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Onslow Spider-Man robber beaten with broom, not Wilmington suspect


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Spider-Man appears to be a copycat.

The Onslow County Sheriff's Office arrested Dale Foughty, 56, after they say he tried to rob a convenience store early this morning while wearing a Spider-Man mask. The arrest comes after a series of robberies in Wilmington, where a man also wearing a Spider-Man mask has robbed convenience stores of money and cigarettes.

Deputies in Onslow County say Foughty tried to rob the store with a sword, but the clerk responded with a broomstick to Foughty's stomach. A second clerk joined in the fight in which Foughty lost his mask and part of his ponytail. They say Foughty managed to get away. Deputies found him at a home nearby, where they say he had shaved off his hair, helping show off the lumps on his head left behind by the broom.

Investigators in Wilmington, though, say the thieving superhero doppleganger is not their man.

"Onslow Spiderman, according to official records, is Caucasian and significantly shorter than the Wilmington robber," WPD spokeswoman Lucy Crockett said in an e-mail to WWAY. "Not our guy, so our detectives will keep at it."

Wilmington Police have been looking for a tall, slender black man who uses a gun to rob stores.

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This guy is not even good at

This guy is not even good at being a idiot


I wouldn't want to work in a convenience store on Halloween. Adults shouldn't even be allowed to wear full mask on Halloween night.

If you'll check the laws,

If you'll check the laws, most places will not allow anyone over 16 to wear a face mask anytime. As for the clerks, too bad they didn't have a 12 gauge shotgun instead of a broom. It would have been a closed case.

Why use a 12 guage shotgun

Why use a 12 guage shotgun when those brave clerks used a perfectly good .45 caliber broom on a two-bit punk coward.

...and he wonders how he got caught.

...overheard in a local jail:

Inmate 1: Whatcha in for?

Inmate 2: Robbing a store while wearing a spiderman mask like another dude wearing a spiderman mask...

Inmate 1: huh?...