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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man who says former state Sen. R.C. Soles molested him three decades ago is trying to tell his story, but he says law enforcement turned him away.

Toby Faircloth has told his story to WWAY before, but now he wants to file a formal complaint.

Faircloth says he tried to file a formal complaint with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Friday, but was denied the opportunity and was given the run around.

Back in 2009 Faircloth, his face hidden from the camera afraid of the consequences, shared his story with WWAY. He says about 30 years ago when he was growing up in Tabor City, R.C. Soles molested him on more than one occasion when he was 13.

“Socially embarrassed and psychologically scarred,” Faircloth told us in 2009 about what happened to him years earlier. “Coming from an area like Tabor City, well that’s not exactly the kind of thing that you would talk about.”

But now the 49-year-old is not afraid to identify himself and tell his story in the form of a formal complaint. Friday though, Faircloth says he was denied that opportunity from the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office.

“They tried to palm it off on the Tabor City Police Department,” he said. “Tabor City Police tried to palm it off to the sheriff’s department. They turned around and try to turn it to the district attorney. Really left us frustrated. Told me to go the SBI or Attorney General.”

Faircloth says he has shared his claims before, but had never done it in writing. He thinks a formal complaint would not only give him some sort of documentation, but could also get the SBI’s investigation on Soles moving.

“Maybe even break it loose from what appears to be a stalemate,” Faircloth said.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says it would have taken down Faircloth’s complaint if he had originally told the office about his claims. Faircloth admits he did first talk to the SBI about Soles in 2009, but he never filed a written complaint.

He feels his recent bump in the road is disheartening. Faircloth says it would mean the world to him if the Soles saga wrapped up soon ending with a prosecution and an admission of guilt.

“The admission itself… that would be worth so much to me,” Faircloth said. “It would take years of torture, thinking about it knowing about… just to hear him or somebody finally say yes he did it. Even if he doesn’t go to jail just the simple fact of hearing it itself would be so much of a personal relief to me.”

Soles and his attorneys have long maintained the former senator’s innocence.

Many of the alleged victims of Soles have been discredited because they have taken money from Soles. Faircloth says his willingness to talk about his encounters with Soles has nothing to due with money, but with what’s right.

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  • Guest696942

    Just like those hayseeds in Columbus! Leland is in the news and they need to try and steal our spotlight!!!! LOL!

  • Amy Smith

    People are tired of hearing about RC Soles and “his” boys. I believe it is time to either seek justice or let it continue to
    be the number one headlines in our area. What a waste for news.

  • Courage

    Prayers to you Toby. Thank you so much for your courage & integrity.

    Please stand firm – and get a good attorney. Make extra sure it will be someone who won’t sell you out. Do not trust any part of the Democratic party machine.

    It is absolutely unconscionable that this Soles scandal has been covered up for decades. If Soles were a Republican, chasing, molesting, and paying off teenaged girls, the liberal press (don’t mean WWAY-TV3, as they have actually reported on this) would have headlines every single day.

    It is disgusting and downright tragic that so many boys & young men had their youthful innocence STOLEN – and still nobody in power gives a d*mn.

  • Guest345

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. JUSTICE should be served. If the others are bored, let them go watch reality TV. I’m sure they can get their kicks there. As for those of us are living in Columbus County and tired of this shameful, criminal action, WE WANT JUSTICE for ALL.

  • Guest232323

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Toby Faircloth is out for money.
    Toby is going to ride the RC Gravy Train and take just as much money as he can from the elderly sex pistol.

    “The admission itself. . . that would mean so much to me,” says Toby.

    Yeah! Sure!

    But money, honey,–and lots of it– will mean even more to Toby Faircloth.

    Enough of the Soles’lurid saga. It’s beginning to bore.

    To BORE! Time to move on, WWAY.

  • guuestt

    I totally agree with you… its all about the money, I couldnt have said it better myself! lets move on!!

  • Guest111134

    First of all, where was the parent(s) or responsible adult over a 13 year old boy? Was he let roam the streets of Tabor? Why didnt they come forth then? … Lets move on to other things…

  • Guestsdfgsdfg

    this was 30 years ago….. kids run around back then with almost no potential dangers compared today.

  • Guest2020

    Child molesters easily do what they do without a parent knowing. There have been instances where a child as been molested by someone living in their house and the parents don’t even know it. There are a number of reasons why he could have remained silent at the time. Shame being a common reason and fear being another.

  • Guest345

    NO, let’s NOT move on. This man, along with MANY others, have been harmed by RC Soles, Jr. Moving on gives him reason and permission to continue his leacherous ways. What he has done is CRIMINAL, not to mention an abomination unto the Lord God. He WILL pay for his sin, we all know that. BUT, just overlooking it because YOU are tired of hearing about is NOT cause to “move on”.

    Look at it this way… If YOU or YOUR SON had been molested by RC Soles, Jr, would you be so eager to move on? I think not. You’d want justice. The citizens of Columbus County want, need and deserve justice.

