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DALLAS (AP) — Luxury shoppers browsing this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book can get a dancing water fountain for $1 million, a $420,000 trip to European flower shows on a private jet or a handcrafted mahogany boat for $250,000.

The Dallas-based retailer unveiled the “fantasy items” in the 85th edition of its famous catalog Tuesday.

John E. Koryl, president of Neiman Marcus Direct, says almost half of the 600 items on this year’s list are under $250. But that doesn’t include a limited edition Ferrari FF. Just 10 will be available, at $395,000 a pop.

Artist Tom Burr has created a $45,000 piece that doubles as a ping pong table.

The department store chain is part of Neiman Marcus Group Inc.

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4 Comments on "Neiman Marcus Christmas book has $1M water fountain"

2015 years 9 months ago

Anyone that spends money on these types of gifts should hang their head in shame if they complain about having to pay more taxes.

2015 years 9 months ago

You’re exactly like that woman who went totally bonkers in Food Lion that day she asked me about the quality of the sliced roast beef I was about to pay for, and I told her that I didn’t eat it, but that my dog sure liked it. She started yelling about homeless people, poor people, poor kids, blah, blah, blah…

What she AND YOU can’t comprehend is that my money is my money. It’s not your money….it’s not our money….and it most assuredly is not the government’s money. I earned it. You didn’t. The government didn’t.

Are you the purchase police? Who are you to decide what is a necessity and what is a luxury? Should everyone be driving a Hyundai or can a wealthy man purchase a Jaguar? Suppose a millionaire in Beverly Hills has a grand entrance hall at his mansion, and this fountain would be perfect? There’s something evil about him? He should give that money to the government instead? He should have his taxes raised because YOU think he has too much? How do you claim any right to his money?

A cursory look at IRS statistics shows that the problem in this country is not wealthy people not paying “their fair share.” Nor is the problem wealthy people buying expensive items. (If you want more jobs, you WANT them spending their money, Einstein.) The problem IS forty-eight percent of the population paying NO income tax at all, with a large percentage of them actually collecting large, taxpayer funded payouts while being totally non-contributory toward the nation.

So let’s review for you and the OWS vermin: My money is MY money. I will decide what I spend it on, and I will shred or burn it before I will give it to the governmnet to redistribute it to worthless bums.

Got it?

2015 years 9 months ago

First of all let’s get some facts straight.

I DON’T want your money or anything else that I haven’t earned during my lifetime. All people who are not wealthy are NOT bums. I have worked hard all my life…since I was 6 years old. I know what it is like to take out two barns of dry tobacco beginning at 2:00 am in the morning and putting in two barns of dry tobacco in the same day. Growing up on a 500 acre farm was hard work. But I do not regret a day of it…the values I learned are much more than any wealth of money that I could have today. I earned a good education and retired after a 30 year career with a banking instiution.

So “Common…whatever your name is” don’t talk to me about bums.

I spend a lot of my income on elderly folks in my community, church, and helping whenever I see a need. Guess I could have a little more if I didn’t do the “unneccessary” things that I do.

You are right your money is your money and mine is mine. So if you wish to buy a nice big fountain to put in front of your nice big house…have at it!!! As for me, I’ll continue to help those in need. Hope to sleep well tonight!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

…and agreeing that I (and everyone) should be allowed to spend their own money as they (not the governmnet) see fit.

Possibly you can also change your mind about the wealthy being punitively taxed because of their success? After all, we were founded upon the equality of man and have a constitution promising “equal protection of law.”

How can we justify taxing Mister Jones at 39% and Mister Smith at 0%….that’s equal protection of law….?

How in the world do you even equate increased taxes on the wealthy with charity? You’re talking apples and oranges. Taxation is not charity. It’s not even forced charity. It’s the government taking what is yours under force of law, and in this nation, it’s out of control. It fuels an unstoppable spending machine that is driving us into insolvency.

Finally, what makes you think that you have the market cornered on charity? I have no problem at all helping those TRULY in need. I simply believe that charity is MY obligation, and I don’t need a third party (the government) making my choices for me. They have a track record of making notoriously bad choices, and nowhere did Jesus appoint Caesar as a go-between – he put the responsibility on us, as individuals.


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