrective action.. against the chief, if he’s done something wrong, or the internal trouble makers if they are the problem. In conclusion… I have no conclusion, because I have no facts upon which to draw a conclusion… just an opinion based on the same void of facts as the rest of the posters on here…

  • Scott Pickey

    FJK – your assumptions have led you down the wrong path.

    While we haven’t reported yet on a story regarding the Leland Police Department – one which has many inside the department concerned for their safety – Kevin Wuzzardo and I had a lengthy conversation with Jon David on Thursday (9/22) and gave him all of the specifics.

    His only response was that no one other then we had called to inform him of the incidents involved. Mr. David is well aware of the details, has reportedly talked to the AG’s office about that incident as well as others we have reported, yet as he mentioned in his news release, has recused himself from calling in the SBI to look into the matter because he is friends with Chief Jayne.

    Hopefully that information will now help you sleep better.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • Native Wilmingtonian

    Martha Currie was one of the finest street officers the Wilmington Police Department ever produced. She is honest and fair, always has been. She knows not only cops but when she is not getting the facts. Do not ever think that you can just ignore her or worse make threats. Cause as nice as she is…she is just as tough. Watched her hold her own when south of Market Street was the rough part of town. Leland, back that Lady. She will give you the facts.

  • Guest4396

    I thought maybe when Jon David replaced Rex Gore that maybe things might turn for the better in Brunswick County. Guess not. It appears that small town corruption is alive and well here. Does not look like he is any different.

  • FJK

    ….. your batting zero. I am NOT a Leland Police Officer and I have NO knowledge what so ever about any crimes commited by any Leland Police officer and thats exactly my point. I will keep my posistion because I dont put myself in situations that would result in an investigation by the AG, SBI or God forbid WWAY news reporters or armchair quaterback poser posters (that last one being you).

    If you had taken the time “Officer” to read and comprehend the context of my post you would see that it was soley in defense of Jon David who has been unfairly attacked by WWAY for no reason other than media bullying in that they are using thier position to coerce him into giving a statement.

    Maybe you missed the whole part where WWAY is withholding information about a crime and then slamming Jon David for not acting on hearsay. Maybe you missed Constitutional law, Judicial process, basic principles of evidence etc in BLET but I didnt. And again, I dont work for WWAY and neither does Mr. David.

    So “Officer”, and I really hope you are not, you need to focus on the press attacking an elected official whose whole purpose is supporting you by taking your case to to trial to win.

    When I say “so far” I am alluding to the fact that there have been NO formal charges, formal complaints, active investigations to bring these allegations to light and when that light shines thru, which based on the talk in all of these posts sounds pretty likely, I am well assured that Mr. David will then prosecute based on the evidence from said investigations.

    My whole point being we have to cross that line first and Ms. Harden (WWAY) has not allowed that process to work.

    So are we clear “Officer”? I wont make assumptions about where you work, how long you have been a cop or whether or not you are even that (your response sounded pretty ignorant and I guess the public can read it for themselves)….. However I am a little concerned that you have trouble working with others, especially people you are supposed to be working with. Remember you stated that you were “sure I was a fellow Leland Officer” and since you seem to have a problem with your fellow Officers and with the DA who stands up for you maybe you should go back to Arby’s. Just a thought (Officer safety and all other things considered).

  • Officer

    I like how you used the words “SO FAR” Its like you know something? I have no doubts your a fellow Leland Officer. And “So Far” You still hold your position with this department. But “We’ll see” how long it last’s.

  • FJK

    I believe it’s your reputation Ms. Katie Harden (WWAY reporter) that seems to be in question at this point. Did your editors not pick up on this double standard. Im starting to see a little “News of the World” style reporting here.

    ….. until theres a crime its NOT Mr. Davids problem. So far nobody, not even the reporters at WWAY have given any proof that a “crime” has been committed.

    Your previous story states:

    “We also told him about a story dealing with a criminal situation within the Leland Police Department we’ve chosen not to report at this time because we feel that if we did, it could put some people’s safety in jeopardy. He said he hadn’t heard anything from anyone.”

    ….this is the best part…….. He has not heard of any criminal activity from anyone INCLUDING WWAY ….. your station stated that you (WWAY) are withholding criminal information from the District Attorneys Office by “chosing not to report it at this time”?????? HUH???? You are giving Mr. David grief and in the same story stating that you know of a crime but wont tell him? Sounds like theres a conflict of intrest alright.

    Anyway, lay of Mr. David. He’s not the problem over there. If half of what you say is true about employees working in the chiefs neighborhood, shooting each other with paintballs, etc etc… then he’s gonna be living at the same halfway house as Ron soon enough.

    Just because you havent been able to force Mr. David to attack for you (because heres a shocker, Jon David isn’t a good ole boy and plays NO favorites to anyone in Brunswick Co. including WWAY) you attack his reputation and tell us what his job is. Get off your high horse, do some real reporting by well….. reporting about this crime you have knowledge about…..

    I believe it’s your reputation Ms. Katie Harden that seems to be in question at this point. Did your editors not pick up on this double standard. Im starting to see a little “News of the World” style reporting here.

  • Guest111

    Since Jon David won’t take any action regarding the police dept in Leland I am now wondering what ELSE might be going on. I’m surprised at David’s ignorance of the situation. You would think David would want answers, either way, and put this to rest if all is innocent. Another politician joins the ranks of questionable behavior. D***!

  • FJK

    Funny how it took me asking questions to get such a pleasant response.

    Second, all of my “assumptions” were based on your news stations reporting and I stand behind my assumptions because of your obviuos slanted/biased style where you attack someone just because they wont respond to your questions the way you want them reported. ALL of your stories on this cast Jon David as being evasive and not willing to work with your organization which in turn cause people posting here to believe as fact. You have people on here actually stating that Jon David is just as guilty as the Chief in that “he must have had work done to his house as well”. Go back and read them. That is why I am pointing out YOUR bias.

    The post above from you is 100% opposite. You now state that he is working with you. There is no slant. So which one sells better? Posts in response to my accusastions or headlines and reporting on the 6:00 news that you authorize? We both know the answer but thanks for your response. At least it had a point and a conclusion unlike ILM Natives.

    Oh and I absolutely support your organization investigating the accusations against the Leland PD. I have a bad feeling we havent seen the worst of this yet. Just remember to stay fair and balanced and you will not hear any gripe from me.

  • Guest 2011

    “Occupants of public offices love power and are prone to abuse it.” — George Washington, 1st U.S. President.

  • Kblue22284

    WHAT CHAIN OF COMMAND!!!! Are you kidding me right now? Airing my “dirty” laundry is my way of letting the wonderful citizens of Leland see how you are doing things!!!In GREAT hopes of seeing you fired! Your an idiot! Whats wrong? Afraid someones going to find out the truth? By you hiding it shows your guilt! Keep lying to the community L.T. eventually the “dirt” will come out. Until then worry not about my “laundry” this is my way of cleaning it.

  • PublicAvenger

    Good. I would like to be proven wrong. But we will never know without a public diclosure of the facts. This is not a “witchhunt”. Two outstanding officers, that I know of, have been hacked off, and had their careers ruined. I agree with you, lets find out why.

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