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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A family is grieving and an ambulance driver is charged a day after a deadly traffic crash in Brunswick County.

Sarah Allen was just a month away from her 20th birthday. She died yesterday after investigators say an ambulance ran a red light near Shallotte.

“She was a beautiful child. Very sweet,” Sarah’s mother Deborah Allen said.

Allen says her 19-year-old daughter was headed to class at Brunswick Community College Monday morning, but she never made it.

Allen spoke to her daughter moments before she was hit by an ambulance troopers say ran a red light.

“she told me good bye around 8:45 yesterday morning,” Allen said. “I had asked if she had any breakfast. She said she was going to stop along the way and get something. We told each other we love her like we always do, always tell her to be safe like we always do.”

Allen says Sarah was in her first year of cosmetology school and was looking forward to her future.

“She would have wanted to get married one day and have children,” her mother said.

But while this Oak Island family grieves, many ask questions about the crash.

Investigators say the ambulance did not have its lights on and did not yield the right of way at the stop light. The ambulance was taking a non-emergency case to the hospital when it slammed into the teen’s sedan.

The driver of the ambulance, Joseph David Fancher, has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle.

This is not the first time the 45-year-old has been in trouble behind the wheel. Fancher’s list of traffic violations include driving without a license, expired inspection, no seat belt, no insurance, and speeding.

The Allen family did not want to say much about the details of the crash, but did want to share some advice with parents.

“Hold your family tight and close to you,” Allen said.

We contacted Amera-Tech, the company that owns the ambulance, for a comment, but we have not heard back.

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  • unbelievable

    Everyone who has been so quick to judge the driving record of the ambulance
    driver never once has questioned the victim’s past substance abuse history or HER toxicology results. Think and get all your facts straight before you start throwing stones at glass houses because you would be surprised at what you may find. RIP Sarah. I hope that you have found the peace that you were looking for and that your inner demons have finally been defeated. My heart and prayers are with your family and friends that loved you so very much.

  • Kimnel


    This is not the first time the 45-year-old has been in trouble behind the wheel. Fancher’s list of traffic violations include driving without a license, expired inspection, no seat belt, no insurance, and speeding.

    What is wrong with this picture???? I just can’t believe some of the posts…..there is a girl dead!! This world is just plain crazy!!!

  • Guest123456789

    You think that ambulances should use their lights and sirens for non emergency transports? Are you aware that raises the risk of an accident? Lights and sirens are used ONLY for emergency situations! This ambulance driver not having his lights and sirens on was not the cause of this situation! Him running the red light was! Even when running lights and sirens you still have to stop at EVERY red light! Oh and by the way….if you have your lights on…by law… you HAVE to have your siren on. Please stop commenting until you research a little about ambulance policies!

  • Guest945612

    It was a NON-EMERGENCY transport!! This means that there was no sirens involved!!! He did not flip the lights and sirens on because he didn’t realize he was about to run a red light because he probably wasn’t paying attention!! And even if he had time to flip the lights and sirens on….it’s not going to magically remove the cars from the intersection!! He probably still would have hit someone! Also, if an ambulance is going to far above the speed limit it will “out run” it’s siren….meaning that other drivers will not hear the siren in time to move out of the way before the ambulance is upon them. This is a sad situation for everyone involved! Including the driver who will have to live with a mistake he made! This was indeed just a mistake! I’m sure this man would never do this purposefully! We all have moments where we aren’t paying attention while driving….some of us are just lucky enough NOT to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Kat

    Maybe its my age, Im 52, but I was taught that when you hear a siren of any kind you pull over til it passes. You dont look around to see where it is, you just pull over. That being said, had I been driving the car that got hit, if I heard the siren I would have pulled over. However it is my understanding that this particular EMT did not have his siren on and ran a red light. Thats just wrong. Did he not have time to flip the lights and siren on when he saw he couldnt stop? I dont know how long it takes to do this but i would think you just flip a switch. What gives?

  • A Sister

    I am a close friend of the family. They are not discussing the accident specifically. They are currently hours away from Brunswick County preparing to bury Sarah tomorrow. Sarah had just bought that car, and she was ecstatic. She dyed my hair a couple of days before her passing, and all she could talk about was happy she was to be going to school finally and enjoying her life and friends.
    I understand those of you who didn’t know her feel the need to discuss the accident, who to blame, etc. Her own parents aren’t even playing the blame game, they are praying for strength, they are mourning, and they are acting like respectable adults.
    Religious or not, cop or not, EMT, or regular citizen, I ask all of you to think of her family. Take this article (whether poorly written or not) as a reminder of how precious loved ones are.
    We gained an angel Monday, we love you Sarah.

