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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Occupy Wilmington was back at it again this afternoon, sharing the group’s message with drivers at one of the city’s busiest intersections.

Protestors took their movement to the corner of S. College Road and Oleander Drive this afternoon. The Wilmington protesters waved signs, played the drums and even used a loud speaker as part of their demonstration.

The movement is part of the wider national group that says it represents the 99 percent of people suffering in the economy. Protestors had specific reasons for being there.

“I’d like them to pass some legislation that would help not only people get jobs, but that would help us to save our homes,” protestor Kris Gupton said.

Another protestors, Brian Cox, said, “I would like to see a more equitable distribution of the wealth in this country, but more than that I’d like to see a better future for my daughter.”

Protestors say they can achieve their goals by continuing these demonstrations, sharing their message on Facebook and by letting congress know what they want.

Members of Occupy Wilmington say they will hold another protest October 29 at Riverfront Park.

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  • H Juanita Clemmons

    I am college educated & I can’t understand that “gibberish” from realtors & banker, so how do we expect poor;y educated people to understand. Not to even mention the contract itself that might as well be written in Latin with all the “legal eagle language” based on Latin.

    Bankers knew that people w/out jobs & no money for down payments count not afford what the bank was financing. The BIG banks knew they would be baled out: mainly the small, local bank like Cooperative would not.

  • Cain for President


  • quit_complaining

    I agree that our culture is turning into a welfare state. Everyone expects something for nothing. Way too many people expect the government to take care of them in one way or another. All governement programs such as unemployment,welfare,food stamps,medicare,medicaid,SSI,public schools,FHA,Freddie Mac,and Fannie Mae are costing us tax payers in one way or another. Some people truly need these services but many people just take them because they don’t want to work. All these programs are broke yet they won’t fix them. Occupy isn’t about “changing the system” it’s about asking for more handouts. They may have one point regarding the 99%. They want 1% to be the producers while 99% become the parasites……Take,take,take with nothing in return. Go home occupy losers and enjoy the life the rest of us are paying for.

  • Guest3478

    It appears to be surfacing now. Corporations and their actions, in one way or another, have at least some effect on almost everybody, not just their investors. Consider the effects of the early transcontinental railroads on the Native Americans, who at the time were not even part of American society (they already had their own society, which was more than 10,000 years old. That all ended in a few decades). And of course, they had a huge effect on American society, altering forever the future course of history. The question is, for OWS, the Tea Party, and every citizen of this country, what effect are they having now, and how will it affect our future?

  • Guest3478

    Here is a website that I highly recommend, that provides a series of refereed journal articles on the subject of limited liability and corporate accountability:

  • Guest3478

    I should also point out that the notion of granting limited liability to joint-stock companies (resulting in the creation of modern C corporations) was a highly contentious issue throughout the first half of the 19th Century. It was opposed by a great many political and economic thinkers when America was young, including many of the founding fathers. The debate over this issue raged for decades, but the industrialists of the latter half of the 19th Century finally won out, and limited liability for corporations became the law of the land. Adam Smith himself expressed reservations about it in The Wealth of Nations. Many modern-day libertarian thinkers also believe it was a mistake that should now be corrected.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The liability issue rarely surfaces because most corporations are well run. If they weren’t, investors wouldn’t be making money and C-Corporations would have faded into history a long time ago.

  • Guest3478

    I don’t disagree with you. You obviously are very intelligent and well informed but I still think you are missing my point. All I’m trying to say is that limited liability sometimes leads to irresponsible behavior. The owners of (limited liability) corporations have liability only to the extent of their initial investment, which of course is often substantial. The owners of sole proprietorships and (regular) partnerships have full liability, to the extent of the last penny they have (except for what is preserved by personal bankruptcy). The owners of partnerships and sole proprietorships therefore take a much greater interest in what their company is doing. This is accountability, something that is sorely lacking in many of our citizens, certainly in our government (which is run by bureaucrats, not elected officials) and in some of our large corporations. When you remove or even reduce accountability, as happens in a welfare state (for individuals), or in government with basically lifetime-appointed bureuacrats, or in a business with limited liability, the result is often irresponsible or unethical behavior. It seems to me that limited liability for business owners has the potential to be just as destructive to the company and the economy as the welfare state is to the family or as big government is to individual liberty. I know that CEOs and other officers of the company can be and often are held accountable for their misdeeds. But if the owners themselves are held accountable, there would be fewer misdeeds in the first place, because the owners would be watching. I have held this view for a very long time, long before OWS or Tea Party or any other recent dissent groups. I am not a participant in any of them, because I don’t completely agree with any of them, although I do think many of them have some good ideas. My original post was intended to present a fresh idea that I haven’t seen expressed by anybody. You haven’t said anything to change my mind. Calling it silly or rediculous is not a valid rebuttal!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Have you ever seen me write anything good about Paulson? No, you haven’t.

    And while Goldman Sachs’ conduct may have been unethical, it was not illegal. There’s a distinct difference and that’s why prosecutions are next to impossible. Even if they had been involved in illegal activity, where do you assemble twelve Americans who can all understand how bonds are rated, what credit default swaps even are, and how the government agencies backing these crap bonds were staking their reputation and the taxpayers’ dollars that they weren’t crap at all? Look what happened at the unsuccessful prosecution of the two Merrill Lynch traders.

    Good God, man – you have a PhD and think that shareholders of a corporation incur no risk when they invest! What does that say about the prospects of assembling an intelligent jury from twelve people off the street? Read some of these posts – do you want their authors sitting in judgment on a case involving stripped interest derivatives or the spreads on CDSs.

