Leland Town Council votes to hire new manager, shoots down another investigation

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Submitted: Fri, 10/21/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Fri, 10/21/2011 - 6:17pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There has been a cloud of allegations surrounding the town of Leland’s police department for quite some time now. Two of the most recent include officers using the police station for sexual liaisons and an incident where one officer pointed a gun at another. The town has asked the SBI to help investigate the allegations.

Although some of those allegations were brought up at tonight’s Leland Town Council meeting they were not the only point of interest. The meeting started with a few fireworks with the hiring of a new town manager.

Councilman Herbert Barnes says the way which the hiring happened was wrong. He says after the finalists for the job had been agreed upon by council, a few more candidates were brought in.

“The final person that was called in is the one that got the job,” said Barnes. “I have no problem with him, it’s the process.”

Regardless, David Hollis will be the new manager and will inherit the potential issues with the police department.

“We elected you as citizens to represent us as citizens to take care of the issues,” Leland resident Nicholas Spencer told council members during the public comment portion of the meeting. “As I see it, the greatest issue plaguing the Town of Leland at this time is our inability to have pride and honor in our community, because of all the clouds hanging over us.”

Following the public comments, Councilwoman Martha Currie made a motion to bring in an internal affairs investigator form the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office to get another set of eyes to investigate the allegations within the police department.

“I feel like it’s the only way we are going to get to the truth,” Currie said. “If the SBI can investigate, they investigate the criminal part then get this internal affairs man to come in and let him investigate anything else that may have occurred.”

That idea was supported by Councilman Barnes but all three other council members voted it down. Councilwoman Brenda Bozeman told WWAY that she wants to see what the SBI investigation uncovers first, then take any other steps if necessary.

When we tried to ask Mayor Walter Futch about the situation he refused to answer any questions saying it’s not his job to deal with personnel.

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11 Comments on "Leland Town Council votes to hire new manager, shoots down another investigation"

2015 years 8 months ago

Man, talk about inside politics. Congratulations Leland. If you thought is was bad before just wait. Leland is definitely going backwards. Old Leland prevails, so now Leland will keep doing the same stuff they have always done and Leland will have the same junk it has always had. Mr. Hollis may be a nice man but what administrative qualifications does he have? How many towns has he operated? Does he know the laws that govern a Town Manager? Didn’t he leave the town’s planning board once some time ago? Bozeman, is he aware of your the back room games? You might have assured him how things will be but everyone knows that will change as the double sidedness continues. Is he aware that the deals you, Futch and Battlelman have made will have ramifications? Time will tell………….What did you do, tell him how everything was Farris’s fault, although a lot of things that have occurred were because he was forced by you to do certain things. Someone obviously wanted highly qualified administrative persons gone and it just might not have been Farris. Battleman and Bozeman may think they can’t be held for discrimination but guess what, if they had any part in any inappropriate personnel dealings they in fact are culpable. In fact it may be illegal to add applicants after an advertised cut off date and during the interview process unless there is a readvertisement so that all possible candidates can be given a chance to apply. If it is not illegal is has at least got to be unethical and it reeks.

Maybe you told Hollis that the town desperately needed him because he understands the town. Remember, everything done in the dark eventually comes to the light. Just because he is local doesn’t mean he can handle it. Is he aware that he will now be your fall guy? That he will be asked to do things he will internally question. Prediction-he will only stay a year, if that long. Politics will eat him up and he will go out the door. Or maybe the state, the justice department, the feds, whoever can make a difference will step in and investigate all illegal discriminatory hiring/firing practices and other discriminatory activities. Power, Ignorance and Corruption destroy. Some one needs to start a write in campaign!!!!!! Is there anyone in Leland with scruples?

Leland Resident
2015 years 8 months ago

I am very disgusted with what is going on not only with Leland’s PD but with Leland politics. I think us Lelander’s could get better service out of the Sheriff’s Department. We need a new Law Enforcement. We need to start there and then clean house as we go. Fire them all!!

Write in
2015 years 8 months ago

We do need a write in, but who. We need someone who will be for all. Someone who will not be afraid to speak out. Ms Currie tried at last night meeting but was not allowed to finish any sentence,,WHO can we get as a write in to run for Mayor.

One 6 & 7/8
2015 years 8 months ago

Martha & Barnes,
Please wise up. Even Farris told you he had an investigation done this past summer but won’t release the information to you. What? If he won’t then just go and ask J. J. for the results. You know he kept copies of all of his findings. He was WPD for gosh sakes. If you have the guts. There also was one more officer that JC pointed his gun at not just one but of course administration still won’t do anything. You know three years ago they fired an officer (on the spot)for clearing leather but he didn’t point his gun at anybody. They have set the precedent but won’t hold their own kind to the same. There is so much stuff that you all need to find out it’s not even funny anymore but very,very sad!

1. Assault inflicting serious injury?
2. Assault by pointing a gun?
3. Assault to an LEO?

Assault, Assault, Assault. Sounds to me like we got a bunch of brutes and bullies. What do you think? Not just gossip or rumors anymore. Keep pushing WWAY we all need you for a better community! Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?