  • None Ya

    I totally agree with you, and from experience (ambulance driver) LOL I have observed all week since this accident occured and have watched as ambulance’s and other drivers go the speed limit. While they are going down Hwy 17 they are getting passed at high rates of speed some may be Emergency personell, county sherriffs, and just everyday citizens. So whether or not the next ambulance driver you approach is speeding or actually going the speed limit, think about your own actions before you post all of the comments and negativity you do. EDUCATE PPL WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY! THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST………..JUST AN AMBULANCE DRIVER HERE.

  • gypsy101

    Let me start by saying yes this man did have some minor traffic violations in his past.But they were minor.This is a man who was a boy scout most of his life,graduated high school and went into the army.He also went to Saudi Arabia during desert storm and worked for a comany that seviced the military vehicals like tanks. When he got out of the army he went into the US Coast Gaurd. He married and has four wonderful children whom he loves dearly.
    This is a man who went to school while working as much as possible to provide for his family. He always loved helping other people and would give someone the shirt off his back if they didn’t have one.He tried to stop at this light but just couldn’t do it and it wasn’t because he was speeding. He is unconsolable also at this time. I can also tell you that he would give anything for this not to have happened. All he can do now is try to forgive himself which is going to be a very hard thing for him to do. I know that he prays that this young beautiful girl’s family can find some comfort in knowing she is with God and he hopes that someday her family can forgive him. He knows he has recieved it from God because this was not intentional. I am praying for her family also. You see Joe’s and my mother just passed away this june after along year of battling multiple melenoma The worst cancer anyone could have. He was there to hold her hand and give her some comfort too.We know fist hand how bad this hurts so our hearts go out to her family. That’s just the kind of person he is. I hope that you people will cut this man a break and act more like Christians and not judge him on the little you hear from news people there is much more to him than that. You never know when this could be you in the same sittuation.I know this man so well and love him with all my heart because you see Joe is my baby brother and even after this horrible thing happening I will still love him. Thanks for listening.


  • Guest ann

    I am a ex employee of this company in defence of the company and this statement made on the up keep of the units. The units are serviced on a schdule every weekend and repaired in the most part they are kept in good working order. Now this was a horrible accident and my heart goes out to family. Nothing can replace a child i can only imagine pain and lost. With saying that i know the man personly and i know this is tearing his heart out with greif. now I would like to address the attack on this company not only on here but on the roads, in businesses of this area. These people are already hurting they don’t need a helping of brunswick county rudeness. The day after the accident 2 employees were trying to eat lunch and the resturant refused to serve them. 2 trucks were run off the road with people showing obseen justers. These people are there providing a service. Out there trying to earn a living just like everyone of you. They are also the ones that are there when your volenteer unit pulls in your yard. On the weekend because your love one is sick or dyeing or has fallen. So before you are so quick to abuse the uniform of these people think about the faces and the next time you may see them. My heart goes out to all that in involved here I pray God touches them all.

  • Whatever

    “Girl is dead because driver ran red light”

    “Low standards for driver’s”
    HA HA Sorry you never had a “speeding ticket”? I saw where his last speeding ticket was 7/8 yrs ago. TO FUNNY

    “Fact’s do not change the out come”
    No they sure don’t !!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Driver is worried about going to prison. Betcha!”
    UR AN IDIOT !!!!! Betcha u betcha know NOTHING LAST I SAW EMS WORKER’S ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF SAVING LIFE NOT SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENING, When the EMS Unit wrecked at 904 & 17 about 8-9 yrs ago I don’t think it got this much TV News. Who was at fault for that? I surely don’t rem. And if I recall correct that unit was on it’s side…. U think someone was worried about going to Prison? BETCHA NOT!!!! FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS ANY EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION THAT CAUSES EVENTS…. PEOPLE ARE TRUELY IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  • Tired of It

