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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s public schools chief says the state is ready to require a college entrance exam for high school juniors in March to determine whether students are learning curricula and are prepared for college.

Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson says her department has cobbled together funds to offer ACT tests to the roughly 100,000 11th graders. Atkinson told a legislative committee Tuesday the first test will serve as a baseline for future classes.

Atkinson says the new effort includes 10th graders taking an ACT pretest and seniors following a vocational or technical path to be assessed on skills. The News & Observer of Raleigh first reported Atkinson’s comments.

The $5.5 million needed for the effort will come from unused funds or money saved if a writing test is eliminated.

Information from: The News & Observer, http://www.newsobserver.com

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  • Leslie

    I’m glad to hear that the state is providing funding for Juniors to take the ACT, but I don’t see how they can REQUIRE it. They definately can’t require it in March, because it’s not given in March. It’s given on April 14 and June 9. I don’t see how they can REQUIRE students to come in and test for 5 hours on a Saturday. Many students have weekend jobs now. Also, the ACT test measures readiness for a 4 year college program. Most students will not go to a 4 year college. They will will go to a community college (for a 1 or 2 year program), trade school, or into the military and the SAT or ACT is not required of them. There are more employment opportunities for technical and community college graduates now than for 4 year college graduates. Instead of measuring how many juniors are prepared for a 4 year college, we should measure how many juniors are employed in an area realated to their degree 1 year after graduating from where ever they chose (community college, 4 year college, trade school, etc.) Employment is what really matters in the 21st century and the community colleges are beating the 4 year colleges at that!


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