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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama has left the White House for a flight to North Carolina, where he’ll begin a three-day bus tour aimed at pushing Congress to pass pieces of his jobs bill — while also trying to build support for his re-election bid.

Obama’s effort to win passage of the entire $447 billion bill was blocked by Senate Republicans — so now he and his Democratic allies will try to get pieces of it approved.

He starts a bus tour today through North Carolina and Virginia, two key reelection states. He’ll be calling on lawmakers to pass components of his bill that provide assistance to states to hire or prevent laying off teachers and first responders. Obama also wants lawmakers to pass $50 billion in new spending on infrastructure.

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  • Freedom Of Speech

    Mr Obama will be pleading with Congress……

    “Pass this Piece!!!”

  • “If you love me…you’ll pass this piece”

  • Carol Kramer

    Note to WWAY…The majority in the Senate is Democrat. Try again.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …and several other Democrats voted for it only after it was most assuredly going down in defeat.

  • SurfCityTom

    you might want to try again. Enough Democrats joined with the Republicans to stop this travesty in its place. I guess they may see the writing on the wall and may want to better position themselves for re-election in 2012. So while they had the majority, they crossed party lines on this vote.

    And if I am not mistaken, enough Democrats joined with House Republicans to put the skids to a budget funding extension being touted by House Speaker Boehner leaving him with egg foo yung on his face.

  • WWAY is not known for accuracy in their reporting. Their specialty is ALL BERGER, ALL THE TIME, or SOLES & COMPANY AT IT AGAIN. Sensationalism over fact any day.

  • Guest655

    I hope Obama will be standing in the unemployment line after the next election himself. Best thing that will ever happen.

  • Guest87guio

    So Harry Reid is now part of the “Senate Republicans” since he and other dems voted against this piece.

    Not to mention it is so popular that it got ONE whole democrat sponsor in the house.

  • Guest41

    I can’t wait to see Obama voted out….he brought change okaty…the wrong kind. He needs to get his you know what in gear and start trying to figure this mess out HE MADE NOT BUSH!!! I am sick of that comment. And hey the dingy Democrats voted with the dingy Republicans to vote this down…It is obvious the only one who wants this is OBAMA once again he is pushing it down our throats…enjoy yourself buddy you are on your way out as the worst US President!!

  • Guest238

    Just because you type in capital letters doesn’t mean it is the truth. He still has a long way to go to be as bad as the previous administration.

  • NoO12

    If you don’t pass this, you hat America and want women and children to die

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    First, this was not a vote on passsing the bill. This was a vote on cloture that requires sixty votes to cut off further debate. The Republicans COULD have stopped it by themselves, but were joined by three Democrats.

    Reid was one of them, but that is for parliamentary procedure. That allows him, as the primary sponsor of the bill, to bring it up again.

    It’s estimated that four to five other Democrats voted to invoke cloture only because they knew the vote would fail. That allowed them to be loyal to the party when in reality the last thing they wanted to do was to have to vote on the actual passage of this pile of crap a year before they stand for re-election!


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