    There have been so many accidents @ that light it is unreal. I just wonder how many people have lost there life there? Of course nobody has posted those on the News, just like the intersection at the old Brunswick Hospital again it seems until an ambulance, law enforcement, or public service is involved does it get this much publicity. I’m just tired of hearing the guy ran the red light DO THEY KNOW HE RAN THE RED LIGHT? WHO’S TO SAY SHE DIDN’T JUMP THE GUN ON THE LIGHT? After all the news should report the facts instead of “hearsay” I “heard” the girl was turning right then changed her mind? Maybe that scenario should be looked into.? All I have “heard” on here is he ran the stop light. There are so many ways to look @ this, stopping anything over 10,000 pounds can not just happen in a matter 4-6 seconds. Ask any truck driver. I have family that drive 18 wheeler’s and they have told me people pull out in front of them, switch lanes on them, and so on. What needs to happen is EDUCATE PEOPLE WHO DON’T DRIVE SOMETHING LIKE FIRE TRUCKS, AMBULANCES, 18 WHEELER’S, AND SO ON BECAUSE ALL THOSE PEOPLE HAVE TRAINING. Seems like we all need to have RESPECT for the big ticket items on the road and stop driving so careless and STOP PLACING THE BLAME ON THE “BIG TICKET ITEMS” after all honestly how many times have you thought you could pull out in front of an 18 wheeler and “make it”? MAY GOD BLESS ALL PERSON’S EFFECTED BY THIS.

  • Guest1964

    I understand that this was an accident, but cannot believe that this guy is only being charged with a misdemeaner. He is an ambulance driver and should be held to a higher standard when he is behind the wheel of an ambulance. My heart does go out to the family of this young woman.

  • anne

    In response to your #1 – let me just say. I would love to be able to ticket the sheriff and highway patrol. There are some good ones out there, but if you have ever been on Hwy 17, you will see that most of those driving sheriff cars and highway patrol cars wouldn’t know the speed limit if it hit them over the head. I am not talking about those running their lights. I am talking about normal driving conditions. Go through Shallotte on any day of the week and you will see the same thing. I don’t know if the sheriff’s dept drivers even know what the speed limit is!!!! And don’t get me started about local police. I just love to watch the Sunset Beach police drive down the turning lane between OIB and Sunset. This is an often occurence – I have seen them pass cars instead of following them. No lights, no sirens – just too stinking lazy to stay behind someone else. Don’t know if you ever saw the show where Barney Fife is parked illegally and Gomer decides to do a “citizens’s arrest”. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I tried that! I would probably end up in the local pokey!!!!!!!!

  • las

    There are many times I’ve seen LEO fly down the road then pull over next to a buddy (not on a call), I’ve seen them burn rubber leaving places just for fun, Talking on their Cells to people completely unrelated to law enforcement, I was beside one that actually wasn’t speeding but he had the phone to his ear for about 15 miles and I’m sure it wasn’t to dispatch. Nobody is perfect, nobody is blameless. Mistakes happen and we don’t truly know the facts. I mean this is the news we are talking about here, not exactly the biggest fact machine out there. Almost every firefighter or EMT I know has at least 1 if not more tickets in 8 years, The man only has 2 tickets for moving violations both approximately 7-8 years ago. Bashing him is not going to help the fact someone has passed away, especially when we don’t know all the facts. Plus if you see the pictures of the ambulance then you would see he wasn’t speeding, Ive seen more damage from a parking lot fender bender. This is a truly tragic ACCIDENT and my heart and prayers go out to the family of the young woman and the driver who has to live with this the rest of his life, something no court could ever top.

  • L

    I believe hes more upset over the loss of the young woman’s life then anything.

  • Guest123

    This is a dangerous area with a lot more accidents then should happen in one spot. IT is sad this young woman died. condolences to her family. The man driving the ambulance will have to live with this, I think ambulances should always have their lights, sirens on when transporting patients, life threatening or not. If they are going to run red lights etc the siren should be on!

  • Enough

    To Sean:

    Is this the same Sean that also stole a gas card from Amera-Tech and used it for your own personal gas? But then again how was Amera-Tech to know you would steal from them?