    It’s high time Soles faced his accusers in a judicial setting.

  • One who was there

    You ever been to Tabor City?? 30 years ago EVERY one was pretty much allowed to “roam” the streets. Be careful reading this stuff and what you believe. You may not have the whole story, and believe me you don’t want to start casting stones at the parents in this incidence. IF anything happened way back then to him no one in his family ever heard anything about it, so how could they do anything about it?? Just very strange, things don’t add up. In the article it says about 30 years ago something happened, when he was 13. Well that adds up to 43 from where I’m standing. Then it states he is 49 years old. What kind of math is that??? Makes about as much sense as the story he is telling and the accusations he is making about a lot of things….But I agree, let’s move on to other things. Sick to death of the RC bashing. Prove it or leave him alone….

  • SurfCityTom

    I have to agree with another poster. It’s really time to move beyond this and see some focus on important issues like jobs and the economy.

    From a crimminal standpoint,it is possible too many years have passed for the placement of charges which the DA will feel have a realistic chance of going to trial succesfully. And never forget, the probability of conviction and costs associated with trial are issues the DA has to consider.

    I believe there is a NC provision which would allow the injured to hire a Special Prosecutor to act in bringing crimminal charges.

    The DA could, of course, ask the Grand Jury to hear the evidence and decide if further action is merited.

    From a civil standpoint, there is a statute of limitations for bringing action for monetary damages. That has long passed.

    Unless the Senator is in the mood to make a financial ontribution to the charity of the “injured” party’s choice, it is not likely there will be a check written.

    As to an apology, face reality. The Senator has not issued an apology in the past 50 years or so. Why would he now for an incident alleged to have taken place 35 years ago?

    What other party would apologize?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …there is likely no statute of limitations on this, but the issue will hinge upon what the law read at that time.

    For example, we know that right now the age of consent for sexual activity is sixteen. The prior law, left over from reconstruction days, listed the age at seventeen….unless you could prove that the female in question had had prior sexual experience, in which case it dropped to TWELVE!

    The old law, however, made no allowances for male-on-male activity, other than to simply declare it a crime. There WAS no age of consent for gay sex.

    My money says that no DA in his right mind would try to take this to trial because of the elapsed time and the incredible munber of variables. The law has changed….under the old laws, the victim also broke the law….but he was a juvenile then – he’s an adult now…let’s just say that I’d rather be the defense counsel than the prosecutor.

    It’s a shame, too, because there’s not a doubt in my mind that Creepy Old Guy has been doing this for his entire life. I have no sympathy for the ones who continued the activity as a growing concern, but I’m sure there were far more true victims like this guy, who were taken advantage of, totally skeeved out by the experience, and wanted nothing more than to get away from him and hope the world never found out.

  • stratcatz

    I am amazed at the attitude of some people that this is not news worthy or worth the effort to prosecute. This county is so corrupt I am ashamed to tell people I live here.
    The SBI and FBI have supposedly been investigating, but it seems more like they have been covering up and hoping it will go away.
    One day people will realize that RC and his cronies have run this area like it is their kingdom, and the rich have gotten richer and the taxpayers have paid for it.

  • SurfCityTom

    I do not disagree with your comments.

    I think the parties involved have to step back and take a deep breath.

    Given the lapse of time, the costs associated with a questionable trial outcome, the certainty that a change of venue would be granted, and the deep pockets to fund the best defense possible, I don’t see the DA bringing charges.

    If the statute of limitations does not apply, perhaps the alleged victim should look into a special prosecutor and bringing testimony before a grand jury.

    There are just too many issues, including the passage of time, which make it unlikely there will be an indictment.

    And the passage of time likely has closed the option for a court ordered financial settlement in a civil action. I’m certain there are attorneys willing to bring such an action; their hope would be the Senator would write a check to make this go away.

    Unfortunate there has been more focus on issues like this then the ongoing trial against 3 alleged NC terrorist suspects.

  • virgogirl

    I agree. I don’t believe there is a statute of limitations for this crime. But considering the power that Soles seems to have, you’re right…. no one would probably touch it. It seems quite apparent though, that Soles did a lot of ‘touching’ of young men. Why else would he be giving them all money…. hush money is what this looks like. It’s a shame that twisted people are in high positions and are able to get away with this kind of thing.

  • Guest 25

    What gives the Columbus County Sheriffs Department the right, not to let the man make a complaint. This is violating his rights.

  • linenlady

    didn’t you know that the columbus county sheriff’s department, run by Chris Batten can do whatever they want? there is no such thing as violating someone’s rights when it comes to columbus county.
    I have been trying to sign a complaint against several “county” people and cannot get one person to help me. they all send you to someone else that can’t help you either. It is just unbelievable how they all manage to cover each others backs! After reading the blogs it doesn’t look like the Governor would even help me. the only thing you can hope for is that God will take care of them. Let me see them violate his rights!


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