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Student charged with bringing shotgun to school


PENDER COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- A gun was found in a student's car on school property friday night in Hampstead. Today Pender County Sheriffs deputies charged the young man with possessing a gun on school property.

The gun was found while Topsail high played its homecoming football game. A deputy patroling the area saw a gun case containing a shotgun in an SUV.

The student 16-year-old Robert Lee Cox the Third from Hampstead, was charged today with possessing a gun on educational property. He appeared before a magistrate in Burgaw and was given a 500 dollar unsecured bond.

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It' Great

the way SurfCityTom bashers take one piece of a post;repeat it out of context; and think they have scored a hit on the old guy.

Better luck next time.

My post was in response to the question of hunting season opening day.

You might want to stay indoors until New Years when the various seasons close.


Only 16 years old? He looks like he's in his mid-20's!!!

Yeah that will teach him!

$500 unsecure bond; Yep that will really teach him! Geesh!

There is much bigger impact than the fine!

This young man faces mandatory expulsion for the remainder of the school year...a non-negotiable. He can't play football on the team anymore and won't graduate with his class. You happy now?

This young man's decision will impact him for a long time to come. He's mighty young to be having to learn such a fundamental fact of life. Think BEFORE you act.

Use that logic on the 12

Use that logic on the 12 students and 1 teacher killed or the 21 injured students and three people injured while attempting to escape at Columbine. And Thinking before you act is a vital part of society bud.

Oh, Gee

Mandatory expulsion? I doubt he was learning anything at school anyway, since he was dumb enough to bring a shotgun to school.

Can't play football anymore? Oh, wow! That's a fate worse than death. If he really loves football so much, let him play at home with his neighbors.

Won't graduate with his class? He should have thought of that before he brought the shotgun on campus...that's assuming he was bright enough to graduate.

"He's mighty young to be having to learn such a fundamental fact of life." - Age (youth) is no excuse for breaking the law. Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. Hopefully, he learns from this one.


Bail is not a fine set to punish someone, in most cases. It is to insure the person will not flee to avoid prosecution.

What a shame

The unloaded shotgun, still in the case, was in the boy's car. At the very worst Barney Fife should have made the boy leave to take the weapon home.

What a lousy story.

The deputies are not mind

The deputies are not mind readers. Take one of the many school shootings that has happened in this country, should they have just met the shooter at the door and said "take your gun home buddy"? They have to enforce the law as it exist, not how you wish it was. Oh yeah, how original calling an officer doing his job "Barney Fife".


I'll bet this is a first offense. Magistrates usually start out with a small unsecured bond if the perp has no previous offenses (especially since he's only 16 years old). It will go up each time after that if he gets in trouble in the future (and also may become a secured bond). I'm not saying it's right...just that it's routine for this type of thing.