  • Guest6381

    Please re-read my post. No one denies he made a mistake…WHY did he make it? And, yes, to answer your question, I have made mistakes, but never killed anyone when making one. I have driven heavy vehicles, and one thing you must do when approaching an intersection with a traffic light is to ANTICIPATE that the light might change before you get there. There are sensors in the pavement that will keep you from having to make a panic stop. He had plenty of time to bring the ambulance to a safe stop had he been paying attention to what he was doing. I am pretty sure the light has a delayed green, as well, which means the light turned red for him quite a distance before he got to it.

  • SurfCityTom

    perhaps you should head to Jon David’s office.

  • sean

    i worked for ameratech and i know what goes on in the ambulance and what the ambulances are like to drive them and they dont keep them up and dont take good care of the units i am sorry for the both of the people that was involved in the accident

  • Guestfisherman

    stop light this tragic accident took place at changes pretty quickly. I am NOT defending the person driving the ambulance at the time of the accident. If you are going north bound or south bound and you notice this particluar light is green be prepared to stop because it IS going to turn red by the time you reach the intersection. It happens to me everyday. You have to be extra diligent when driving a larger vehicle approaching the intersection and you must be REALLY careful if you are leaving the frontage road area. Like I said I am playing neutral here but please take an extra second or two to look both ways and take the extra time to slow down at ANY intersection.. May God bless and comfort all those involved and affected by this horrible event…….

  • Guest1234

    People can only speculate at what happen. A young person’s life has been taken and there is no getting it back. We can sit there and lay blame on the driver, he is the one that knows what happened and he is going to have to live with that everyday minute of his life. People think that driving an ambulance for a transport company is just being a taxi service. These EMT’s are qualified for an emergency that comes up. Every EMT has to take a driving class. Yes there are some that are careless, but that is people in general. There are complaints of these drivers of going to fast, being careless, and any other complaints that you can think of. It is hard to tell when some of these complaints are true or not. You have people that don’t like a service or an employee and they call and complain and the person might not be in a unit. These EMT’s are hardworking, underpaid caring people that are out there to help the sick and the hurt. The transport companies are out there taking the disabled, sick, or people without transport to doctor appointments or returning them back home. Sometimes , they are called to take someone to the doctor that is able to stand or walk, you get there and there is at least two cars in the yard, the family just don’t want to take them. They do it everyday, they work long hours with little sleep and for what, just to be put down. No, he shouldn’t have ran the red light, but he did. People shouldn’t put down every EMT just because of the carelessness of some of the others. There are some very good EMT’s out there. Just remember, because there is one bad apple in the bunch doesn’t mean they all are bad.

  • faraway

    This company has been warned and spoken to by fellow employees that some of the employees are driving these vehicles way to fast. Also it is known that the upkeep on these ambulances are not done very well. It is possible the driver was not able to stop due to lack of service of the vehicle. It is very tragic that a beautiful life was lost. Hopefully the owner(s) of the company will open their eyes and see that they need to listen and watch.

  • Guest09273

    First off I am not a law enforcement officer but I have many friends/family that are. You make comments about them speeding up and down 17, talking on their phones and playing on their computers. Well just to give you some insight, many of these officers are indeed trying to get from one call to another. The county is very large and many times with a limited number of deputies covering the entire county. Everyone complains about response times but than complain when they see them speeding. How can these men/women win?! Than talking on their cells… how about that they are talking to dispatch about the location of the call or coordinating backup. Also, are you telling me you never talk to your family at work? Well their job requires them to be in a car so sometimes yes they need to make calls while driving. It’s not against the law in NC as far as I’m aware. As for the computer… do you realize they run tags of cars to try to catch people that way? Yes there are some that take advantage of these things but in many cases they need to use these things to do their job. As for the deputy you refer to, and people still will not give up about on these boards, she does not work at the department anymore.
    With all that said, this tragic situation is not a time to bash LEO when it had nothing to do with them.

  • Lisha Jones

    Regardless of his mistake he should have been paying attention while driving. One has to understand that while driving you MUST stay focused. It wasn’t like the red light wasn’t hard to see. Anyone with driving common sense should know if you approach a traffic light so many feet to slow down. You never know when it change

  • Jeremy

    Ok WWAY you have had your run with this story.It is way past time to close this comment thread.This ain’t your usual R.C.Soles comment parade.A young woman is dead and a man has to live with his actions the rest of his life.May God bless the Allen Family.