    Goldman Sachs is guilty of simply trying to hedge their own exposure when they awoke TOO LATE to the fact that it was all coming crashing down. If you read “The Big Short” you know that a lot of people awoke to the smoke and shattering mirrors much earlier. Hell, even I saw the cracks appearing and dumped almost all my financial stocks before I got hurt too badly.

    Should GS and the others have dropped out of selling MBS when they saw what was coming? Yes. COULD they have dropped out? Highly doubtful. The home loan business would have slammed shut like a vault door. We would have seen exactly what we DID see, only with a lot more panic thrown in. Read the transcripts of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hearings earlier and tell me what the reaction of people like Fwank, Dodd, and Paulson would have been if they had dared rear up to the giant and said, “We’re not selling this junk any more.” Tell me what would have happened to GS if they suddenly presented a roadblock and possible chink in the armor of the federal mortgage giants? What would the governmnet have told them? (What did the governmnet tell the banks that didn’t need TARP? What did the governmnet tell Oppenheimer when they said no to the terms of the Chrysler bankrutcy?)

    I have no idea who you are, have no idea what you do, have no idea if you’re an honest businessman or a thief. But if someone else is guaranteeing your loan, I’d lend you $1000 sight unseen. That’s the exact circumstance banks found themselves in and they did get sloppy, from little community S&Ls like Cooperative up to giants like Citigroup. The money was flowing like wine and Uncle Sam was covering all bets.

    Ultimate blame lies on the doorstep of Washington, who kept guaranteeing far too many loans of dubious quality that they were completely aware of.

  • Guest3478

    Perhaps you should mention the part of the story about how former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (during 2008) was also a former CEO of Goldman Sachs, during the time when Goldman was packaging subprime mortgages and selling them as AAA-rated securities to unwary investors (including pension funds) while simultaneously buying investments for themselves that were based on making big returns in the event of failure of the very products they were selling to their clients.
    What school are you talking about that you would like me to go back to? I have attended five institutions of higher education (including the University of Tennessee and Auburn University), hold multiple degrees including a Ph.D., have taken a great many courses at both the undergrad and graduate levels in history, business, and economics, and none of this was covered in any of them. Universities teach about legitimate business practices. I learned what I know about these topics in the school of hard knocks, running businesses on Main Street.

  • guesty

    That will never happen since they wouldn’t be allowed to bang on drums in class. They would also all demand to receive A+ no matter what grade they actually earned. Their mommies told them they were special and they believe it.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It’s called “Understanding Wall Street (5th Ed)” by Little and Rhodes.

    The statement that “everybody else in society assumes the risk when they fail” is pure, over-the-top hyperbole. What about the shareholders, who lose all their investment? How about the bondholders, who often get pennies back on the dollar? Do you even know why common shareholders get an apology and bondholders may get something back?

    You act as if we’ve spent 150 years bailing out corporation after corporation. Large corporations fail regularly and the government simply watches thenm die, come back as a ghost of what they once were, or merge when another company picks up the pieces at the fire sale: Penn Central? Montgomery Ward? TWA? United Fruit?

    However, your description of risk is very close to accurate if we applied it to two formerly traded stocks: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were intentionally structured to give all benefit to shareholders while posing the highest risk to taxpayers BY WASHINGTON! Washington invented them! They were Frankenstein corporations established to assist in home ownership, and like everything else Washington does, were quickly bastardized by politicians who saw the potential for buying votes.

    Do not underestimate the role played by Fannie mae and Freddie Mac in the 2008 collpase. The only reason that the credit rating agencies were rating pure crap as AAA bonds was because there was an implicit guarantee that the government (via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)was standing behind those bonds.

    It seems that OWS people know HALF the story, and run on emotion more than fact. You’d all increase your credibility if you’d go back to school and take a few classes in Economics and History.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    How can you expect to be respected or taken seriously if you don’t know the facts and spout pure opinion?

    Have you actually READ the documents surrounding the TARP program; the ones that were made public by JudicialWatch under an FOI request?

    Are you aware that JPM, GS, USB, BK,WFC, and several others all told Paulson that they neither wanted nor needed the TARP money, and certainly had no desire to issue preferred stock to the governmnet? (At which time Paulson made the famous statement, “You’re not getting out of this room until you sign those papers”) The TARP was structured to save C and BAC, which Paulson felt could not be done if only they received bailout money. He feared that their stocks would be dumped en masse, and wanted to spread the pain to all banks.

    I would hardly claim that the majority were crying to be saved. Blame Paulson if you want to – don’t blame the banks that were FORCED to take the money and have paid it back with interest.

    The second thing to realize is that playing favorites in bailouts and arranging takeovers was one of the worst things that Paulson could have done. They found a buyer for Countrywide and Merrill Lynch. They found a buyer for Bear Stearns. They then told Lehman Brothers to drop dead, at which time the economy went from steep decline into vertical free-fall.

    Our biggest problem is in Washington, politicians and their unelected henchmen who think they are kings and crowned princes. We saw Paulson do it with Bush’s blessing and we saw Obama’s team do it during the Chrysler restructuring, when they blatantly threatened Oppenheimer for initially insisting that secured bondholders retain the rights they were legally entitled to.

    What about the impact of the CRA of 1977 and some associated policies during the Clinton years in forcing banks to make loans to people with weak or no credit because of the neighborhood they lived in? Why did Bawney Fwank and the Democrats fight so fiercely about investigating and reining in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac less than a year before their house of cards collapsed?

