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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police say a robber with a Spiderman mask has struck again. Investigators say the masked criminal robbed a Kangaroo convenience store by gunpoint Sunday morning.

They say the robbery happened just after the store at 2028 Oleander Drive opened this morning. Police were unable to catch Spiderman as he left the store but they believe it may be the same person responsible for three other recent robberies in the area. They say Spiderman usually steals cash and Newport cigarettes.

Anyone with information is asked to call Wilmington Police at 910-343-3600 or Text-A-Tip to CRIMES (274637).

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  • Guest Reply

    Use Bug Spray!!…it’ll get them every time!
    Did it get away on foot/claws/spin a getaway web/car/truck…which?
    Call Orkin!

  • cjones

    i work at a convient store and i am afraid that i will get robbed cuz there is no cops nowhere around were i work at,we need more cops scoping all thees convient stores till this guy is caught,we are just there to do our jobs,not be in fear that we might get robbed…

  • I love guns

    I would by a pistol or get a tazer gun that shoots the harpoons. i pefer the pistol cause you gun shoot through the counter or a shotgun pefer 12 gauge dont need a permit for that. use 000 buck shot you will the spider mans worst nightmare.

  • Guest69

    Newport cigarettes??? That’ll at least give us a description of the robber…

  • phillyguy

    Myself and Aquaman will comb the city, find this evil impostor and bring him to justice.

  • Guest 25

    Sounds like a case for the incredibly talented Tabor City cops. They almost always, sometimes,near bout, come close to,just miss getting their man.

  • Eggbert Jones

    Why is spiderman robbing convenience stores early in the morning? They hardly have any money then. seems foolish. Better to rob some snob in a new BMW or Mercedes.

  • Guest461

    …because he KNOWS you shoot worse than you write, spell and punctuate! Geeeez…I just really, really hope you DON’T own any real cap pistols….you’ll shoot your eye out, kid.


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