  • Guest20

    I was behind a guy at a traffic signal on South College Road yesterday who was trying to make a U-turn. Apparently, the guy who was in front of him did something to upset him because when the front car turned, the driver in front of me gave him the finger and was moving his mouth, so I knew he was cursing at the man. I also made a U-turn along with the guy in front of me. I was shocked when this same guy who gave the finger and cursed at the guy in front of him….turn into a church parking lot. I was blown away!

    Christians, please remember…there is always someone watching you. You are a representative of Jesus Christ and should behave accordingly.

  • Guestright

    1.Wow, that’s just odd.
    2.Fact: girl is dead because driver ran red light.
    3.Low standards for drivers.
    4.Facts do not change the outcome.
    5.Driver is more worried about going to prison. Betcha!

  • Guesthkdhagg

    Driver shows a pattern of bad driving, period. Why would you defend that? fool

  • Guestllsal

    Who the heck do you think you are? are you kidding? you guys fly up and down the 17, talking on your phones, playing with your computer. If you are truly law enforcement police your own behavior first. Trust me LEO in brunswick county is no squeaky clean in driving behavior, as we saw when one of your own about killed herself on the 17 and it all quietly went away. So get the heck off your high horse and do not make comments that make this man feel any worse then he already does. You should be ashamed of yourself, if your a trained professional.

  • Guestdsdfafda

    Thank you for being the voice of reason. I love that most of these folks will got to church on Sunday, bow their little heads and act like good little christians.

  • Guest13234323

    Oh Oh I know the answer, pick me. The reason he ran the red light is he made a mistake, have you never made a mistake? are you perfect in every way. Judgement is mine sayeth the Lord, are you the Lord. Do you not think this man has enough to deal with? Try to think before you speak.

  • Snuffy Smith

    It is truly amazing how people are so quick to judge when all the facts are not in. You only know what the TV station reported, and they reported the way to get you to watch their show.
    1. For those of you that have perfect records you have been lucky. I was a Deputy Sheriff for 15 years. I could follow you for awhile and ticket you for something you did illegal.
    2 Accident- by definiton is an act of happening that did not occur on purpose. this was an ACCIDENT. The accident was caused by something. But not all the facts are in yet.
    3. Driving record: If everyone that had an OLD record like his were denied a driving job. there would be a lot of driving jobs not filled. I am now a safety director for a trucking company. He would have met our qualifications and the insurance guidelines. A person can improve their driving habits as they mature.
    4. Emergency people do need to exercise more care and responsibilty in performing their duties. However they are still humans and do make make bad decisions and mistakes. However we need to know all the FACTS.
    5. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved with this tragic accident, Everyone will suffer in their own way. The family has lost a loving daughter. the driver has to live with what his actions has caused.

  • Guest20

    The only problem with that is…aren’t YOU judging people right now?

  • jules

    Whether or not there is fault, nor will this bring that precious child back. We all need to pray for her family and her friends. I have lost a close memeber of my family 6yrs ago and this yr. It doesnt feel good you feel empty. The family shouldnt have all this neg.feedback. They need to be lifted up in prayer. So lets all take a moment of slience and lift this family up.

  • SomewhereSMH!

    I’m seeing so many statements about Amera-Tech units being seen on different occasions speeding up and down the road or whatever, has anyone once pickedup the phone to report this to the head office? Put yourself in the drivers shoes for one minute, how would you feel if you were driving and took somebodies life?? Accidents happen everyday and Im.sure no one intended for this to happen. I understand a life was took but what are you getting out of it talking trash aboutf the driver and the company? They are hard working people with families to support. They have a difficult job to do and its far from being a taxi driver. They dont go to work every morning looking for a life to take, they go to work to help serve and save lifes, they never know when an non-emergency case is gonna turn into an emergency. Thats way more than a raxi driver!! Go srand in front the mirrior and ask yourself, what if that was me driving and took a life, how would you feel?? My heart goes out to the family, for the lose of your family member, the driver,for what you will have to live with the rest of your life. GOD bless you ALL!!

  • Guest28470

    If you truely are an LEO, and you are passing judgement, you should be ashagmed of yourself. From a LEO.

  • Guest6381

    I personally don’t think this man intentionally ran the red light. That being said, why did he? This question has never come up. What does HE have to say? Was he talking on a cell phone? Was he dialing or texting? The approach to the intersection is straight. I assume he is familiar with the area. It is a well-marked, visible intersection. What WAS he doing to cause him to run the light? Was he distracted by the patient? How about it Ramon or WWAY, any input?

