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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Driver involved in wreck with ambulance dies


UPDATE: The Highway Patrol says Sarah Allen died Monday night from her injuries.

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) -- Brunswick County Emergency Services says two people were taken to the hospital after an ambulance ran a red light and hit a car at the intersection of US 17 and Main Street in Shallotte. It happened around 9 a.m.

Highway Patrol says the ambulance did not have its emergency response lights on and did not yield the right of way at the stoplight.

Rescue crews had to cut the driver of the car involved in the crash out of the vehicle. That driver was airlifted to New Hanover Regional, Brunswick County Emergency Services Director Anthony Marzano said.

Marzano said the ambulance crew from Amera-Tech was taking a non-emergency case to a hospital when it happened. The patient was taken by a Brunswick County ambulance to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.

Highway Patrol says the driver of the ambulance was cited for failure to stop at a red light.

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This is bs

The guy only got charged with failure to stop at a red light! Ive seen people whos Prius accelerator got stuck and hit a woman and her kids and HE GOT INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER! This isnt right. That was his screw up and he killed a girl. He should be delt with.

Sad and prayers for the family!

I've taken the time to go through all the comments, and I just have to say this is sad that this happened, the article says the Ambulance was speeding, either way the red light was ignored, if they were handling a NON-emergent call. I DO NOT believe the ambulance did this on purpose, however, hes "mistake" cost a girl her life, and something does need to be done about this. I'm not saying what that should be, but something.

Sending my thoughts and

Sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone involved. I was working that day and go thru that intersection usually not too long after Ameri Tech does. My partner and I came thru not too long after the accident had happened. It was a terrible accident and my thoughts and prayers are with the young girl's family and friends. Also as an EMT, My thoughts and prayers are also with the ambulance crew as well. I can't even imagine what they are going through as well. I honestly believe this was just a terrible accident and we all wish it wouldnt have happened. I know some of the Ameri Tech crew members and they are all caring and responsible inividuals. Sometimes bad things just happen. Praying for everyone involved in this incident.

so sorry

Im so sorry for this.young ladys family and friends you all will be in my thoughts and prayers may god give you the strenght to help one another through this hard and trying time god bless


J.R. Pittman A young lady lost her life , this isn't the time or place for many of you to be trolling spelling errors and corrupt government.


Please remember that Christianity is not a word, it's a deed. Let's be chrisitan toward the family and the driver.

As per the NC general

As per the NC general statute (20‑141.4.a2-2), if the underlying crime is an infraction or minor misdemeanor like speeding or running a red light, the driver can be charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle (that is if the DA chooses to go pursue it). It would be interesting to see how many continuous hours the driver had been working before the incident and the results of a drug test on the driver. The driver may have just made a horrible mistake but someone should take a look into the company and see what else pops up. This isn't the first member of the public who's life has been taken by someone in an ameratech uniform.

Driver of ambulance

I personally know the driver of the ambulance, I don't think he's ever done drugs in his life and he steers clear of alcohol as well, it was just a terrible accident. As for the other incident concerning an ameritech employee that was a murder and it involved a psychotic break from what I understand and the person was not working at the time nor wearing a uniform. This isn't a bash fest, it's an accident where unfortunately a young woman lost her life, instead of taking the time to bash ameritech, pray for the woman who lost her life and her family!

Good post

I hope that the outcome of this investigation will show that it was just a terrible accident. It's a sad situation for the entire community of EMS.


I love you and you will be missed by many. This is a terrible thing she was so young, she had her whole life ahead of her.

rip sarah we will see you soon ma

So sorry this happend wish I could be there ill be home soon

sammiiee ! ): please call me

sammiiee ! ): please call me 910 333 5845

sarah i miss you , wish we lived closer we would of hung out way more. im sorry i havent seen you in a while. but we will see each other again. all the memories i will never forget , i wont forget about you. you werree an amazing person .. rest in peace

rip sarah

rip sarah you were a wonderful person may your legacy live on gone but not forgotten forever in our hearts

My heart goes out to the

My heart goes out to the family of Sarah. I just heard about this tragic accident. My son went to school with her brother. I feel bad for the ambulance driver, but he should be charged with this accident. I know for a fact that in the event of a non-emergency transport he was suppose to obey all traffic laws just like everyone else. Even if he was on a call; he was still suppose to approach the intersection with caution, not just blow through it like he was the only person on the road. Saving lives is important, but you can't risk the lives of other people to save one person. This accident could have been avoided!!!

Sad loss of a beautiful person

In this very difficult time, it is so important not to lose focus of what a beautiful person inside and out that Sarah was. Placing blame upon someone else for this senseless tragedy will not bring her back to us. At times, it is so easy for us to do just this as we look for someone or something to blame not knowing that pointing fingers will not ease our pain. The person whom was driving that ambulance will answer someday to someone much greater than any of us. Until then and for now, lets all just please remember Sarah and the impact that she had on us.

So the world lost a great

So the world lost a great person just because the ambulance driver didnt pay attention and only gets a citation? really? i hope the family of Sarah sue because this is bullshit. she is a great person and had high hopes. its not fair. RIP Sarah...gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN.

I am quite sure Sarah's

I am quite sure Sarah's family will go for the jugular, and hope they win. I would, too. Hope they find out exactly why the ambulance driver ran the red light. If is was something stupid like texting, I hope they put them under the jail. However, judging from how our new DA is handling the Leland Police scandal, a handslap, at most, might be all that happens.

you people who are talking

you people who are talking about the driver getting manslaughter make me sick. sure it was a tragedy and my heart goes out the the girl and the family, but seriously??? i mean you werent even there so how do you know the details of the accident? i wasnt there so i for one dont and if i dont i can safely bet you dont either. the point im making is we all make mistakes and im certain he didn't do it on purpose. i really feel the for driver who did this because i can only imagine the thoughts going through his mind, especially with you bloodthirsty excuses for a human being. think before you speak!

