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Candidate profile: Joshua Fulton

READ MORE: Candidate profile: Joshua Fulton

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Election Day is less than a month away and WWAY wants you to meet your candidates for Wilmington City Council. Today we sat down with Joshua Fulton, who describes himself as a fiscal conservative.

As one of the leading non-incumbent candidates for Wilmington City Council, Fulton's name and face can be seen all over Wilmington. But who is he?

"I was born in Massachusetts. I went to NYU for undergrad, stayed there for about eight years," Fulton said. "I was an auditor for AIG. I was a math teacher in the public schools, and I came down here a little over two years ago to go to grad school"

Fulton is not only a graduate student at UNCW, but a teaching assistant as well. He says his previous work experience will be a great asset if elected.

"Being an auditor is possibly the best experience you can have to be a city council member, because you have to look at budgets, and you have to make independent decisions about what makes a sense in the budget and what doesn't," Fulton said.

The 31-year-old says he has never run for public office, but he felt like now is the time to get involved with the high unemployment rate and other issues that have become problems.

"I think our tax burden is a big problem," Fulton said. "I think our zoning codes are too elaborate, there are big obstacles to starting business in Wilmington. Water and sewer rates seem to be spiraling higher and higher."

As a candidate Fulton has received significant attention, both good and bad. Most recently the website has surfaced, which says it exposes Fulton's true motives.

"It's a hateful thing," Fulton said of the site. "I'm surprised by it. I was not enthusiastic or happy about it at all, but and at the same time brushed it off. I think it's just a little thing I'm not to concerned about."

Concerned or not, Fulton did address some of the website's claims, like whether he can even support himself.

"I do make enough money to support myself otherwise I would be in the streets. I teach two classes at UNCW in the creative writing department. I'm also working part-time this campaign season and then I go out and campaign," Fulton said.

Fulton says despite what distractions may be out there he hopes the voters of Wilmington will see that it's time to elect someone who is willing to work.

"I don't see them putting in the effort, and that has big ramifications when it come to city government."

In the coming week's WWAY will introduce you to the other Wilmington City Council candidates. Tomorrow we'll profile Napier Fuller.

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better sense than to move to Vermont..

Goober... You lost. Get over

Goober... You lost. Get over it. Where are you from? I know your family got here on a boat, just like my family did. Oh, your family was here before 1492??????????????
Funny, you sell you Daddy's land and now complain about Yankees. Duh-ha.


Freakin' idiot...any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental.


(1) If the horse is so dead, why are you responding to my comments?
(2) Move to Vermont? I would never move above the Mason-Dixon line.
(3) The only one I see looking at me with "disdain and disgust" is you, and you're obviously from "up north", so you don't count.
(4) Don't care how I did it down South? I really don't care what Vermonters (Yankees) have to say.
(5) It's mind over matter. I don't mind, because you don't matter.
(6) Keep talking. I always yawn when I’m interested.


You're the one beating the dead horse with your backwoods comments.

I doubt that you've lived anywhere other than here...except for the times you spend the night in your pickup outside The Crazy Horse in Myrtle Beach because you're too drunk to drive.

I'm not from "up north"...but right here...except educated beyond high school...graduate school actually and a business owner. And you?

#4 is merely a rehash of the same worn-out crap. Kind of like the mullett you're still wearing along with your camo ballcap.

Did you come up with #5 all on your own?...I doubt it.

You're So Right

You are so right...I would never live anywhere other than below the Mason-Dixon. I love the South and I love Wilmington, and I'm not ashamed to say so.

It's unfortunate your mama didn't raise you right. It's hard to believe you came from here, but then again, maybe you've just been exposed to a lot of Yankee transplants.

I don't own a pickup, visit the Crazy Horse, or drink, but it's so typical of people like you to stereotype those you don't understand.

It's hard to believe by your posting that you have higher than a high school education, but I guess we just have to take your word on that, don't we? I myself graduated from business college, and I now run my own business, which now has 4 employees.