2015 years 8 months ago

You mentioned JC, and others fired for alledged rumors, you cost a man his career just because you upperdiups maybe did not like the way he did things. I know that young man. A former marine who served our country and would do anything for his friends,neighbors,country, and you did your best to ruin his reputation and his life, all because your gang of 4 decided you could do it….and you did. Ruin the life of a fine young man by destroying his career. And as far as JC is concerned, any MAN who fights for his country, whether on home soil or foreign soil, if he comes back with any type of possible nerve condition or trauma from what he has been through, for GOD sake, get the man some type of help and not go and fire him because he has come back to the USA, possibly suffering from some type of PTSD. People can be helped. These are todays veterans,,,not vietnam vets, who incidentally were done terribly wrong. Be up and front with him, and show some compassion for veterans. REMEMBER…WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and to the 4BULLIES of the LPD…you cannot get yours soon enough….

Ex- Lelander
2015 years 8 months ago

I’m looking to relocate because once AGAIN I’m embarrassd to say I’m from Leland. I usually will use my real name when posting on this board but as I said I’m too ashamed. I promise you that I will not return. It seems to me that Leland insists on being a backwoods hick town.

Thanks but NO THANKS…ya’ll can keep it!!

Boom Boom
2015 years 8 months ago

You can’t just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again”

YOU ARE EXPOSED, THATS RIGHT YOU ARE, your going to need a lot of smoke for all those butts,

PUFF PUFF Hi im Director X and everything you have heard is just lies spread by a few hundred discruntled employees, thats right just a few hundred, they just were terrible employees who were jealouse,
see, go ask employee X they will tell you how much trouble they caused.

I have a Challenge once again count the grievances, talk to employees in confidence..

Mr Hollis, you have quite a challenge we envy you not, but please consider that where there is smoke there is a least on of the above mentioned puffing in the direction of someone who will buy it.

Show the citizens of Leland you can lead. We deserve it.

2015 years 8 months ago

I am very disgusted with what is going on not only with Leland’s PD but with Leland politics. I think us Lelander’s could get better service out of the Sheriff’s Department. We need a new Law Enforcement. We need to start there and then clean house as we go. Fire them all!!

2015 years 8 months ago

As a cop in a neighboring agency, I have personally witnessed JC Blasingame in action. As have a lot of people. Laws are being broken each and every day within the Leland Police Department. Why is Blasingame still a cop for the Leland PD? Why are Lt. Bill Kozak and Lt. Rick Dellapia, Blasingame’s supervisor not also terminated? They allow this behavior. You can’t pull a pistol on your fellow officers, you raging idiot. If that behavior is acceptable within the police department, what behavior is acceptable on the streets, with citizens? Do you rough them up, too? If you have low ranking officers like Sgt. Michael Landen and John Blasingame ruling the police department, why pay the high salaries for the people above them: Tim Jayne, Chief, Karl Smith, Deputy Chief, and Lieutenants Bill Kozak and Rick Dellapia.

You say a man went to war and come back crazy and we should all just ignore the insanity and let him remain a cop. What about disability? I’m sure he qualifies, the man continually pulls guns on people! Why do you think this crazy cop deserves a job and the so commonly mentioned “disgruntled former employees” don’t? I’d say I would be pretty disgruntled too if people who assaulted fellow officers, assaulted citizens, tried to bribe people with higher ranks to shut their mouths (another theft with taxpayers money), has sex with prostitutes, has sex with informants, has sex with girls to get out of tickets, the list is endless, they still have jobs.

New town manager, you have some serious work to do. Good luck to you. Just remember the citizens and the few good people you have working for you, needs you to do the right thing!

One & 6 7/8
2015 years 8 months ago

Your comment on JC and his military career has nothing to do with him pointing his duty weapon at the chest of one officer and the head of another. The last guy that even came close to pulling his weapon out was terminated on the spot. Then why not JC? No one is questioning his military service or that he even has PTSS. The basic rules to gun handling is that one never, never points a weapon whether loaded or unloaded at anyone without just cause to protect their life or the life of another person! Any third grader would know not to do that! These childish behaviors cannot be tolerated! It is what it is! These are not rumors or accusations! There are eye witnesses and they have come forward and even interviewed. It is amazing that shortly that the day after Jain signed the letter to the SBI the very next day they find out the allegations, victims and witnesses. How well did they do their jobs? It seems to me that they knew way before and they got caught again with their pants down around their ankles. Maybe while they are down there pulling up their pants they need to kiss their butts goodbye. One can only hope and pray!

P.S. There is no such thing as a former Marine only Marines! Once a Marine always a Marine. Show some respect yourself!

2015 years 8 months ago

Sounds like Leland is continuing with its illegal practices. Generally, employee hiring procedures are governed by numerous statutes to protect against discrimination and unfair practices. To ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, employers should establish an appropriate, standardized Selection Procedure to be followed every time an employee is hired. Using a legitimate job recruitment method to mask hiring persons favored by certain members of Council has definitely got to be illegal. Even if a desired candidate is exceptionally qualified, manipulation of the hiring system is usually illegal as a personnel practice when done to help or harm a particular candidate. In addition to this it sounds like the Town of Leland has made it a practice to terminate employees just because the political powers that be didn’t like them for some reason. Maybe someone needs to file a complaint with the state’s department of labor or workforce development commission since there could be an issue of preferential hiring.