    Wall Street is not blameless for the current state of our economy, but the majority of blame rests with Washington. Economics isn’t “fair” and it can’t be made fair by Washington’s attempts at tweaking. We need reasonable, sensible regulation, but we don’t need the velvet glove that hides the iron hand.

    By blaming Wall Street you’re shooting at the cub and ignoring mama grizzly who is in full charge.

  • #occupier

    yes, i built my computer from scratch. i bought some of the parts, scavenged others. recycled others. still, ows is right. we have been robbed.

  • #occupier

    what we resent is socialized losses and privitized profit. it’s common sense. corporate america just set up risky investments they knew would collapse and sold them to customers. then they dipped into the public till screaming save us, save us. then they took the profit, and didnt generate capital as a good capitalist should. they sat on the cash, csinct

  • Guest3478

    Large public corporations as we know them (C corporations) were created by industrialists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who were seeking a way to privatize profits while socializing liability. In other words, the shareholders receive all the profits while everybody else in society assumes the risk when they fail. That is exactly what allows them to grow to such immense size and wield so much power. It is such a great deal for the shareholders that thousands of people will invest millions or even billions of dollars without knowing or caring what they do.

  • Guest6606

    First, your comments about unemployment, you only receive that from a previous employer. You don’t just get unemployment if you don’t have a job or can’t find one. Maybe you’re thinking of welfare? Also, there is no free health care with Medicare or Medicaid, unless, again, you’re on welfare. Also, free retirement? Social Security is far from free, only working people that contribute to their own social security are able to get any money back when they retire. Plus, most of the “Occupy” people are in their early to mid twenties, which means that, unless something changes, Social Security benefits will be all dried up and they will be left with nothing. For you to not know the above leads me to believe you’ve never worked for anything in your life, you’ve just been given a free ride.

    As for the idiots, I believe you’re missing the point. Occupy isn’t about getting free money or for the government to pay off loans or their houses. It’s about corporations running the country. The U.S. is supposed to be a democracy, but we can’t even vote for our president. Ever hear of electoral colleges? Here’s a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_College_(United_States)

    “If you don’t like your financial situation; it’s America people YOU can change it.”
    What do you think they’re trying to do? They’re protesting like people did all throughout history to make changes. There was once a time when black people weren’t considered citizens, protesting changed that. There was a time when women were treated as second rate citizens, protesting has changed that. There was once a time when the British government was taxing people in the United States, and there was a huge protest ( Boston Tea Party http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Tea_Party ) that started the changes ( it ended in a war that the U.S. won ) ). Protesting is how change comes about. They are trying to make change.

    Now, that being said, what I don’t understand is how are these people protesting giant corporations, then using computers, laptops, cellphones and other technology made by these giant corporations they’re protesting against? I also saw pictures of a guy at one of the protests that was wearing a $300 pair of pants. Why are they using social media sites, such as Facebook, another multi-billion dollar company? They are very hypocritical and it’s hard to take them seriously.

  • Guest9909

    Quit complaining! You have free income (unemployment), free health benefits (medicare+medicaid), free retirement (SSI) and you “Occupy” folks want more? My family works hard for all the above (and to pay your part) and I’m sick of giving the fruits of my labor to you ungrateful people. If you don’t like your financial situation; it’s America people YOU can change it. So shut up and get back to work.
    And don’t even think about requesting debt forgivness for your home, credit cards or student loan. Becoming debt free takes a lot of hard work and smart decision. Taking out loans you can’t pay was stupid on your part. It’s not my fault because I worked hard to pay off my home.

  • #occupier

    guest9909, i have a job, i earn my salary, i pay my health insurance and i have a 401k i have seen turn into a 201k. i am not ungrateful for what i have. i do, however, see the crooks for what they are. and yes, it’s America and we ARE changing it. when I am not at work, i will practice free speech as much as i want. you can too. get ready! change is in the air.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Corporate officers can be indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned when criminal intent can be proven. This is especially true in environmental law, though it is not restricted to only that area. Ever heard of Bernie Ebbers? Donald Spencer? They’re just two of many corporate officers who went to prison for the misconduct of their companies, the former for knowingly falsifying the books, the latter for improper and fraudulent disposal of oil.

    The notion of no corporate charters may be the silliest proposal I’ve heard yet from an OWS supporter. You act as if multi-billion dollar corporations incorporate AS multi-billion dollar corporations. Perhaps you need to go back to school and study exactly WHY C corporations are created.

    When Apple was incorporated they were still working out of Steve Jobs’ garage. They’re now worth $365 billion.

    Ford incorporated in 1903 with $28,000 from twelve investors, several of them Ford’s own employees. They’re now worth $47 billion.

    Phillips Petroleum (now part of Conoco-Phillips) incororated in 1917 with only $3 million and two dozen employees. They’re now worth $99 billion.

    I doubt that any of them would be where they are now as a sole proprietorship or S Corporation.

    It sounds that like the majority of OWS people, you simply resent success and the power that multi-billion dollar corporations command simply because of their valuation.

  • Guest3478

    I think you just proved my point. By the way, I have a Ph.D. with a minor in Economics, and I have been investing on Wall Street since 1984. I put myself through school. I have owned businesses. I have a good job and have succeeded on my own. I have lent assistance to more people than I can count, so they could do the same. I don’t resent success, I resent lack of accountability. The financial crisis of 2008 was brought about in part because the “big 5” Wall Street investment banks switched from being partnerships to corporations (after they were large companies). Incorporating allowed them to leverage money at a 40:1 ratio, with limited liability in the event their strategy failed, which of course it did. We are all now paying the price for their failure.

