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ONLY ON 3: Occupy Wilmington's media blackout leaves many questions

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Occupy Wilmington's media blackout leaves many questions

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading across the country and making its way to the Cape Fear.

If its purpose is the same here as it is in the Big Apple, then the mission of the event is to end what protestors call the greed and corruption of the wealthiest one percent of the country.

We tried to catch up with an organizer of Occupy Wilmington, but without much luck. As we tried to find out more about this popular movement today, we were shot down in a very strange way.

Based on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page, Jim Natale is one of the movement's local organizers. We called him and even visited his Hampstead home, but he did not answer.

As the Occupy Together movement continues to sweep across the nation, there is a growing interest in its cause. We simply wanted to talk with Natale or anyone involved in our area about the movement and get more information about an event planned Saturday at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington.

Natale posted on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page that we were outside his home, but that he would not talk. Members of the group posted comments saying he should stay strong.

One comment from a member of the page says: "We can't allow the media to dominate the message. It's our message and it's not tidy, and it's not in sound bites."

Protests in other states have turned into sometimes violent clashes with police. Although Wilmington's movement shows no signs of that, it does not indicate much of anything.

In a Facebook conversation between Natale and WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo, Natale said Occupy Wilmington NC is "a leaderless movement," and that there would be no communication with the media until Saturday's event.

On a separate page he goes on to say that "main stream media will always portray things into there own light. We the 99% are not disorganized......."

At this point we still do not know what Occupy Wilmington NC is doing, if it will protest in the city or what its true purpose is.

We have tried to let the group know if anyone wants to talk about the movement, we'd love to hear from them.

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Nothing positive to say

I don't blame him. The media in general, and especially WWAY, seems to want to take a negative and contrary position to whatever is happening. Why would someone want to grant a media interview, only to have their statements twisted and presented in a negative light?

As for the movement, all I have to say to them is stop whining. If you're broke and homeless, it's your own fault. The opportunities in the USA are the same for everyone - if you didn't learn how, or are unwilling to play the game, then you're not allowed to whine about the success of those who worked hard to get where they are.

Brian, you really need to do

Brian, you really need to do some homework. Some of us are PhDs, Social Workers, teachers, police and firefighters, graduating students who played the game and are now five figures in debt with no job to begin the pay back. Please, don't dismiss what you clearly don't understand. If you're not concerned that government is now for sale, that we are now plutocracy instead of a democracy, that families with two working parents are being foreclosed upon because both were laid off, then don't bother commenting on what others are doing to address the problems.

Spend, spend, spend

While I can sympathize with everyone's plight, and I, myself, have not had a salary increase for 3 years now, I have to wonder if some of these folks were living well above their means. It seems to be the order of the day in this country to charge, spend, and overextend. Not just "Keeping up with the Jones's", but "Far surpassing the Jones's" has become a national pastime.

Most of the groups you mentioned make good money, but if they don't know how to budget it, they are one step away from disaster. A millionaire could become a pauper in short order if he overextends himself.

Life happens. People get laid off, or they may develop an unexpected serious illness or have an unexpected emergency. If they don't have something in savings, it will wipe them out.

Americans are now being forced to cut back and live within their means. That doesn't go down very well in today's society of big cars, big houses, and big TV's. But it's a lesson we all need to learn. And learn it we will, one way or the other.

Tag your it

I like to think me self a guru in some matter for instance, mom and dad worked hard and earned a living, not enough to send me to school so the easy road was to not work and save money and then go to school, it was to go straight to college get an education off of someone elses' dime and then get a job and pay it back.

Nice concept, but that is in fact the most backwards thinking ever invented. Maybe if you had gotten a PHD in post hole digging first and then went to college times wouldn't be so bleak.

If Americans would quite buying things they cant afford, but earn those things and then buy them we wouldnt have so much discontent.

My oldest sister worked everyday in the summer to pay for her education and it didnt cost our family a nickel or a bank or the goverment. she's not whining. Instead she was willing to work for an education (literally) not borrow it for the future. she got her PHD in working in a restaurant first.

It's not a "blackout"

Because it IS a leaderless movement, it would not be fair for one member to speak for the movement before people had even convened. That's hardly a media "blackout," WWAY - it seems you're already trying to force this into your narrative.

Occupy Wilmington

Lighten up! From what I heard, it was explained to the media that Saturday afternoon would be the first time information would be available. Channel 6 indicates it has a reporter at the Sat. afternoon meeting. Doesn't sound like a media blackout to me.

End the Fed counterfeiting scheme

Nobody is protesting that people are too rich. What they are protesting is that 1% of the population has gotten rich from a counterfeiting scheme called the Federal Reserve. They create money with a click of a computer key and then charge interest on money that they just created. Nothing backs that money except for the labor of the 99%. So when the Fed sells a bond, they are selling you! They are selling your labor! Now isn't that the definition of slavery? You bet it is so keep waving your little flags and pumping your chests about how "free" you are in this country when in reality, you have been sold on the block many times over, slave.