  • No Name

    Thou shalt not judge for who are ye but an insignificant fool to judge.If you shall ever judge another, I will judge you. Love thy neighbor like family because jesus did and he died for you.

    “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein.

    “When you judge another,you do not define them, you define yourself.” Wayne Dyer

  • Guest28451

    The guy had 2 speeding tickets 8!!! 8 yrs ago The revocation is a potential issue but it was likely for failure to pay tickets (My wifes boss got charged with the same thing over a stupid inspection ticket over a car she didnt even own any longer and got bad info from a court clerk all of a suddenly nearly 2 yrs later shes charged with Driving while revoked) Its not always done intentionally but it 2 was 7 yrs ago.. Most employers only care about recent infractions. And its not like law enforcement isnt immune to driving like idiots lest we forget the deputy who was driving 100MPH down Hwy 17 in her POV or the cop in Wilmington who got himself killed going way too fast down Shipyard Blvd. (To me its still disgusting that some guy was convicted of 2nd degree murder when the Cop was the moron driving way too fast for road conditions and he wasnt even actively involved in any chase)

    YOu are however right this was definitely a case of due regard that was seriously lacking but his old driving record isnt relevant here. I guarantee if you were to check driving records youd find plenty of ’emergency workers’ who had old driving charges.

  • Guest28451

    Generally employers only look at recent driving records. Like everythingelse if the guy hadnt had a legit moving violation since 2003 (8yrs) If employers only could hire somebody whod never had a violation they would be hard to find ‘perfect’ drivers.. Normally the offenses that are disqualifying are those such as DWI/DUI (at 10yrs maybe they are no long considered if its a one time violation). But Id hardly say a guy with 2 speeding tickets from 8 yrs ago and then apparently didnt pay his fines in proper time is hardly somebody who is a threat to the roads. Sorry some people arent quit as perfect as you grampa.

  • its me

    Leave it to WWAY to embellish the story as usual. As if the tragedy wasn’t enough of a story they have to provide misleading information concerning the driver of the ambulance and his driving history. What they failed to report is that in 2004 he was convicted of driving on a revoked license and 2 speeding tickets reduced (as usual) in 2003. His license was probably revoked for not paying fines on the 2003 speeding tickets. All of the other charges were dismissed. This whole incident was tragic and my heart goes out to the Allen family. Rest assured, the court cannot punish this man to any extent that he is already punishing himself. He will have to live with his mistake. And yes it was a mistake but one we have all made at some point in our driving days. To all of you including myself, be glad we had better luck than conduct because we have all at some point become distracted for whatever reason and ran a red light, slammed on breaks to prevent running a red light, bumped into someone’s vehicle, etc. AFter all, we are all human.

  • Deneen

    Yes, like one other comment. I too, have been driving for 40+ years. Never had a speeding ticket, Never drivin without a license. Only have had two bump-ups in a parking lot. That’s it. Yes, there are a lot of responsible safe drivers on the road. Why would Amer-tech hire someone whose driving record proves he is obviously a careless driver. His carelessness has broken the hearts and shattered the lives of a very large family. She was a daughter, granddaughter, she had many aunts and uncles, she had many cousins and many many friends. Their lives will never be the same.

  • Guest87493

    I know a couple of the comments stated that it was an accident BUT, on the other side Im in law enforcement and we are taught that there are no such things as accidents. They are crashes because of someones neglect. Although it is sad for both parties involved, us as emergency type workers always are suppose to “opporate in due regard for the saftey of the public”. It doesnt matter if you have your lights and siren on or not if you approach a red light and you run it and hit someone it is still your fault. There was no need for the ambulance driver to drive like this as well as to have that DMV record and be aloud to operate an ambulance on behalf of Ameri-Tech. I pray for the family as well as the ambulance driver, but you have to pay for not paying attention.

  • guest1127

    okay so with the record the this man had why in the world would ameria-tech let him drive any how! i have seen plenty of the ameri-tech ambulances flying like a batt outta hel* down highway 17 and swerving from lane to lane and it baffles me that they have still made no move to better their company by means of getting rid of people like this man with a poor driving record or the people who do not take the time to look at them. my heart goes out to this family you are all in my prayers

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