  • guest3478

    I’ve been watching the Occupy movement since the day it started, and also the criticisms. It appears to me that everybody is missing the point. Corporations (large and small) are products of government. They could not exist without a government charter. Corporations as we know them in America today did not exist before the Civil War. The owners (shareholders) enjoy limited liability, while the corporation enjoys “person” status. It is a person with no soul to save and no body to incarcerate. When a corporation breaks the law, is caught, prosecuted, and found guilty, it pays a fine. The fine is usually a tiny percentage of the annual income of the corporation. While it hurts profits, it is not the same as the threat of going to jail, or the thought of answering to a Higher Power for its misdeeds. I have owned businesses, as have many of my closest friends. We have owned sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Large corporations enjoy distinct advantages that small businesses, especially sole proprietorships, do not. From experience I know that many of these advantages create an unlevel playing field, and corrupt free enterprise and capitalism. Essentially, government allows large corporations to exist and corrupt the market system. They do this because it allows for double taxation, increasing government revenues. I appreciate what the Occupy movement is trying to do. In my humble opinion, the Occupy movement should concentrate on eliminating the power of government to grant corporate charters. This will force individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions in business, and prevent them from being able to hide behind the “corporate veil”.

  • Lardorty

    Changing the system back to it’s original intent would be good. Somehow electoral laws have evolved enabling election of politicians who favor a very few wealthy corporations and individuals to the detriment of the majority. I don’t believe that’s what the founding fathers had in mind. Somehow we all got busy and complacent and didn’t notice what was happening, but I think we’re starting to wake up. I did. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a government who worked for the people. The 100%. Thanks.

  • Guest7969

    Had they paid their mortgage AS THEY PROMISED to do….boa wouldn’t have taken the house…

  • Guest7969

    You know why that phone bill is high..because government adds fees, those fees get passed to you. The Feds also add taxes to the bill. Again…your protesting the wrong people,!!! In addition the government ALLOWED atandt to acquire other carriers. Want to offer a low bandwidth option? Put up your own towers and start a business…

  • Guest 211


  • Guestyepper

    “Do you really support politicians who say we’ve got to cut back on food stamps for poor people”

    yes I do, along with stop enabling people to stay on welfare for generations or even years. All was intended to be assistance, not a way of life.

  • Autumn

    This was a peaceful demonstration by people who care about America and all her children. Take a look around you; things are not the way they were back in the fifties and sixties when folks looked forward to their children having better lives than they did. Now people know their kids’ lives will be harder unless we turn this Titanic around. If you are not in favor of this movement please tell me this: despite your hard work at your job, are things really good for you and for all the people you love? Do you know anyone who is suffering? Do you really support politicians who say we’ve got to cut back on food stamps for poor people, and block health care coverage for sick people? This movement is about social justice, economic justice, political justice, and the ability of the American people to know when enough is enough.

  • Guest7969

    your old, stupid and most likely a Democrat that unfortunately voted for…wait for it..OBAMA…want to protest someone responsible for this crap…GO PROTEST THE WHITE HOUSE! What you guys FAIL to comprehend here is that you get a vote…WE ALL DO…THAT is what controls the law..corporations follow the law…PERIOD. Want to change the law..VOTE SOMEONE ELSE INTO OFFICE! Again…corporations will ALWAYS make money…they pay no overhead, salary or tax….YOU, the consumer do it all for them…

    What you people are for is SOCIALISM…and not the kind we already participate in on the fringes…hard core take that persons money and give it to me SOCIALISM!…and I will DIE FIGHTING AGAINST IT!

  • Guest7969

    can say that I am comfortable making what I make with the work I do…if I want more..I WORK MORE…it’s fairly simple…here it is in its simplest form…

    Money = Energy…Energy represents ALL of those things you are unwilling to do to survive. It means you PAY for someone else to expend their energy so you don’t have to. Energy in this example is your doctor, your medicine, your food, etc. Back in the 50’s and 60’s…people didn’t need more money because they did more things for themselves..bottom line…you want to sit on your rear end..YOU NEED MONEY…corporations are just supplying energy, THEIR ENERGY, to do the things you cannot and will not do for yoursef….if you don’t need what they offer…DON’T BUY and they go away! You are on a computer to access this site…you OBVIOUSLY don’t believe what you say!

    “social justice, economic justice” = SOCIALISM..of which I will FIGHT YOU TO MY DYING BREATH TO STOP!

  • lardorty

    I am 58 years old, employed full time, a taxpayer, registered voter, home owner, and responsible citizen. Fed up with our elected representatives protecting the interests of the large corporate donors to the detriment of the majority of the people. I’ve never participated in a demonstration before “Occupy”, but feel compelled to do so now. We the People deserve better representation than we’re getting. I believe the majority feels likewise, young, old, employed or not, financially comfortable or not. Thanks.

  • Keenen Altic

    Bank of America just took their house. That’s the way of life your talking about.

  • So the computer that you used to type your comment on…did you build it yourself from scratch? How about overbloated bandwidth service subscriptions that timewarner, comcast, and at&t provides without giving you a low cost minimum bandwidth option to choose from that isn’t part of a sales gimmic that only lasts for one year. Taxes have been cut for them and their prices keep going up because they’re spending your money on lobbying congress for a tax holiday on tax deffered profits that were transferred to offshore subsidiaries that serve no other purpose but for tax evasion. North Carolina republicans blocked an attempt in the spring that the people of the town of Wilson made at providing their own ISP so they wouldn’t have to depend on the corporate masters for it. Small government my a$$. You are giving socialism a good name the more you argue your point. I’m glad that you didn’t say economic equality is socialism like most of the media is training people to think. It is about justice not equality.

