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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Earlier this week Leland Town Council called a special meeting for tomorrow night. WWAY has learned whether it’s the main topic or not, at least one council member plans to ask for a private investigator to look into mounting allegations against Leland’s Police Department.

Councilwoman Martha Currie say if it is not brought up at tomorrow’s meeting then she will ask for a private investigation. But what can a PI accomplish?

If the town decides to hire a private investigator, that firm will likely have access to files and interview members of the police department. A private investigator would be used to look into the numerous allegations and issues we’ve uncovered in recent weeks and then report back to the town.

Private investigator Marc Benson says there can be complications in a case like this.

“Sometimes you can start looking at what the original allegation is, and it turns into multiple other issues, and so depending on how many other issues you find, it depends on how long the investigation will take,” Benson said.

Benson also says that when you are going after an employee and are getting ready to affect their livelihood, you must remain unbiased and try to protect their job. But if the investigation finds they are not doing their job the right way, then the p-i would report that to the town.

That special meeting is open to the public. It’s at Leland Town Hall tomorrow at 7 p.m.

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  1. Bootsie

    Yeah they need to contact officer Brett Hobbs!!!

  2. TruthTeller2

    What a joke? What governing authority will this “Private Investigation” have.

  3. PublicAvenger

    Let me see…. The Click, investigating itself ? No-We need full disclosure. Track down a few ex-employees, and hear their side of the story.

  4. Stupid

    What is the point of paying additional tax money on a private investigation? Is that not what the SBI, North Carolina Attorney General, and The FBI get paid to do. Last I checked, alleged public corruption falls under their investigative jobs.

    The town council of Leland is wasting time by having meetings. Save yourself the meetings and have the SBI and FBI brought in.

    Could it be the town council is hiding their own skeletal remains?

  5. Kblue22284

    Looks like most everyone agrees. A big waste of time. Call the SBI…

  6. Kblue22284

    Wow! a moron investigating morons. “Try to protect their job”??!! In other words. Take the towns money? Investigate? take more of the towns money? And protect their jobs? Whats the point of investigating? People really? A great way to silence the public if it works. A person with no authority? No powers of arrest? And is being paid by the same town he is Investigating? LMAO!!! I hope no one falls for this “Silence of the Lelambs” Its a common “hush up the public tactic” Don’t fall for it! Fire the “Timmillicky” trio!!! Tim Jayne, Bill Kozak, Ricky Delapea….3 worthless human beings!

  7. Joseph@Pender County

    If these people wanted a just finding, they would have done something a long time ago.ie call the damn proper authorities. I have been hearing of their,(LPD), misconduct and childish antics for several years now. Ever since Jayne and his “boys” have took control of your town, it has been a “circus of affairs”.

    You would think that so called men of their statue would have the decency to bow down and run, like children normally do,from the embarrassment, that I am sure, they have inflicted on their families…”Shame on them”.

    I believe Leland should hold a special “thank you” for officer Lewis` bravery in coming forward and letting the “cat out of the bag”. I feel positive that she has a new self confidence and, I also feel that she, now, can hold a regained, respect for her badge and the oath that comes with it.

    There are other cases filed against LPD, because of the bravery of officer Lewis.You soon will see that all these stories are not just your typical “witch hunt”.

    It took a woman with balls to bring down a league of “Professional Boys”. I can only prey that my children never enter such a league……

  8. Guest 25

    Hurray for these town council members! They are stepping up to the plate —— more than I can say for Tabor City Town Council Members, Mayor, Town Manager, etc.


    are you retared the Town is the problem Brenda, Battleman, Gains beats his wife, Farris, Futch, het them out and get someone in with an IQ over 7

  10. fellowcop

    A private investigator will be limited to what he or she can do with limited access and authority to the files and the people they would need to have. With all of this turmoil and with this department totally discredited, why not just do the right thing and start firing its leadership? Do these officers and the chief have dirt on city leaders that prevents them from doing what clearly needs to be done? This PD, and this town will not have any rest or peace, it looks like; until there is a change in the leadership at the PD. Don’t they get this? The media will not let this go until changes are made at the PD. And quite frankly, I don’t blame the media one bit.


    if they investigate with a private investigator paid for by the town could they say if dirt was found that it is a personnel issue and therefore not have to reveal it. Just asking thought you might have some thoughts on this. I think they are taking this route to stonewall and hide the facts.

