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RALEIGH, NC (NCDCR) -– A license plate commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War has been designed.

“The ‘Freedom, Sacrifice, Memory’ theme of the North Carolina Civil War Sesquicentennial observance soon will grace vehicle license plates,” explains North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources Secretary Linda Carlisle.

Funds from the sale of the plate will be directed to the NC Department of Cultural Resources’ Division of State Historic Sites and Properties to benefit Civil War commemorative activities and battlefield preservation, acquisition and interpretation. The plate will be marketed through 2015, the commemorative period, and will cost $30 per year.

A completed application and check made payable to the NC Department of Cultural Resources should be mailed by Dec. 1 to Bridget Jordan, NC Historic Sites, 4620 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-4620. When 300 plates have been ordered, the plate will be fabricated by the N.C. Department of Corrections. For application details see www.nccivilwar150.com, soon to be www.nccivilwar150.gov.

The Division of State Historic Sites includes 24 state historic sites and commissions all across North Carolina that tell the story of North Carolina’s past through living history programs, recreating period settings, and offering you-are-there experiences. To learn more visit http://www.nchistoricsites.org.

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  • Guest421

    This is a nice plate. Hope it goes over well. While on the subject of license plates, how about one for Military Veterans. There is one for each branch for those who made the military a career, but for those who served only one hitch, there should be a simple plate with just “Military Veteran” on it. I contacted Rep. Iler a couple years ago, but never heard anything from him. I was hoping he might try to do something like this for the vets.

  • Guest20

    I agree that it’s a great plate. I would love to have one, but I won’t order it because of the $30 per year price. It’s expensive enough to pay registration, car tax, and inspection. With the cost of gas added on, I’ll just have to pass. It’s a shame because I really like the plate.

  • tom march

    What is it with this State and dead people???? You all give a place of honor to a big boat that kills people (I loved Wuzzardo’s comment about the ship honors the war dead..when the battleship is primarily responsible for giving us the ‘war dead’!) and now you want to commerate a war you LOST with a license plate?? I suppose this is to honor some more ‘war dead’! Quit living in the past. Learn from it and move on.

  • Guest666

    Take I-40 West to I-95…turn North, go as far as it will take you. Good riddance.

  • Guest123

    only state that has a Naval vessel or an old bomber on display? The plane that nuked Hiroshima is on display at the Smithsonian and that’s hardly NC. Societies have always commemorated wars that they fought – whether they won or lost. The US got its ass kicked in Vietnam but we haven’t shut up about that war or it vets since then. You are a simpleton.

  • Guest99x


    The carrier Intrepid is moored at the foot of 42nd St. in Manhattan, the battleship New Jersey is on the Delaware in Camden, NJ, the submarine Ling is moored on the river in Hackensack.

    With due respect to my friends here, my (somewhat) new home in the South; please don’t bid this guy to go back north. We have enough a-holes already up there.

    Go west, Tom…. sit on a geyser in Yellowstone.

  • guesty

    You don’t have to like it but you do have to learn from history. The battleship was necessary to keep you from having to learn to speak Japanese. If you don’t like how this state operates, there are 49 others that would be honored to have you as a resident. Heck, I’d even be willing to pay for a tank of fuel to help you on your way.


    were the cause of the USS North Carolina being a killing machine, remember Pearl Harbor? They started the war in the Pacific where the North Carolina served so if your angry be angry at the Japanese. The North carolina sent the sons of Japan to meet their god and so be it.
    You should be grateful to the men that served on here and thank God everyday for them, but you won’t. You strike me with your comments as the type of person if we were ever invaded who would rat on everyone you could just to be their buddy..you have no loyalty to this country as far as I can tell.

  • Guest20

    What a jerk. If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive.

  • Guest461

    …because, of all of the idiotic comments that get posted on here by the uninformed, illiterate and the uneducated, YOURS takes its way directly to the TOP of that pile with a big, brown, stinky blob attached to it!!! YOU sir, are theeee prime example of how the Darwin files originated!

  • Guest1322

    This would be laughable if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Why are these confederate losers coddled? The south will not rise again. Get over it.

  • Guest7890

    You moved here didn’t you? Evidently your failed region of the country, probably the Rust Belt, didn’t do something correctly as you abandoned it. The Northeast and upper Midwest are losing jobs, population and Congressional seats to the South at such a rapid clip that it can best be described as an exodus. Your father and grandfather were both failures in that they destroyed the place that you called home to such an extent that you had to flee it. The transplants to NC are not at all dissimilar to the Hispanic immigrants in that you’re both fleeing failed societies. Your very move here was an admission of failure. How does that feel?

  • Guest20

    The South will always remember and honor their dead soldiers, just like the North will do the same. No matter which side they fought for, they are all soldiers who fought for something they believed in. Blood was shed on Northern and Southern soils. Brother fought against brother, and father against son. Both sides should be honored for sacrificing their lives for their beliefs.

  • tom march

    I’m just a simpleton.

  • SurfCityTom

    find the Yorktown, and one or two other vessels moored in Charleston. I believe they call the site Patriot Point.

    But don’t head west; you might survive.

    Head east and show us how Yankees like you can walk on water.


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