  • Guest2012

    So, here goes!
    The demographics do NOT support that the Occupy Wall Streeters are educated beyond High School. (*I was shocked to see this!!!)

    The majority are not VETERANS.

    The majority are in the 35-34 year age range.

    Most are not students.

    Of the students, most are part-time students.

    However, a very high number are employed and only making between 50-70K, which is good almost anywhere, but Manhattan.

    Of course, there are always outliers.

    Did you see the 70+ something guy on the corner of Oleander and College yesterday? I think he was one of those radical UNCW professors (thus educated), leftover from 1969…ready to stage a “sit-in”, or …uh… Zzzzz
    Take him back to the meth lab.

  • Bert Blake

    Unlike the tea party this was a very diverse crowd. Students, vets, retired people and good hard working americans. A smart very educated group.

  • Guest28451

    Nothing about he counter protest on the opposite corner nice balanced reporting wway against the flea party

  • So stuipied

    there was one person counter protesting also Marxism failed jus as much as capitalism has so i dont see the point there. Oh and i have a job. k thanks

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …perhaps you should not be advocating a failed economic system (Marxism) and hanging around beating drums on a Thursday afternoon while you could be earning money.

  • Brian Cox

    I was not really advocating Marxism. Yes it true that I called for a redistribution of wealth but this is because it was so completely distributed to the wealthy in hopes that it would trickle down. Well it never did.Politicians from both parties sold the average American out to corporate and bank interest. Massive deregulation over the past thirty years has stripped us of the protections offered after the Great Depression. I live in a capitalist system and have actually read Adam Smith. You can’t tell me that what we have today allows the unseen hand to work. The system has been tilted to big money interest and our politicians on both side of the fence are in the back pocket of their corporate sponsors. Get the money out of politics.
    Peace and may God bless you,

    Brian Cox

  • Guest238

    Or maybe you could be like Nonsense, waiting for your government check to come in.

  • Guest2012

    Come on now, you may criticize your own degree, if you have one, but do not knock mine. I PAID for that degree, out of my own pocket, without YOUR help, and YOU can’t take it away from me, nor will I allow you to bad mouth my education.

    I speak two foreign languages and have accounting, business and world history knowledge that have served me very well. I have traveled the world, due to my LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION, am extremely opened-minded and manage quite well.
    I am not an “occupy” anything. I have a good job, based on my liberal arts degree and have learned not to pigeonhole anything.

    Except Barry, he’s gotta go!

  • guesty

    You have jobs that allow you to be out banging on drums in the middle of the day? Again, if you went into debt to get a degree in liberal arts or some other useless field don’t come complaining about not making any money. Also don’t worry about how much money I have, where or how I invest what I have or how I spend it. Just know it is mine and you are not welcome to it.

  • Guest7969

    YES..your list of demands STATES you want his money! You don’t even know what your occupying about! STOP saying we are part of the 99%…it’s more like YOU are .045% of the 99%..which makes you…well..not matter.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Can you please tell us all about how banks have protected their European investments with FDIC?

  • guesty

    Again, don’t worry about my money, my education or my life. None of it is for you to have. You have no power to stop me from bad mouthing a liberal arts degree, just tell it to me when you bring me my food. Don’t want to hear it, don’t read my post.
    If you want my money, come earn it. Don’t ask me to pay you because you can take up space and bang a drum.
    I will agree with you on it being time for obama-llama-ding-dong to move along to pasture.

  • Robo

    The movement has no message. This article is meaningless.

  • Grand Ole Party

    It in fact does carry a message. Take from those who work for a living and give to those who refuse.

  • Chris

    The message is: End the toxic relationship between the financial sector and our elected representatives, and return our government back to the people. We want our voices and votes back. Period. I doesn’t get much clear than that.

  • while they talk on their smart phones, email from their I-pads, and drink their bottled water.

    When these nutjobs walk to their protest site wearing the clothes

    they made themselves having eaten food they grew themselves…then and only then…will they have the slightest possibility of being taken seriously.

    Until then…get a job.

    I talked with one of these kids last Saturday while they were demonstrating across from the Bank of America building. He was holding a sign that said “Glass-Steagall”. I asked him what Glass-Steagall was. He said…”I don’t know. They told me to hold the sign”


  • #occupier

    Taxpayer, I was one of the ‘protesters’ at College and Oleander today. I have a full-time job, I own a home (or at least the bank lets me live here), I pay my taxes and I vote. I also have a garden. I am 59 years old and am no kid.
    I will argue the merits of Glass-Steagall with you anytime and explain to you why we are not anti-capitalists, as you claim. We only seek to expose the greed and corruption that has infiltrated the American political system and our government since the demise of Glass-Steagall and the deregulation of multi-national corporations and megabanks.
    Time will tell who among us has made the right call. Until then, I stand with the 99%. The 1% who stole our government don’t need my help.But you can stand with them if you must. Kindest regards, my friend.

  • Matt Pike

    Hey Taxpayer, I’m a taxpayer too and I have had a job since I was 14. I’m also not a “kid” I’m almost 50. You have NO IDEA what this movement is about. Perhaps if listened to some other news source than Fox news you would know. The main point of the movement is to reduce the influence of large corp. and large investment banks on our goverment. If that is communism than I guess I’m a communist but I think if you believe that you need to look up the definition of communism. As to Glass/Steagall, it was a bill enacted after the financial crash of 1929 that prevented investment banks like JP Morgan and Commercial Banks merging their operations. It was to prevent “to big to fail”. It was repealed in 1999 by an bill brought up by Republican Lawmakers Phil Gramm and Jim Leach. Wonder if you knew that.

