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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Along with a SBI investigation of its mayor and two other council members, Carolina Beach Town Council is dealing with multiple other issues. Those include questions about a state pier, parking management and a water billing problem.

Although they were all addressed at the Tuesday night meeting, some of the issues on Pleasure Island are not yet permanently resolved.

The council is still looking at their options for the ocean front property that the CBP3 group purchased for $4.3 million 2 years ago.

They will talk to state leaders later this month about whether they will get grant money for that land to become a state pier. If that falls through because of budget issues, the town will look into getting money for a park, a beach access, a parking lot, or a hybrid of all of those.

“You decide which pieces you want to keep,” Mayor Joel Macon said. “You decide what you want to do as far as the ocean access and how much parking you can afford to keep and then sell off the rest of the property for development. That’s where we are at, we are trying to look and see, we’re still not sure that we won’t get grants.”

With that process still ongoing the council did address other issues. One such issue included a water billing problem where customers were not billed enough for water and sewer services in the town. Council agreed on a four to one vote that to make up the difference, those customers will pay $3 more a month for the service. That will start in November.

“We wanted to make sure that those numbers that were supposed to be in the water billing are set in the billing,” Macon said.

Parking management on Pleasure Island is also up for grabs. Councilman Bob Lewis brought told council that the parking management company the town uses is costing them too much money. He says if they bring the management back in house it would not only save money, but it would be an opportunity to create seasonal jobs.

“We’re going to, at this meeting coming up, be looking at all those issues and the new folks that have bid on that project,” Macon said.

The council will meet again October 26 to discuss the parking management issue.

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