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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Election Day is less than a month away and WWAY wants you to meet your candidates for Wilmington City Council. Today we sat down with Joshua Fulton, who describes himself as a fiscal conservative.

As one of the leading non-incumbent candidates for Wilmington City Council, Fulton’s name and face can be seen all over Wilmington. But who is he?

“I was born in Massachusetts. I went to NYU for undergrad, stayed there for about eight years,” Fulton said. “I was an auditor for AIG. I was a math teacher in the public schools, and I came down here a little over two years ago to go to grad school”

Fulton is not only a graduate student at UNCW, but a teaching assistant as well. He says his previous work experience will be a great asset if elected.

“Being an auditor is possibly the best experience you can have to be a city council member, because you have to look at budgets, and you have to make independent decisions about what makes a sense in the budget and what doesn’t,” Fulton said.

The 31-year-old says he has never run for public office, but he felt like now is the time to get involved with the high unemployment rate and other issues that have become problems.

“I think our tax burden is a big problem,” Fulton said. “I think our zoning codes are too elaborate, there are big obstacles to starting business in Wilmington. Water and sewer rates seem to be spiraling higher and higher.”

As a candidate Fulton has received significant attention, both good and bad. Most recently the website www.therealjoshuafulton.com has surfaced, which says it exposes Fulton’s true motives.

“It’s a hateful thing,” Fulton said of the site. “I’m surprised by it. I was not enthusiastic or happy about it at all, but and at the same time brushed it off. I think it’s just a little thing I’m not to concerned about.”

Concerned or not, Fulton did address some of the website’s claims, like whether he can even support himself.

“I do make enough money to support myself otherwise I would be in the streets. I teach two classes at UNCW in the creative writing department. I’m also working part-time this campaign season and then I go out and campaign,” Fulton said.

Fulton says despite what distractions may be out there he hopes the voters of Wilmington will see that it’s time to elect someone who is willing to work.

“I don’t see them putting in the effort, and that has big ramifications when it come to city government.”

In the coming week’s WWAY will introduce you to the other Wilmington City Council candidates. Tomorrow we’ll profile Napier Fuller.

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2016 years 2 months ago

On his own page, it talks about “getting laid” several times. Is he allowed to be around the young co-eds ? He has no business in any position of trust at UNC-W. I hope steps will be taken to at least moniter this guy.

2016 years 2 months ago

Or to put it simply, busted for lying. Way to go Mr. Transparency!!!!

1.) You are either an outright liar.

2.) You are not the analyst you think you are

3.) You display poor judgement in your communication


I would be willing to bet that http://www.therealjoshuafulton.com has only scratched the surface about you.

2016 years 2 months ago

Directly from http://www.therealjoshuafulton.com and the questions below bring up a good point. For months he has had it all worked out and now???? The last line of his letter he says, “I have no intention of cutting what I view to be essential services”. Well I think that is what many are questioning Josh. What exactly do you, Joshua Fulton consider to be an essential service? Also, what is your view of the PEOPLE who perform those essential services, obviously it’s not very high? City employees have been bending over taking from city council for a long time… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

Amen. Louise McColl is a narcissistic muddy pig feeding at the “public” trough while rooting around for a cut of public or quasi-public funds or shaking down poor candidates who apparently pay her to keep her quiet. She is a joke and cannot deliver a single vote except for her own, which is apparently for sale to whomever hires her. She is a sleazy version of Al Sharpton.

2016 years 2 months ago

Doesn’t Josh get enough money from UNC ? Like all BEARUCRABS, he wants more government money. Now he wants a City Council paycheck, as well. Lets elect folks who have a intreast in Wilmington, not just themslves, like Josh.
Josh-Why don’t you do everyone a favor, and pop-up somewhere else ? Go back to NY, or go to San Francisco, where your views are more appreciated. A man who “switches” to Republican, just before an election, doesn’t fool me a bit.
Your recent Facebook Page, which you, of course, have conveniently altered, looked more like Jane Fonda’s Website, then any real conservative.

What… Read more »

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