  • TheJerk

    Claiming their message means nothing because they use products made by corporations is extremely weak. Its the same as these folks railing on the Tea Party for using public roads and infrastructure. If they were wearing home made clothes you’d be calling them names for that, too. Indians used rifles made by the same white man they were fighting to try and stop their genocide, to suggest they should have used bows and arrows is moronic. Sorry. P.S the whole “get a job” thing has been unoriginal for like 40 years now. “Get a life”.

  • Guest238

    That is a lie. Even our richest aren’t the richest in the world. The richest are: Qatar, Luxembourg, and Singapore. We are 6th. Sounds like a TEA BAGGER lie.

  • Guest7969

    SOoo…you are trying to compare our lives to other countries with Marxism? Do you realize that our POOREST are the RICHEST in the world? If you love Marxism so much..please exit stage left to the country of your choosing!

  • Guest7969

    You OBVIOUSLY have a cup of koolaid your sipin on…and you obviously have never been out of this country to see how poor people live…hint…it’s not with electricity and food stamps!

  • Occupy Wilmington Supporter

    Our poorest don’t have electricity or food stamps. They live in the street and they eat out of garbage cans. And this includes an absolutely atrocious number of War Veterans.

  • Guest238

    I have been all over the world and some of the poorest people I ever saw were right here in the good ol’ USA. Try going in the country outside of Big Clifty, Ky or some of the Indian reservations in Arizona and Utah. You have no clue how poor people live. If you saw the people I saw with dirt floors in their houses and with absolutely nothing at all going for them you would be appalled. Try to talk about something you know, if there is such a thing.

  • Guest2020

    I’d like to see a better future for my daughters. My sixteen-year old has a job and I encourage them both to do well in school so that they can get into a good college. Teaching your daughter to sit on her behind and wait for other people’s wealth to be given to her, is only preparing her for a welfare state and not a better future. Y’all need to get rid of your sense of entitlement and get a job and make a living like the rest of us.

  • Chris

    No one in this group is teaching anyone to sit back and wait for others to bail them out. That would be the banks and the large corporations…the ones who’ve taken our hard-earned money, misused it and collapsed our economy in the process. All the while using our hard-earned money that we entrusted to them to influence legislation for their own benefit. How can you possibly be opposed to taking our government back from the corporate interests that now control it? How can you possibly support a status quo that has taken our voice and our vote? How dare you say “get a job” when most of us have one, and wish that others did to?

  • Guest7969

    “sense of entitlement” and THERE lies the problem. The Socialists were smart people..they infiltrated our schools and put this into the heads of our children…they think they are OWED anything they want…that they don’t have to work for it…it comes back to the whole…well…we won’t give trophies out to the players that carried the team..EVERYBODY gets trophies so they can feel good…that is the type of crap that got us here and the idiots marching without a CLUE!

  • guesty

    From the story: “I would like to see a more equitable distribution of the wealth in this country…”

    Then get a job so you can leave an inheritance to your daughter. Why do you think you have a right to what I have earned? What have you done to earn it? Nothing and that is what you shall get from me. If you are in debt from going to college to obtain a degree in a low paying field, then you didn’t make a smart move if you desire wealth. Why should somebody pay big bucks for a liberal arts major? But hey, you got to hang out with some friends and bang on a drum. Maybe a music career is in your future.

  • Guest421

    First of all no one wants your money. and if you feel so pious maybe you need to put that money you are earning under your mattress. Check out how BoA and other big banks have safe guarded there European assets with FDIC. once Europe crashes your money will be no good as your tax dollars will Pay the big banks the losses in Europe and the economy will fail. Wake up and stop telling us we don’t have jobs. we all have jobs. and unless you are one of the 400 wealthiest people in the world you are one of us you are the 99%

  • participant

    Did you not see the girl who crocheted her own outerwear? She was there, and she also grows some of her food that she can afford the time to tend to, as she works 2 jobs. She also got there late because she didn’t get off work until 5. There was also a teacher there, who uses her own resourses to assist her students. We aren’t fighing capitalism, we’re fighting to get true capitalism back. Once the corporations and banks are held accountable and punished for their unregulated finacial escapades, then we may find some hope and renewed faith in our government. Until then, we will continue to complain, because we still live in a democracy, right? We are still allowed to tell the government when they’ve done something wrong. We are allowed to QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT when we doubt them, because it is our right as Americans. Or am I wrong here? Should I just follow what everyone else tells me because here in the dark ages we should never question authority even if it’s causing my fellow brother and sister and my own mother pain?

