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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County mom says a teacher mistreated her son in class. She thinks he will have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life.

The mother of the third grade student at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School in Brunswick County says she was appalled when she found out her son was not allowed to go to the bathroom and then had an accident in class.

“They did nothing to this teacher,” Latoria Brown said. “Nothing. That’s what I want: her removed; and I want justice for my son.”

Brown says her eight-year-old son was not allowed to go to the restroom October 6, so he defecated in his pants in class. Brown says when she found out about the incident, she went to the school, but did not get much of a response.

“I never got a simple apology. No teacher. No principal. Nobody apologized for the situation. That’s what really made me upset about the situation,” Brown said. “All I wanted was a simple apology, but it didn’t go that way, so I had to go further.”

Brown says after she found out how her son was treated by the teacher, she said she couldn’t just let it go. She thinks it may be racially motivated, and the Brunswick County Ministers Alliance agrees. The group says there was a similar situation between a black teacher and a white student back in 2008 that was handled immediately. Brown says she thinks because her son is black and his teacher is white that the process is moving at a slower pace.

“I don’t wanna say that it’s a black and white thing. I don’t really wanna say that, but they’ve been going on and on trying to sweep it up underneath the rug,” Brown said. “It wasn’t like that the first time around, so why is it this way this time around?”

School district spokeswoman Jessica Swencki says that is not the case. Swencki says an investigation into the situation is underway. She says the board is having trouble, though, because brown will not allow her son to speak with investigators, which is keeping the school from moving forward with discipline.

Brown says she plans on sitting down with the school board and investigators with her son and her lawyer. She says she hopes to schedule a meeting with the board, so that they can move forward as soon as possible.

Brown’s son was initially removed from the class after the incident, but was put back in earlier this week.

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  • Guestsnc

    Hearing from the mom in this article on what has happened, not much from the school system. What’s clear though is that this child did have the accident, in front of the other kids. He’ll need help and support moving on and not letting this get to him. The teacher made a mistake, which can happen — we all make mistakes. I think the mom wanted more genuine regret from the system about the event, and help working this out –which she believes hasn’t happened.

    Instead of going to the media maybe going to a mediator (no cost) before getting an attorney would have helped more. It’s just hard many times working with the schools because even if you’re right and push for a change, you’re still leaving your kids with this system for several hours every day —

    These days in this part of the country, even if race is a factor it is almost impossible to bring it up because of the negative attitudes some people have — don’t want to accept racist behavior still happens. Sometimes it’s better to not call out the racism yourself — just present the info and facts — let OTHERS reach that conclusion on their own.

    Wishing all the best to this youngster, his mom and the school system.

  • Guest69

    Here comes that darn RACE CARD AGAIN! Give it up, We’re not listening anymore. You’ve lost credibility.

  • Guest111134

    Omg! this kid is 8 year old, what can he or his classmates possibly remember years from now? Oh, thats right, mom brought in the media to something that we all have encountered… Mom, you should have let it go, we’ve all been there and done that… and im sorry but “YOU” have made this a moment to remember. Hang in there teacher, dont let it bother you personally, its a $$$$$$$ thing!!

  • In 4 years, that teacher has had five young black kids tranfered from her room, coincidentally, to the black teacher across the hall. The child in this case is a very timid and quiet child. Does not gause any trouble. The teacher was in the middle of something with another child when this child approached to ask to go to the bathroom. The teacher held up her hand to stop the brief interuption. The child returned to his seat. The teacher did not check back with the child. We she did, he had already deficated on himself. The big issue now brgins with the child being taken to the office and left there to sit in his soiled clothes until his mother could get there. Jessie Mae Monroe has a small amount of back clothes for children in need and for just this kind of incident. He could have been given clothes to change into and had one of the male teachers to help clean him. But most importantly, explain and apologize for to his mother and him for this gross negligence. They didn’t and have tried to keep it quiet. I don’t blame this mother for taking the action she has. It gould have been handled better. Years ago, a white student claimed he sat in wet clothes for half a day and was not allowed to go to the restroom by a black teacher. She was processed though the “investigation” very swiftly and fired. Only later to find out the kid lied. But her life had already been turned upside down and reputation ruined. Now to me that sounds a little racially biased. Brunswick County is known for this time and time again. Brunswick County School Officials have long been trying to keep and handle matters when they arise under the rada. If you have certain knoweledge pertaning to an incident, you may be dismissed if you speak out. It’s called Retaliation. So to all of you who have comment and say it’s being blown out of proportion by this parent, think about it if it were your kid. I know these things because I work there. Jessie Mae Monroe is a good school with alot of dedicated teachers and staff who above and beyond what is expected of them. They do alot of good in the community but that is never reported. Just the negative by one. This situation should have been handled better.

