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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A Carolina Beach Town Council member under investigation by the SBI is telling her side of the story.

An anonymous letter to the Attorney General and District Attorney sparked the probe, which also includes the mayor and another council member.

“I was very surprised and was asking why they they would be investigating me,” Mayor Pro Tem Pat Efird said.

The anonymous letter sent back in February claims Efird voted in favor of purchasing a piece of property at “a grossly inflated” price of $200,000. Efird says she did nothing wrong.

“I voted for this property so we could have a handicap park and having it fixed up so the handicapped could go up there and go in the gazebo and sit by the ocean,” Efird said.

The letter claims Efird, Mayor Joel Macon and Councilman Dan Wilcox all knew the owners of that property, Delores and Michael Kirkbride, and also knew that voting to buy it would benefit the three council members.

A few months after the town’s purchase, Efird bought a plot of land with her daughter for $60,000. They bought that land from the Kirkbrides. The letter claims the deal Efird got was a little too good to be true. Efird denies that.

“It was a legitimate real estate deal,” she said. “It had nothing to do with the people, nothing to do with the lot. I did not buy the lot to give me any kind of compensation. I did not get any compensation from them, and that’s the story.”

Efrid says she thinks this whole investigation is politically motivated and may have something to do with her running for mayor.

At Monday night’s Town Council meeting, Mayor Macon said he welcomes the investigation and says those allegations have been going on for years.

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2 Comments on "Carolina Beach councilwoman responds to SBI investigation"

informed C.B.citizen
2015 years 10 months ago

Pat is a Realitor for How many years ? She has set in town council meetings week after week listening to the Kirkbrides push there way into changing everything they can”t get done legally,to benifit themselves. Read the minuets of any town council meeting where there properties are concerned.

2015 years 10 months ago

What does Pat being a realitor have to do with being on the council? She votes for what is best for the residents and the town of Carolina Beach, she has served the Great Town of Carolina Beach for over 30 years and loves Carolina Beach and the people that make is sure a great place to live.


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