  • AngryParent

    You who were at Oleander and South College are rude, selfish, disrespectful ingrates.
    What point did it serve, what good was created, and whom did it benefit for the college age female at 6:04pm standing at the corner across from CVS at the edge of the Toys-R-Us parking lot, which I had just left with my three year old daughter and five year old son to stand outside my car window where both of my young children watched in horror and began crying as you screamed “FU#@ THE GOVERNMENT!!”? How did that benefit society? How did that benefit my children?
    I have been out of work for month, and have been out in the real world killing myself. Today I finally have enough money to go and spend five dollars on my two young children and feel good for once to see smiles because I had bought something as a treat just you have you screaming vulgarities and ruining their short lived happiness.
    Instead of you people going out there and doing something about it or displaying peaceful compassion and standing united, you are acting like a bunch of banjo picking, deliverance walking uneducated huckleberry chuck idiots going around screaming profanities thus proving that you are most likely uneducated and that is probably why you are screaming and cussing on the side of the road with a cardboard sign actually convincing yourself it is ok to yell vulgarities in front of children and scare them half to death.
    The actions and attitudes of these so-called protests prove two things….
    1)the more angry, defiant, ugly, abusive and vulgar you become… The more it shows the rest of us that your cause has no merit or meaning.
    2)The reason you don’t have a J-O-B is because, what business owner in their right mind would hire someone they saw screaming profanities to children, while holding a cardboard sign upside down at an intersection, acting like a complete uneducated fool? Let me give you a hint… NO ONE….
    So thanks for ruining my children’s first treat in months by scaring them half to death and you have now officially convince me that the only thing your cause stands for is pure selfish points of self-gain…
    And as you continue little girl, to go around and keep scaring children, and continue to make us all believe that there is “no cause” but only social rebels, anarchists and outcasts as you go around screaming “Fu&( the government!” … The rest of us will continue to drive past feeling sorry for you all while thinking to ourselves… F%(@ You….
    Your actions tonight, made me feel much better about who I am as a person and what I do for my family… While you all sit out disrupting everyone’s way of live and chanting and screaming.. Those of us who do care about our fellow American’s are out finding work albeit odd jobs, here and there… At least we are trying..
    By the way.. Screaming vulgarities in front of children does not help your cause… It only amplifies how stupid what you are doing is… However if this rant to you is unjustified because you are mentally handicapped… please in advance accept my humble apologies an I hope your guardian sees this so they can keep a better watch over you…

  • Guest7969

    NO we do NOT live in a Democracy…we live in a REPUBLIC…HUGE difference. We are governed by LAW…LAWS that the evil corporations follow…want REAL change..get that NUMB SKULL in the Oval Office OUT and put someone else in his place! I agree that loop holes need to be closed…HOWEVER, corporations SHOULD and DO make money…CAPITALISM! They shouldn’t and can’t be punished for doing so!

  • Matt P

    To all the intellectual giants who keep telling the members of Occupy Wilmington to “get a job”, I can verify that the overwhelming majority of us do indeed have jobs. We also pay taxes. Some of us own homes. If the best you can do is call us “hippies” or “commies” then anyone with half a brain can see which side has the intelligent members and which group has the troglydites. We are not advocating wealth redistirbution we are advocating the reduction of the influence of big money on our goverment. I’m not sure what you find so offensive about that. Of course, your God and leader Rush will not actually tell you that so I understand your confusion since most of you have not had an original thought since he started broadcasting his opiate inspired drivel.

  • Guest7969

    “We are not advocating wealth redistribution”….have you even read the demands of your group?! OBVIOUSLY NOT! You are for REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH…SOCIALISM!

    “overwhelming majority of us do indeed have jobs” not from what I see on TV…bunch of spoiled rotten little brats that this country needs to bend over and give a good SPANKING to…just because they need it!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Exactly how was wealth distributed to the wealthy? Those people entering DSS to sign up for direct cash benefits aren’t the wealthy, Brian.

    Like too many people, you have a micro view in a macro world. Trickle-down economics works quite well, but because of global trade, it is diluted across the globe. The average wage of a factory worker in China has climbed so high that some companies are now moving production from China to lower paying countries, such as India and Lesotho. I recently purchased additional stock in Caterpillar, which is helping them build new production facilities that will be located in China. My money is improving life for a Chinese family. When I invest in a company with domestic operations, such as Progress Energy, it will help pay for new jobs building the power plants they have on the drawing board.

    Our current economy is not due to some evil conspiracy by Wall Street or Washington, though many individual issues can be lain on Washington’s doorstep. It is primarily the result of Economic evolution, the fact that I can now place an order from a company in Malaysia as fast as I can from a company in California, get it just as quickly, and at a far cheaper price. Fifty years ago we had Railway Express and UPS (ground only), not FedEx. We used telephones with dials on them, not computers connected to the Internet. You didn’t order from Malaysia because it could take hours to set up the call, and the call would cost you thirty-dollars.

    I find it astounding that the OWS crowd owns and uses iPhones, Androids, PCs, they download music, they cruise the web, but they cannot comprehend the advantage that such rapid technology gives to corporate America, especially the banking industry. A currency trader for Morgan Stanley can execute two trades over a matter of minutes and make millions of dollars for them.

    As opposed to most of my conservative friends, I don’t see prosperity being just around the corner, regardless of who we elect. The world that you and your OWS buddies picture is gone. It is dead, and can’t be brought back through punitive taxation of the successful and the redistribution of wealth. We have too many people vying for too few jobs, and until American workers agree to markedly lower wages and a lower standard of living than they are used to, those jobs aren’t coming back home. Taking money from the wealthy will simply mean even fewer jobs, and what happens when even they have nothing more to give? It’s the epitome of the old adage about giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish. What happens when you take all the fish away from those who have them?

    The key is learning to prosper in the world as it exists today, and not waste time raging against the machine as the Luddites did.

  • Guest7969

    you actually had a brain and were paying attention..you could SEE both hands! Protections? LOL…you need to look up how much money corporations LOOSE EVERY YEAR following regulations that protect YOU…you don’t seem to understand something…corporations WILL NEVER pay taxes…EVER…they will simply pass the cost down to YOU, the consumer…you’ll NEVER be able to punish them..because Capitalism allows them to charge what the heck the market warrants for their products…and in turn…it pads my retirement account! THANK YOU BIG CORPORATIONS!!!

    IF you were smart…you would take this opportunity to OWN part of these evil corporations…because when times turn around…it’s gonna be GOOD!