  • 1. Really, A child messes their pants and lawyers get involved?
    2. Mother wants an apology?
    3. It’s a white – black thing?
    4. Was the other color way in 2008 and handled immediately?
    5. May be racially motivated and the Brunswick County Ministers Alliance agrees?

    Now the correct answers are:
    1. All children mess their pants some time in their life, most never tell, have know a few adults to even do it. Lawyers get invovled because most of them are full of crap anyway.
    2. Would like to know who made the child crap his pants or how someone owes an apology because Jr. can’t hold his bowels. OK so all the bad things in life can get more attention, I am sorry that I made Jr. crap. OK that’s over and with no lawyers needed.
    3. Isn’t everything this way if someone white is involved, everything that evers happens to a black is a white’s fault. They do nothing on their own, including messing their pants. All the gangs are the white’s fault, all the babies are the white’s fault, all the freeloading is the white’s fault. and so on.
    4. Maybe the white mother just cleaned up her child, washed the pants and didn’t get a lawyer and let the poop go away. Of course she had to, she was white and it was the white’s fault, wasn’t it?
    5. Yes, unknowing to the blacks in school, the FREE lunches that day had EX-LAX in them so they would all poop their pants, it was only in the free luches so only they would get it. Brunswick County Minister Alliance, who are they another “black only gang”, bet their isn’t a single white in that group, now if only I can figure out how it’s the white’s fault fot this group>



  • PublicAvenger

    We should also charge her with “Felony Child Abuse”. Then put her in prison, for 50 years.I’m sure that would make all the “Gotcha-Whitey” haters, dance in the streets for joy.

  • Me, Myself & I

    If Brunswick County had to pay out thousands of dollars each time a child went to the bathroom in their pants, we’d be broke. Its not the boy’s fault, he’s only eight years old.It happened to me, I got over it in less then an hour.

    Ms Brown told on herself with the “I don’t wanna say that it’s a black and white thing. I don’t really wanna say that, BUT…”

    Teachers are under enough pressure.If Ms Brown has trouble with the teacher’s skin color, thats Ms Brown’s problem, and not the teachers.

    To the teacher I say:
    “Hang in there and drive on. Stay focused on your calling, and the big picture. You will encounter small minded racists-losers throughout your career. Defeat them, by not letting them rob you of your calling and your dreams. Offer it up, and drive on.”

  • Guest28451

    Felony Child Endangerment because the kid crapped his pants?? Wowsers you must be one of those types who files a lawsuit for emotional damage because somebody looked at you wrong.. I cant believe your actually seriously suggesting that.. WOW.. Talk about ignorance of the law among other things.

  • PublicAvenger

    Aren’t children given a break every hour ? You must have order. You can’t just let the kids roam the halls. It’s so easy for a eight year old not see the signs of this coming. It happened to me once, and since then, I’m more aware of it. Its a part of life.

    For this mother to put unnecessary stress on this teacher and an eight year old boy, is very selfish on the mother’s part. Is it greed or is it racial hatred against the teacher ?

  • GuestohU

    I do hate this happened to the child. Not only is the embarrassment in the class & fellow students really bad, but now the Mom has put this in the media!
    I think the possibility of dollar signs has clouded her view of things.
    Everyone thinks that the school board will settle this and give her a HUGE sum of money which will never be spent of counseling for the child. I would like to know what the Father has to say about this. Oh, wait, she hasn’t mentioned the Father…..

  • Guest23456789

    Your daughter, huh?