I would like to say you are

I would like to say you are right that no one is showing much concern for the paramedic. yes, it is tragic that this young lady lost her life and that does not need to be overlooked. at the same time though this man saves lives for a living...not takes them. imagine yourself in his position and how awful he feels for something that was a mistake. we all make mistakes, this does not mean that it comes without consequences. yes, unfortunatley sarah and her family suffered a lot of consequence but this man is suffering as well. who would really think that someone who saves lives for a profession would purposely act in a way to kill was an bad as it was it was still an accident. id also like to note that you could tell immediately when the armeritech driver got out of the vechilce how frantic he was. he still composed himself together but you could see through just his body language that he feels awful for what happened. there is no legal punishment that is going to be more harsh then this man having to live with the memory of what happened. please be kind people...we all make mistakes, unfortunatly this time it resulted in something tragic. my prayers go out to sarahs family and the ameritech and his family as well.

Why should these people who

Why should these people who were family and friends not talk about manslaughter? This guy has a driving recard and had no right driving for amera-tech, as for them I think they should be sued. They should check all the drivers records before letting ANY of them drive. Due to there actions we all lost a wonderful young lady that we all love and miss so much!! RIP Sarah Allen, gone but NEVER forgotten!!! Miss you baby girl


I didn't know Sarah, but this story bothers me. The driver killed someone because he ran a red light at 65 mph. Again, 65 mph, through an intersection, in a 55 zone, on a non-emergency call. I cannot imagine what Sarah's parents are going through.
Such carelessness and negligence by someone who should be an excellent driver isn't excusable. How can they let this guy off for running his giant van through an intersection at 65 mph through a red light into this teenagers car? Nothing can bring her back and I'm sure this guy is tortured. But, looking at his priors, he doesn't have much respect for traffic laws and doesn't ever need to drive again.


I don't know who you are or even if you are a paramedic, but your reasoning is totally off base. No I wasn't there; I can only go by what I see on the news and what the police have charged him with. The fact is: he made a stupid decision and it cost a young lady her life. No excuses.

And by the way, I hope if you are a paramedic and you fill out forms and reports, you certainly spell better and write better than you did here. A totally ignorant rant!

He totally ignored a RED

He totally ignored a RED light and killed someone's child, how is this an accident??? He had the opportunity to STOP and didn't. So he went through it on PURPOSE!! How would you feel if it was your child???? But judging by the name on your post, you're just another paramedic that thinks he did no wrong. If it was my child I wouldn't rest until he was charged with manslaughter!!!!!

I didn't have to be

I didn't have to be ambulance attendant was not paying attention to his driving for whatever reason, ran a red light, and killed a young woman. You seem to be playing this down for some reason. Bet you wouldn't if it were your daughter that died. What part of this do you not understand?


the ameratech driver should be charged with man slotter the is rediculouse she was agreat friend and now they put our fiends and her family though this.its sick they have to many complaints

Grown up

It's Ameritech and why would you destroy a man's live because he made a mistake. Oh and by the way it's slaughter, not slotter and if your going to post, try to construct your sentence so that it's actually readable.

Destroying a man's life is not going to bring back this young woman.


for one, if you are a grown up then you should know that in a court of law if you do something wrong, even if it is a "mistake" you pay for what you did. i mean he did have a list of traffic violations he did run a red light, he did take an innocent girls life who had the right of way as he had a red light she was on the way to school and he should be able to walk away from this? HER FAMILY DESERVES JUSTICE AND NEEDS SOME KIND OF CLOSURE IN ORDER TO MAKE PEACE her brother is in prison, paying for the wrong he did she was going to college and the ameri tech driver needs to be charged her family will see to it and that will be that. regardless who likes it or not, he will pay for the life he took. who in their right mind would let someone with a list of traffic violations even drive an ambulance in the first place, she was a good girl, if it was his daughter, or your daughter, would you not want justice for something someone could have prevented had they not ran a red light and obeyed traffic laws? i knew her for years, find it ironic that an ambulance that saves peoples life killed n innocent one, and its supposed to be okay? wake up & look at the facts.
RIP SARAH ALLEN, gone but NEVER forgotten.


So because it won't bring her back, you're saying this man should just be let off? That makes sense, and it could save us tons of money too by not throwing murderer's in jail, because by your logic, it wont bring the victim back. Give me a break. The fact of the matter is this guy drives an ambulance and is supposed to be a professional and should be held to a higher standard. Yes it was an accident in as much as he didnt wake up saying he was gonna kill someone, but it's still negligent, and he should be charged with more than just a misdemeaner.


I'm unfamiliar with Amera-Tech, therefore, I spelled it incorrectly. Still, that would mean that with your poor lesson in grammar, you managed to correct something that didn't need to be corrected in the first place. My point remains valid.

Grammar Lesson

Wow. While I do agree with you, that grammar lesson was not only inappropriate, but also, if you're going to attempt insulting someone's grammar skills, you should at least know what you're talking about before giving a poorly executed lesson. Being that inappropriate behavior is already in play, I might as well throw this out there.. I believe what you MEANT to say was, "It's "Ameri-Tech". Why would you destroy a man's life because he made a mistake? Oh, by the way, it's "slaughter" - not "slotter". If you're going to post, try to construct your sentence so that it's actually readable. Destroying a man's life is not going to bring back this young woman." Now, let's show some respect for this poor girl, her friends and family. Shall we?