  • anon

    Capitalism is the greatest engine for wealth creation ever devised, but it creates that wealth without regard for who it displaces, what environmental havoc it wreaks, how many lives it destroys. At the very least–and I don’t think this is a revolutionary proposition–it needs something in place to mitigate that destruction and bring a greater portion of that wealth to the people who create it. That’s why Adam Smith called it The Wealth of Nations and not the wealth of individuals: it belongs to everyone who has a hand in creating it, not just the CEO who is managing it. And even free market hero Milton Friedman knew that those left by the wayside needed to be taken care of through a minimum income guarantee.

    Why does the American worker have to agree to a lower standard of living? Why can’t the executives making 400 times what the average worker makes agree to take home only 100, 50, 20 times what the average worker makes? Are you telling me that those people are going to go Galt if we only let them make $10 million instead of $20 million? Is the United States going to fall apart if we cut the defense budget from $700 million to $600 million?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I have no problem with a board of directors or shareholders setting salaries, but beyond them what the CEO makes is nobody’s business. That includes employees.

    I’m not seeing how the defense budget relates to what the average American worker is paid.

  • Guest7969

    BoA doesn’t take my money…last time I checked..my deposit equaled my balance…and the banks..PAID THE MONEY BACK ALREADY…unlike our politicians who have raped Social Security funds over the years…YOUR BOYCOTTING THE WRONG PEOPLE..MORON!

  • Occupy Wilmington Supporter

    Bank of America tried to steal my house. They took over our mortgage when Countrywide Financial went bust. We were trying to get our mortgage re-negotiated so we could pay a lower interest rate. They put us in something they call “forbearance”, and said we didn’t have to make any mortgage payments as long as we were in forbearance. I made the payments anyway, but BoA sat on our case for more than six months, not making any decision one way or the other. We finally got our mortgage re-negotiated through another lender. I have heard since that time that Bank of America was foreclosing on people whose houses were in forbearance, even after they told the mortgagees that they didn’t have to make any payments during that time. The bank deliberately tried to trick us into not making our payments so that they could steal our house from us.

    A cynical person might say that anyone who trusts what the bank says deserves to have their house taken. But that’s the problem. A bank is an entity that we should be able to trust, because we give them our hard-earned money to keep safe for us while it is deposited with them. If a bank can’t be trusted, it shouldn’t exist.

  • Guest2020

    Regardless of BoA’s practice of foreclosing after saying not to make payments, you have to keep in mind that foreclosure would not be an issue if the home buyer had made the payments that he promised to make. If the home buyer cannot live up to his side of the agreement, that is hardly the bank’s fault.

  • Occupy Wilmington Supporter

    You don’t seem to understand the importance of what I am saying. They tried to TRICK us into not making our payments. They DIDN’T WANT us to make our payments. They even made it as difficult as they could for me to make the payments by blocking me from using our online account, forcing me to make my payments at one of their branches (I never pay by mail, because my payment could get lost and I would have no record of it). What they wanted to do was steal our house from us so they could double dip on the guaranteed payment from Fannie Mae, and also the proceeds from the sale of our house. They were fraudulently trying to take our house so they could make a profit off of the foreclosure.

    They fraudulently foreclosed on people who never even owed them any money in the first place, on people who had never even had a mortgage, but had paid cash for their homes, and they even fraudulently foreclosed on some of our military men and women who were at the time serving overseas, which is against the law. The Bank of America is a criminal organization.

  • Guest238

    I didn’t realize my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Brinn, was a Socialist. I thought she was trying to give every child a feeling of self worth. Maybe if you had gotten a trophy you would not have so much hate and disrespect for your fellow man and would not be so obnoxious as to type in capital letters half of the time.

  • Guest7969

    Sounds like a socialist idea to me! Soooo you deserve to be recognized just to make you feel good for doing nothing?? Interesting…BTW I only hate lazy liberals wanting to steal from my family what I EARNED. Also, you guys haven’t succeed in stripping my freedoms away so I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS if I want…

  • Guest238

    So you don’t hate hard working liberals that steal your money? We haven’t stolen your freedoms although Bush II tried with the Patriot Act.

  • Guest2012

    I meant 25-34 age range.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It received broad based bi-partisan support and was signed into law by a VERY supprtive Bill Clinton.

    Remember, a half-truth is still a lie.

  • Guest1111

    It’s really unfortunate that these evil corporations are able to make their own laws. Read up on Monsanto, and how they write their own proposals, get a job at the FDA to pass their own proposal, then go back to Monsanto, all the while not having to worry about the laws. Because they made their own laws. Too many corporations have this revolving door in our government. Keep it out. I’d rather have a voice in what I want from my government instead of having corporations paying their way through with no regulations or pressure coming from where it should. Or is that capitalism? Monopolising the “free” market?

  • Guest7969

    Corporations don’t have a vote. YOU do…if politicians aren’t doing their jobs FIRE them. You cannot and will NEVER punish corporations with taxes you will only punish yourself as YOU will be paying for the increase cost in doing business….fairly simple!

  • Matt P

    I don’t think you have a clue what this movement is about. How many memebers of it have you spoken with? Oh, I get it, you don’t need to speak to people because your giant, intellect already knows what it is about. You say it’s about socialism so it must be? My guess is you couldn’t even define socialism in an intelligent manner. Please refrain from telling me what I believe in, you don’t have a clue.

  • Guest7969

    You people don’t even read your own list of demands! Those are almost all socialst! Its painfully evident that you guys have NO clue what your boycotting and why.

    As far as what you believe in….if you believe those list of demands your a THIEF and a lazy one at that!

  • Matt P

    I was at that corner all day. Not one person was nasty or profane. This entire post is a put up job and a lie.


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