Finally, a post that is 100% CORRECT

Quote from:

"According to the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve is independent within government in that "its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government." However, its authority is derived from the U.S. Congress and is subject to congressional oversight. Additionally, the members of the Board of Governors, including its chairman and vice-chairman, are chosen by the President and confirmed by Congress."


Let them do their thing, their passionate about it - just like your passionate against it.

Hey geniuses, if you raise

Hey geniuses, if you raise taxes on the rich, who do you think will suffer? The person buying their products, you. All the companies will do is raise the price of their goods to recoup their tax money. Think about it. They are going to make their money somehow.


NOW YOUR GETTING IT!...Corporations and small companies DO NOT PAY TAXES...go ahead..RAISE em..TAKE EM....they will just raise the costs of goods to adjust...You's SAD when something THIS simple goes over these peoples heads...SHEEEWwwwwww..right over it!

Believe it or not readers

Believe it or not readers you are the 99%... and these people are 99% fighting for you not matter your race, religion, or political preference. That's what this movements about.

The Greatest Irony

The greatest irony in America today is; non-millionaire conservatives fighting like crazy to support those whose only goal is to financially rape them. Talk about suckers and fools, omg!


YOU don't get is that you are .01% of the 99%...PLEASE DO NOT FIGHT FOR ME OR TRY TO HELP ME! I LOVE CAPITALISM!!!

I think one of "their own"-

I think one of "their own"- former Goldman Sachs partner and current chairman of the commodity futures trading commission Gary Gensler said it best of his time on wall st:

"I am not smarter than other people, I didn't invent anything or build anything or create lots of good jobs in America...There are lots of people who are hurting across the country and to say that "no one knew" or "no one is responsible" is not right. The people who helped create the game, and I am one of them, should say "I'm sorry." and start making amends."

hear, hear

You have to give it to them

For a bunch of over educated, do nothing, professional protestors, they sure have created quite the conversation in America. Anyone wonder if that is what this is really for? Is this just to wake up Americans of any and all political, religious and economic beliefs to start talking and get involved in your government, in your life? How many people actually vote these days? We, the people, have to be involved to make the changes. Maybe if we all cared more in the past, we wouldn't have to depend on "professional" protestors to get us to speak.

Where Do I Apply?

I need a job. Where do I apply for "professional protester"?

Not alone

You know, speaking from experience as a young adult, I think its:

A) We're busy just earning a a living, and

B) We're all scared to talk about the political and economic situation with each other, we feel isolated.

One of this movements successes is that it has opened the dialog and let many struggling people know that they are not the only ones that feel the way they do. I think that's valuable.


as a young don't know SQUAT! Your still in your STUPID stage of life...what your saying is...I want what other people have and HEY...I have that in common with the guys on welfare..they want the same thing I want...OTHER PEOPLES STUFF...

Go look up COVET....THAT is what you are doing here...I wouldn't call the movement a SUCCESS...your a VERY VERY small percentage of the 99% you claim to be!

I'll tell you what it's for

It's a staged movement that is being paid for. There are rumblings coming out of New York that George Soros' is paying big bucks to fund this.

In Sacramento today, rally organizers admitted that some attendees were being paid to show up.

This is the Obama camp's answer to the Tea Party, and it's going to fail. You cannot spearhead a movement that is totally opposed to American values and expect it to succeed.


When NANCY PELOSI comes out in praise of a movement...

1. You KNOW you should be against it!
2. You should pay attention to both hands...cause one is hiding something!

How About Occupying A Job

This is the most stupidest movement I have ever seen. Go get a job. Don't reply with "there isn't any jobs". How come the newspaper has want ads? These people are being duped big time.

How about occupying your mind?

Well I doubt that any of these people would use the third person singular with the word "jobs" but I'm sure that your prejudice doesn't exceed your intelligence.

Could be wrong though . . .


what I have seen on TV...the people in your little movement couldn't form a coherent sentence, much less a paragraph...they can't even wipe their own rear ends without government toilet paper!

Not my movement,

Not my movement, sunshine.

Not even my country.

The job listing

I am pretty sure I saw the job listings in the obituary section...

The Face

This is the face of the NEW AMERICAN SOCIALIST MOVEMENT! Your hostilities need to be directed towards this dysfunctional Obama regime.You think things are bad now.Give this clown four more years and I will consider these people to be a glutton for punishment.

You’re guaranteed the

You’re guaranteed the pursuit of happiness in America..Actual happiness may require work. See below for some of these protesters ramblings.

I love it guest22885

That is a priceless website. All the saps crying because they are having to work to pay for school. That just breaks my heart. Maybe I should give them my houses, my vehicles and everything else I own. After all, if I have more vehicles than I can drive at one time, I'm greedy. If I have more properties than I can occupy at one time, I'm greedy.
What a crock of losers.

Nasty Feltcher!!!

Anyone care to wonder why this guy can not set off his little revolt in his own town of Hampstead? I did, What a nasty and vial individual.

You are sick dude, really sick.