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SIRTE, LIBYA (AP) – There are still some questions remaining over exactly how Moammar Gadhafi was killed. Arab broadcasters have been showing video of Gadhafi after his capture — wounded, with a bloodied face and shirt, but alive. Later video showed fighters rolling his lifeless body over on the pavement.

Gadhafi is seen in the video standing upright, being shoved along a road in his hometown of Sirte by fighters chanting “God is great.” He appears to struggle against them, stumbling and shouting as the fighters push him onto the hood of a truck.

Gadhafi had apparently been in a convoy that was trying to flee his hometown. It was hit by NATO airstrikes, carried out by French warplanes. One fighter says after the convoy was hit, it turned back and re-entered a compound, which was then attacked by several hundred fighters. He says they found Gadhafi there, and someone shot him with a pistol.

But a spokesman for a local military council says fighters had surrounded the convoy and exchanged fire, before finding Gadhafi in one vehicle, wounded in the neck. The spokesman says Gadhafi bled to death from his wounds a half-hour later. Fighters said he died in an ambulance on the way to Misrata.

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  • anne

    An evil man is dead but we as Americans should not be gloating or happy that he is dead. To celebrate that someone is brutally murdered makes us no better than him or others like him. We have to rise above that kind of animalistic thinking. That is what makes us human instead of inhuman like him. Do I condone what he did in the past? No way – he was evil and dangerous but he will have his judgement – worse than anything we could do to him.

    His people have lived in turmoil for so many years and have been abused and taken advantage of. We can only wait and see what happens to that country now.

  • Guest20

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer fella!!!!

  • guesty

    Dirt nap time.

  • Native Wilmingtonian

    If he really is dead it could be worse than before if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over. You remember the Muslim Brotherhood, the new head of Al-Qaeda and the blind sheik that set up the World Trade Center bombing in’93 are alumni of the Muslim Brotherhood. I once asked a member of Mossad why they hadn’t killed Arafat. The answer was “better the devil you know”. Let’s see how this turns out before we cheer lest we be cheering for the wrong team.

  • Guest555

    This isn’t Egypt, where a very revered army took power and keep the nation stable. Libya is a very, very different story. It could easily devolve into another 1990s to 2001 Afghanistan where fanatics can congregate. Except this time, they’ll have billions in oil wealth. The people who killed and him and are leading this revolution are, at this moment, dragging his body through the streets of his hometown. Yeah, these should be good, civilized, stable allies.

  • Sam

    Is not you busnice

  • Guestf

    right there. kinda like we should have left sadam alone. he kept iran in line

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Obama got exactly what he wanted – an unstable North Africa. Christians are being killed in Egypt, Jews who have returned to Libya are being asked why they returned, and being told to leave.

    I’m still baffled as to what Kadhaffi did to incur the wrath of Britain and France. He renounced terrorism and has been no trouble at all since the early Nineties, but suddenly France and Britain decided that he simply had to go, now, and Obama jumped it. I will bet that in time, the role of BP and Total will emerge. That doesn’t trouble me; the governments not being honest and telling the underlying motivation troubles me.

    Mark my words, we will soon see radical Islam speaking in an authoritive voice in North Africa from the Casblanca to Cairo.

  • Guest4623

    I’ve also wondered in disbelief as to why Kadhaffi, who had been warming back up to the Western World, suddenly became pubic enemy #1 again? Granted his past was ugly – state sponsored terrorism including Pan Am 103 and the bombing of the Berlin Disco. The Scottish were really sucking up to him when they released the Lockerby bomber a couple of years back and now, Britain and France suddenly act as if he’s the most dangerous man on the planet. The same France, I might add, that refused to allow US bombers to cross their air space in 1986 when the US bombed Libya during some of the worst of Kadhaffi’s antics.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The insurgency had been going on for many years and accomplished very little. It was humorous when Obama and Clinton tried to explain our intervention as necessary because “he was killing protesters.”

    “Protesters” don’t show up forty-eight hours after the news breaks armed with Dushka 12.7mm heavy machine guns and UB-32 rocket launchers.

    My theory is that the insurgents promised reduced royalties for X number of years in return for air and C3 support to end the stalemate….or possibly Kadhaffi was about to pull a Chavez on them, and they decided to take pre-emptive action by beefing up the insurgency.

  • Guest2012

    The Radical Pastor Jerimiah Wright, (Obama’s TWENTY YEAR “Spiritual” leader), traveled to Libya in 1984 with the other radical Louis Farrakhan, (whom Wright publically hailed), to visit none other than Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.

    This is before Kadhaffi cozied up to the West.

    Everybody, put your thinking caps on, there is a lot to read between the lines.

    I say that the Muslim Brotherhood is being supported by unlikely countries. Why?
    Not all is black and white.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Are you trying to say… It is not your buisness? What in the name of all that is unholy is BUSNICE?

  • Guest131

    FREE FROG ! ! !


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