    If that had really happened to your daughter, you would be much more empathetic. I mean, if you even have a daughter.


    (Run it though your mind….does this person’s comment really make sense?)

    Personally, I’m on this woman’s side (and I’m a white dude)…I take her at her word…she just wanted an apology..someone to care for her child’s situation, but it sounds like they blew her off).

    But the media didn’t blow her off, did they?

    Teachers…look…if a child in your class has to go to the bathroom..let them go…

  • Guest198721

    That is awful that happened but making it a race thing, really? People grow up it’s a sad thing that happened to thenkid and the school should punish the teacher but leave race outnof it I’m sick of reading about how everyone is racist just grow up.

  • concernmom

    This happen to my child and it was a development problem. the bottom line is the child. Kids can be awful to this young man. I would like to know what the other kids in the class thought. What are teaching others… Yes kids will use this as a excuse. but, you soon weed that out. I am very sorry for this. I hope the young man’s feelings are address here.

  • another mom

    OK, the poor kid of course at that age was embarrassed. The mom should have gone to the school and had a private meeting with the teacher and principal. My only thought is ok so the mom is worried about the child being emotionally injured because 20 or so kids knew of this embarrassing incident well honey now THOUSANDS know you son pooed his pants way to go MAMA…poor kid! I can just hear you counseling him ” aw suga its alright we gonna get the NAACP to fix at mean ole white woman, after the country knows you pooped your pants we will make a fortune!””( well one things for certain.. it’s not a black or white thang, it was a brown thang that caused this problem!) :)

  • Guesttoo

    I’m amazed at all of the folks passing judgement on this story when the only thing they’ve heard is mothers story. Not the kids, not the teachers…just someone who wasn’t even at the school when the “life-altering incident” happened.

    Until there is more info, I’m not buying into this “story”.

  • Kblue2221984

    Yah Mom this aught to help him. Put him on the news so everyone can see your kid messed himself! NICE!

  • Challengetheworld

    I hope you get your apology and your kid gets some counseling. What a terrible experience for a child.

  • Guest Reply

    “Jeez”…I wish we had sued when our daughter pooped her pants that time in the 3rd grade, after she raised her hand to go to the girls room. Shoo…we would have had a mansion in Beverly Hills by now!
    The most unimportant issues in life make it into the news nowadays and it seems a lot of it is driven towards suing people for something stupid just so one can sit back and “COLLECT”.
    If this child’s life is “changed for the worse from here on out” then there’s another problem or issue at bay…not going to the bathroom in his pants. 8 years old? There’s a reason Mommy won’t let him talk…but just ask his buddies…they will ;-)
    Wait until later in his life when the street light stays red and he soils his pants because he couldn’t get to a bathroom quick enough…”Look Out DOT”…a lawsuit is coming your way!
    A great morning laugh here with my coffee (LOL)

  • anne

    First of all – not every incident that happens is racially motivated and we need to stop using the race card everytime something happens. Things happen, period.

    Second of all – this is a situation that happens quite frequently. Teachers are reluctant to let kids go to the bathroom because unfortunately alot of children use it as an excuse. I can understand the teacher’s reasoning. But, not all children are the same and each situation needs to be evaluated differently. Some children can go for long periods without using the bathroom and some can’t. A teacher needs to be careful on how they handle such a manner, because in my opinion, it is wiser to let the child go than have something like this happen. As an adult, I can understand it believe me. Sometimes I have “to go” and it can’t wait. No child should have to undergo such embarrassment in front of others.

    Thirdly – the school needs to respond. Ignoring the mother, if that happens, creates a sense of distrust and disappointment.

  • Guest12345

    Sounds to me like this lady is really after money!! If it were the truth she would let her son talk with School Officials and get to the bottom of things. I think she is making this up. That’s just my opinion. People will use their children to get money for some of the craziest things these day.

  • Guest666

    If the boy needed to visit the restroom, he should have been allowed to do so. However, it is possible that he and or others use the restroom trick to get out of class, like the boy that cries “wolf”. I remember this trick from my school days. Anyhow, I doubt he will have any life altering effects from the incident. Since the mom is not cooperating with the investigation, I say case closed. The story mentions that an attorney is involved, so since the race card has already made an appearance, I think we all know where this is headed.

