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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Is energy and money blowing in the wind along our coast? That’s the topic of discussion at an offshore wind forum tonight at UNCW.

The NC Chapter of the Sierra Club, Oceana and UNCW are hosting the forum. They say studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and National Energy Resources Laboratory have shown that North Carolina has the best offshore wind resources on the East coast. They also say the Scientific Advisory Panel on Offshore Energy, created by Gov. Bev Perdue in 2009, recently found that wind turbines would likely be the least intrusive option for energy production off the NC coast. The panel also noted that offshore wind could go a long way in meeting the state’s energy needs.

Tonight’s forum will bring together elected officials, academic experts, business leaders and community members to discuss the potential for offshore wind in the state. Panelists include: State Treasurer Janet Cowell; Brian O’Hara, President of the North Carolina Offshore Wind Coalition; Dr. Pete Peterson, Professor of Marina Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill; Rob Propes, Development Manager for APEX Wind Energy; Larry Shirley, Director of the Green Economy for the NC Department of Commerce.

The forum is from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Warwick Center on campus.

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  • SurfCityTom

    the State Treasurer will be there. Why not ask her how many long term, good paying jobs would be created if this endeavour goes forward?

    There’s a question for your reporter Scott.

  • robo

    This type of energy is not only impractical, it is very expensive. In addition to being hazardous to ocean traffic and birds, the windmills are vulnerable to hurricanes.

  • Guest461

    …to sustain a multi-billion dollar economy on windmills and solar panels. Plus, any numbskull with a teenie bit maritime experience knows that the maintenance level requirements of offshore windmills in the salt water environment isn’t sustainable. They can’t keep the things rotating in Arizona in absence of water, much less salt water. They are in constant breakdown status. These Green goofies need to quit wasting so much paper on fairy-tales and cartoon dreams.


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