  12. Jim Hammond

    There is only one word that will describe what this would accomplish.


    There have been violations of the law and abuse of the authoruty and powers of law enforcement in Leland. To restore the confidence and trust of the citizens of Leland a proper legal authority should be conducting the investigation, and not soneone that will be dependent upon the powers to be(the elected representatives)that have had to have some knowledge for some time of this inappropriate behavior of the Leland Police Department. To sign the checks for this private investigation. Also, there would be the temptation to not release all the findings, or, to follow up on what has been discovered. No there MUST not be a private investigation. For then it will tend to be all to private. So private that nothing will be done.

  13. shauna

    i work at a private investigator company and the above comment is stupid

  14. Faye

    Send Bill Ferris and the Police Chief packing immediately. On November 8th the residents need to elect two new council members and then the Town Council needs to hire a new Town Manager and Police Chief that has no connections to the community. Hopefully, the unopposed Mayor will stand up and allow the SBI to investigate this matter not a private investigator This is totally off the charts to bring in a private investigator versus the SBI. Don’t insult our intelligence! Brenda you can make a difference for our community.

  15. Faye

    Send Bill Ferris and the Police Chief packing immediately. On November 8th the residents need to elect two new council members and then the Town Council needs to hire a new Town Manager and Police Chief that has no connections to the community. Hopefully, the unopposed Mayor will stand up and allow the SBI to investigate this matter not a private investigator This is totally off the charts to bring in a private investigator versus the SBI. Don’t insult our intelligence! Brenda you can make a difference for our community.

  16. SUCK

    Because Brenda is just as bad as the Chief ask her about the late night meeting and the favors Tim Jayne did for her friends. Brenda should be in PRISON for what she has done

  17. Guest28451

    1st off inside information given to me by a confidential source indicates that at least one officer in Leland whos not one of the bad apples confirmed to my source that EVERYTHING that has been reported to WWAY is in fact true. Secondly, It has been suggested that possibly tomorrow nights meeting that has been called could very well to ask/demand the Town manager resign or else he will be fired by the town counsel. Heres the problem in this situation and it bothers me to no end. I supported John David in this past election as I thought he was an upstanding Atty and much like his brother had a spine and moral compass to do what was right.. So far until the last month I had no reason to feel otherwise. IM going to lay this out as best I can.. John David you need to do the right thing here, I know Cheif Jayne is your friend and neighbor and IF Tim Jayne is any decent man he will welcome the SBI in to clear the air and prove there is nothing to hide either way John David has to tell Chief Jayne its nothing personal but that he has to do this to remain impartial. John David said he wont do call in the SBI the problem is by doing so he has in fact proven a conflict of interest because outside of him I dont know whoelse can legally call for an SBI investigation into the Leland PD. The Town Council Im sure would much rather have the SBI in here but apparently they have no power to have any SBI investigation launched so the use of a PI appears to be their only way around this Mexican Standoff. To me John David has done himself a major disservice he needs to do whats right and Tim Jayne if dirty needs to go and if hes not then the cloud hanging over this town will go away but without outside intervention and proper legal investigation into possible criminal or other acts committed the dark cloud will not go away on its own period nor should it.

  18. Kblue22285

    I whole heartedly agree with you sir. But “What If” Mr. David is involved in these wrong doings? Or? “What If” the council is also involved? I’m not saying it is whats up I’m saying it could be. Involve the SBI and get caught. Why else would he lie on the radio show? Somethings up and PI isnt going to find out what it is…..

  19. Guesttoo

    An anonymous poster with a “confidential source”. Can’t get much more transparent than that, can we?

  20. Grand Ole Party

    I sir whole heartedly agree with you too. I mean what if Mr. David knows who really killed JFK too? And further more, what if the council are really the ones making all the crop circles in the world???? Hmm never thought about that did ya? And what if you got back on your meds?? Then you wouldn’t be such a drama loving moron. Yes something is up, you lack common sense. Go watch some more tv.

  21. Noblue

    Hot head? You think you know it all, but you can’t do simple math!!

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