  • wooduck

    false imprisonment and felony endangerment of a minor. stay strong for your child, mom. hug and love them everyday and everyway! we are ALL they’ve got.

  • TruthTellerBC

    This sounds like a classical “Gotcha-Whitey” setup. So, has “Jay Lee Truth” has been watching this thing build up, and taking notes ? Give me a break.If they have backup colthes for this, it shows, its a common problem, for children, as it was when I was little, and it happened to my best friend, in 2nd grade.(45 years ago)
    But, then again, who cares what the facts are? For some people, as long as they can get a white person, thats all that matters.

  • guesty

    From the story: “I don’t wanna say that it’s a black and white thing. I don’t really wanna say that, but they’ve been going on and on trying to sweep it up underneath the rug,” Brown said. “It wasn’t like that the first time around, so why is it this way this time around?”

    and: “…the board is having trouble, though, because brown will not allow her son to speak with investigators, which is keeping the school from moving forward with discipline.”

    So she is hindering the process and then complaining that it isn’t being handled quickly. And then to top it off with the race card. Class, pure class.

  • Guest0101

    I would be very upset with the school and the teacher if this would have happen to my child! I think ms.Brown is doin the right thing by taken a stand! it’s clear that the lil boy had to use the bathroom that it wasnt no lie… and then it was a similar case in 08 wow and thats the kinda school ppl send their kids to!!! something needed to be done!

  • Guest666

    False imprisonment and felony endangerment???? You must be her attorney. Total nonsense.

  • Guest44244

    Was the teacher wrong? Absolutely. But it sounds like the only person here being racist, is Ms. Brown herself…
    Never once in my life have I blamed something on the color of skin. I have only blamed people for a person’s mistake. The fact that she would even bring the race card up is racist in its own accord.

  • Guest20562

    That is all they know. They are taught from a early age if you don’t get what you want you pull the race card. MLK and Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton has taught them this so that is what they do. The sad part about it is they are the ones that always cry less stop being racist but black people are more racist than any white people i know.

  • Guest11221

    Oh of course it is because your son is black. It could not be because the teacher was wrong to a student(white or black). You have to drop the race card. When will this stop? Get over yourself.

  • guesty

    Good job. Mom wants results but won’t help with the process.
    “They did nothing to this teacher,” Latoria Brown said. “Nothing. That’s what I want: her removed; and I want justice for my son.”
    But then we are given this gem:
    “….because brown will not allow her son to speak with investigators…”
    Sounds like you really don’t want justice, you just want to get your mug on the news. Well, poop.

  • Guest44

    You said you did not want to make it a black/white issue but you did. If nothing is good enough, throw that in and maybe something will happen. Kids have accidents, so get over it.
    If you want to bring up black/ white issues, I can do that. When I was in school,25 years ago(some of these teachers are still teaching) the blacks sat at the front of the class and the whites at the back, because the teacher wanted it that way. Nobody screamed black/white issues then. I am marked for life. Will your little group help me? Probably not!

  • Gramps1935

    When I was a child, this happened at least a half dozen times, between 1st and 3rd grade. Its a shame for the poor little kid. But it happens everyday in schools, with elementary students, and it’s quickly over. I’m sure, just like when I was little, the child was quickly seperated from the other children, his needs were attended to, and he was back on track. No big deal, thats life.(It happened to my brother.)

    I feel very sorry for Ms Brown’s son and the teacher, who are victim’s of what I see is clearly this woman’s hatred and /or greed. She is very selfish to exploit this issue.

  • 3293

    I am really sorry that this happened to this child. However, in the teacher’s defense, parents should know that kids are given the opportunity to go to the rest room several times a day. Outside of those times, some kids ask to go to the rest room an additional 4 or 5 times per day. If the teacher let them go every time they asked, the hallway would be full of kids all day. Therefore, sending them to school to learn would be useless.


    if ever I heard it, and blacks wonder why the whites have no respect for them. I sure don’t.
    The slavery crap and the white man is holding me down has gotten old.
    Get over it just because you can’t cut it quit blaming someone else.


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