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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have learned through two highly placed independent sources in Brunswick County that the FBI is already investigating allegations of misconduct and corruption within the Leland Police Department. According to one of those sources, the SBI will usually defer to the federal agency so as not to double investigate a case.

The Leland Town Council last night requested Police Chief Tim Jayne to ask the SBI to come in and investigate his department based on the allegations we have exclusively reported. But since the FBI is already looking into the department, the SBI may recuse itself.

The town council may have also violated North Carolina’s Open Meetings Law during its special meeting Thursday night. It went into closed session under “personnel action” then reconvened in public acknowledging it had voted to request Chief Jayne to ask the SBI to launch the investigation.

According to the North Carolina open meetings law (Chapter 143, Article 33 C), the council can go into closed session, “To plan, conduct, or hear reports concerning investigations of alleged criminal misconduct.” However, it appears the council is not permitted to vote in closed session to request an SBI investigation.

We have requested all minutes from last night’s meeting regarding the conversation related to the SBI investigation and to know how each individual council member voted. We have also alerted the North Carolina Broadcasters Association alerting them of our concern.

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  • Boom Boom

    Why did the council not instruct Farris to have General Jayne contact the SBI,
    Why did Farris not call them already?
    Why did Farris not tell the Board they were violating Open Meetin LAW?
    Why was there no Public Comment section?”

    why are they assuming all employees who are complaining are disgruntled?
    how many potentially disgruntal employees are there?

    I have a suggestion for council have a cookout for all the ex employees who have left because they wanted to and listen to what they have to say.

    You want answers ask employees who left on there own.

    Or here is one that Bill Farris likes to Use call everybody and ask Do you dislike this person if they say yes invite them to ameeting if they say no well dont invite them, Then start the meeting letting all your survey group know they can say what they like cause you dont like that person either. Or you can illegaly open closed minutes like he has done and let co-workers read what was said in a closed meeting about a person,it makes for a wonderful working atmosphere.

    I quess that would make that person disgruntled and any comments they make invalid… (just an example

  • Guest28451

    Cause I was shocked to find out the FBI was looking into the shadyness thats been going on lately.. Maybe they can just set up a camp and look into Navassa’s financial mismanagement that was likely embezzlement and fraud..

  • FOLR

    One piece of dirt at a time please. There is a dumptruck load at LPD that needs to be cleaned up first. Then onto Navassa. They are thier own problems. LPD didn’t know the FBI was up thier butt because they didn’e ask or because they are the best thing since sliced bread. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim, Bill, Karl, Rick & Mikey what cha gonna do when they come for YOU????????????????????

  • Native Wilmingtonian

    Who wrote this letter? It is not even formatted properly. The letter is written on town stationary. But,there is nothing in the header of the letter or in the body of the letter to advise the SBI who is sending the letter. The letter complains of “media…anonymous allegations”, the town has no allegations or questions of their own? Finally the letter is signed Timothy J. Jayne, without a signature block that identifies the signer’s position since it doesn’t appear at on the Stationary. No wonder the SBI has questions as to whether the letter is genuine much less whether to conduct an investigation.


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