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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to more than 800 cities across the country and has now made its way into Wilmington. More than 100 citizens went to Occupy Wilmington’s first meeting to voice their concerns and ideas and discuss their goals and role in the Port City.

“It’s not about anything other than people getting together to spread a message,” Occupy Wilmington member Archie Caufield said. “If we do it here, we do it just because the people in Wall Street did it, and it was a good idea, and we thought maybe we could do it here and maybe help change the community just a little bit in a productive, peaceful kind of way.”

Caufield says the group is leaderless and is about individuals of all ages, colors and backgrounds spreading a message of inspiration, enlightenment and change.

Member Joe Santos says that message is economic inequality and putting an end to the greed of the nation’s wealthiest one percent.

“This is simply pointing out that there are a great deal of people in this country that are truly having problems, and we want to present that on a local basis,” Santos said.

Occupy members call themselves the 99 percent; meaning they are not part of the one percent they say stockpiles money and controls our economy and politicians from top to bottom. The group’s first general assembly lasted several hours and was full of many personalities and ideas. Members say Saturday was all about figuring out the what, when, where and how they will make their presence known in Wilmington.

“It’s not unorganized if we stand as individuals for a common movement and a common voice,” Caufield said. “Which is not that we are individuals, not that we have any relation to money or anything other than we just wish for things to be fair and equal.”

Occupy Wilmington is looking for a home base because they say they are a 24/7 operation. The group plans to organize marches around the city, specifically around the corporations they say control our local economy, like big banks and New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

“We are nonviolent,” urged Santos. “We mean no violence to anyone, no one’s property, no one’s person.”

It was proposed that members remove their money from national banks and put it into local banks and for members to move to a doctor who is not affiliated with New Hanover Regional Medical Center if possible.

The group adopted the Occupy Wall Street Statement as the foundation for Occupy Wilmington. Occupy Wilmington members say the movement is not just made up of the unemployed or young college students but people from all walks of life who have grievances against the power that big banks and corporations have.

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87 Comments on "Occupy Wall Street spreads to the streets of Wilmington"

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2016 years 2 months ago

Let me settle this argument right now. If this group really believes their rhetoric, they would put THEIR money where their mouth is. No one is stopping any member of Occupy Wilmington from marching to Social Services on 16th/17th Street and giving their money to any individual with their hand out. The members of Occupy Wilmington have the right to give THEIR money to anyone. If Occupy Wilmington/Wall Street members gave their money away then their protest would have some validity.

2016 years 2 months ago

and I still did not get their message other than:

1. They propose marching around big business. Wonder how long the new owners of PPD will smile on that and would they move the operations to another locale? And how many new businesses will move here with a river full of quackers?

2. They want to redistribute wealth. Isn’t that considered stealing? And haven’t the Communists shown that does not work. Look at the economies in Russia, Cuba, and Moldava for starters.

3. If they boycott Doctors associated with NHRMC, where will they go to… Read more »

Grand Ole Party
2016 years 2 months ago

We are happy. We enjoy our lives. Simple as that life might seem to you, we love every second of every day. We work hard, we earn our money, and we will be damned if some lazy yankee come lately is going to dip into our pockets. Ignorant majority? Maybe, but so much for you’re 99% In the end it is pretty simple, if you don’t like our way of life, get the hell out and don’t come back. You are no longer welcome.

Grand Ole Party
2016 years 2 months ago

COMMENTARY | “I made my last mortgage payment on Nov. 1, 2009. Bank Of America changed the locks on my house on Sept. 29, 2011.” says integrity louse Ryan J. Downey, in a Huffington Post article published Saturday. In the article Downey goes on to describe the process that lead him to renege on the mortgage he took on a $422,000 home in 2006, which he claims is five years later valued at $253,000.

Throughout the article, Downey explains the process he suggests when walking away from a mortgage and the absurd, but entirely too common justifications he used when… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

what your saying is that your word isn’t your bond and that your promise to pay back a loan in WORTHLESS….By your logic..you should NEVER buy ANYTHING…the bank has NO WAY of knowing the housing industry values in the future..when you buy a home you buy it on TODAYS prices…GAMBLING that it will increase in value…that IS NOT the banks fault!…Integrity has EVERYTHING to do with paying your debt! Maybe you didn’t learn that…shame on your parents for not!

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