You're right, I didn't come up with #5 all on my own. It's a well known saying that I've heard for years that I felt applied to the situation. We all eventually post something we heard from someone else that applies to a certain situation, if we're honest about it. In fact, I'll use one right now. I may not know much, but I know chicken sh*t from chicken salad...and you are definitely chicken sh*t.

I'm a Northerner...

And I have NEVER met a Southerner that I didn't like, (except for the "elitists" like the Real Estate Southern Politicians, The Wilmington 100, the Historical Correct Society), but I have met MANY a northerner that I did not like, especially the transplants that have moved south and remain absolutely aggressive and obnoxious in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and especially in traffic.

Why so hostile? I just don't understand.

Let's save the fighting to get the BAD GUYS out of office on the Local, state and ESPECIALLY NATIONAL level.

Come on Louise?

If anything we need less of the old crowed--and more Yankees who haven't controlled wilmington for years and run it into the ground.
This is atown controlled by a powerful cliques- that we need to send packing---maybe North of the mason-dixon line. Saffo and padgett are classic examples of how power can corrupt--and absolute power can absolurtely corrupt


Let's see powerful cliques for Yankees....

When you choose what appears to be the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil.

No More Yankee Influence

Does that mean we have to give up our indoor plumbing too?


You mean you know how to flush? Impressive!


"I think our zoning code are to elaborate"

"I teach to classes at UNCW in the creative writing department"

Ramon or web site person: please learn to proofread.

In the first sentence it should be "too" and in the second sentence it should be "two".

Class dismissed.

So they are not English Professors

Just go to the website You will see Joshua's own postings....some of them recent. He is a 31 year old kid that has no history here in Wilmington. How do you try to represent Wilmington when you have no experience here in WILMINGTON.
How about electing a MATURE ADULT, who does not act like a kid via the internet, has REAL solutions, and actually knows something about WILMINGTON.
Ohhh and lets find one that has a job... no more Brian Bergers...he is the City Council version of Brian Berger.

Empty Smears for the Empty Heads

We need more brian bergers, especially on the city council. Brian Berger defeated spending $90000 on the Arts Council, was the deciding vote against raising property taxes this year (with McColl drones thompson and barfield and criner), was out front fighting annexation and opposed the CFPUA when nobody else would. Thats guts and instinct and principle and just because he has a taste for psychotic women (see who teaches your kids in the classroom) and some issues his personal time is his..I care about his voting record...and on that...we need many more brian berger's!!!!

Better Fulton than corruption

Boba above has it all wrong. What we don't need more of are McColl, Saffo and Padgett and their self-dealing, arrogant and gutter politics. I think Fulton will a be a plus-and your post and cheap shot at Berger convinced me we need more independents in office.I'm an old timer here and Irmemebr it was berger and wright that came out against annexation in 2008 long before others. It was Berger who has forced transparency at the Board level and who has helped ensure no public funding for arts council and ball teams. The McColl, Saffo and the old crowd that has controlled Wilmington will smear anybody to stay in control. I much prefer Fulton and his innocence to the kind of guttuwer politics that leads to some of the corrupt governance and poltical nonesense we have seen from McColl and Saffo.

When speaking about

Getting to know him on the "" website, he said,

I think it's just a little thing I'm not to concerned about."

"TOO" concerned about, is the way that should have appeared. Jeez!

I'm not sure if I have that web site correct, but everyone should look into this kid!!!!!!!!

And he is being given a Graduate STUDENT Teaching ASSISTANCESHIP, as MOST grad students who are NOT WORKING OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY ARE help defray the already LOW cost of education at UNCW.

The way he stated it was as IF HE WERE A PROFESSOR, so I wonder about his other exaggerations.

I don't care for Mr.

I don't care for Mr. Fulton's politics but let's get some facts straight. Student teaching is a process where a college student teaches school for the experience of being a teacher. A Teaching Assistant (TA) teaches undergraduate college classes while pursuing graduate studies. Most grad students are not "handed" these positions. NOTHING in Mr. Fulton's remarks indicate he is misrepresenting his duties at UNCW. Give the man his due and argue his ideas, not his person.