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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Election Day is less than a month away, and WWAY wants you to meet the candidates for Wilmington City Council. Today we sat down with Neil Anderson, who says he’s interested in growth and the economy.

Anderson was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. He attended UNC-Chapel Hill and later went on to grad school, earning his MBA. After living in several large cities like Atlanta and Charlotte, Anderson and his family made it to Wilmington.

“We’ve been here almost 11 years,” said Anderson. “Both of our two youngest children were born here.”

Anderson is a business owner. His company, Rising Tide Sales, is contracted by a large furniture manufacturer to oversee and manage the eastern market in North Carolina. Anderson says he wants to improve the city, ensuring a better future for his kids and others.

“I did not go back to my home town, and my kids may not want to be anywhere near me when they’re out of college. But if they want to, whether its when they’re married, after college, in their 30’s, single, I want them to have that option to come back here,” Anderson said.

He says the economy and jobs are his main concerns. Anderson says if elected he knows it will take the city and the county working together to make the Cape Fear’s economy strong.

“I think we’re going to have to collaborate to bring in new business; help the ones we have, I think we forget about them.”

Come Election Day, Anderson hopes voters will see how important city government is and how powerful their vote can be.

“(If) you get a direct mail piece, read it, and look at it! I know you get a bunch of junk mail, I get it too,” Anderson said. “This is something that impacts your life everyday; the minute you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth. The minute you go out and take your garbage out to the street; you’re interacting with city government!”

In the coming weeks WWAY will introduce you to the other Wilmington City Council candidates.

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  • Guest 853

    This guy may be right for Forest Hills — his sign are everywhere — but he ain’t right for Wilmington. Don’t need County Club golfer ain’t need no furniture salesman in City Hall.

  • Guest321

    These BS class divisive comments have got to stop. Seen it for years now within the local republican party and all it does is keep excellent potential candidates out of ever considering running for office because they don’t feel they want the crap from people from being financially successful. It’s just weird that being financially better off in this town has become a badge of disgrace among the electorate.
    I’m poor as dirt, so I guess that means I’m more qualified in their eyes for office than people in Forest Hills or Landfall.

  • Guest2012

    While reading the former post, I was thinking the same exact thing, 321.

    I would also bet that this individual voted for Obama, who spent his youth at Ivy League colleges like Harvard, while American Citizens paid for his FREE RIDE. We all know Barry’s hippie single mom and his estranged Kenyan father didn’t pay for it.

    The blogger must not have been aware that Obama then purposely graduated to the likes of the Chicago Machine and other so-called elite (albeit Communist) circles and, then, as we all know, aspired to become President so that he could PLAY GOLF all day, when he wasn’t ruining our Country, bowing to the likes of Hugo Chavez, or giving billions of our dollars away to absolute scams in green energy, WHAT A CRIME!
    However, maybe the blogger equates the lack of leadership in the White House with ALL GOLFERS, who live in big houses.

  • Newbee

    I live in Landfall and we want Ricky Meeks!! Best candidate available!!

  • Guest28451

    its the same internal politics that ended with Curtis Wright and Tyler Cralee moving to 980AM because apparently the Powers that be didnt like Curtis calling out the spineless party leaders in Wilmington. All Curtis did was call it like he saw it and he lost his job because of it and I might add it appears he is handily beating the guy who replaced him on 93.7 in the mornings..The old school spineless Republicans throughout this state and country better wake up. Either lead or get the hell outta our way because we are sick of the status quo and we’re sick of our supposed party leaders standing by while the Democrats play dirty and get away with it because nobody holds them accountable.

  • Wade griffis

    Lots of vitrolic stuff on here. I do not know Neil Anderson. I may vote for him. I would vote for anybody not presently on council.

    However- I would advise him to ditch the flyer and the agency that devised it.

    What is he doing there? Maybe parting the waters at the Red Sea. Or, maybe casting out devils. The construction worker will be happy with that picture.

    I doubt voters will.


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