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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We are learning more about issues within the Leland Police Department. We’ve told you about the alleged fight between Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne and one of his officers last year during a bachelor party in myrtle beach. Now a witness has come forward.

The fight is just one of many issues within the department that are coming to light.

That witness, whose identity we are protecting because he fears retribution, says the fight was very unexpected.

“They started to drink, have a good time,” the witness said of the people at the party. “(The officer) was taking a drink, and the chief came out of nowhere and just punched him in the stomach. (The officer) spit his drink up, dropped the cup and asked the chief what his problem was. The chief then threw a gin and tonic in his face. Messed his shirt up. He took his shirt off, not to fight, but to get his shirt off because it was messed up. He went to try and confront the chief about it, and he was pulled away by two other high-ranking officers with the department as far as to separate the fight. And that was the end of the fight.”

Word of the fight eventually got back to Leland, where a few town leaders tried to track down details. They say Town Manager Bill Farris later told them it was all just gossip and rumors.

There’s no word on if Chief Jayne was disciplined, but when WWAY sent the Town of Leland a public records request, the town denied our request for any records on an investigation into the fight citing the confidentiality of personnel records.

The allegations of issues inside the department go beyond out-of-state parties, though, including claims that some officers used the police station for sexual liaisons.

“It’s common knowledge,” our source said. “Everybody knows about it.”

Other allegations are downright frightening.

Sources tell us one police officer pulled his gun on fellow officers at the police station at least once. We’ve known about the incident for weeks, but decided not to report it until now and continue to withhold the officer’s name because several people, both inside and outside the police department, said they feared for their safety if the news was made public.

We did however alert District Attorney Jon David of the incident. All he would tell us was that no one had reported it to his office. He never asked for any specific information other than when it happened and said he would let the Attorney General’s office in Raleigh know about it and other issues.

Weeks later, after the Town of Leland and the police department were aware of our investigation into the officer pointing his gun at colleagues, the Town Council directed Chief Jayne to send a letter to the SBI, requesting assistance in an internal investigation.

The letter in part said: “One recent anonymous allegation is particularly troubling in that it alleges that a member of the Leland Police Department pointed a weapon at another member of this department. Our internal review has failed to identify a victim or suspect. I am requesting that your agency investigate this anonymous allegation of criminal conduct. I am also requesting that your agency look into all allegations of criminal conduct by the Leland Police Department.”

We’ve also learned that within days of Jayne sending the letter, the same officer was taken off the street and required to do more training.

Farris told a local newspaper he conducted an investigation into the police department over the summer. However, Town Councilwoman Martha Currie says Farris did not turn over the full results to the town’s elected leaders, instead only briefly showing council members a summary of the investigation. Currie says Farris would only tell her, “You’d be surprised what’s in there.”

We have asked Farris and Jayne several times to respond these issues.
They have either refused to comment or said they cannot comment on personnel issues.

We’ll try again to get answers from town leaders at tomorrow night’s Town Council meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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  • hehaw

    No-in your back yard. Look at the window. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  • Roaming Thru

    I just stumbled across this site and read the article. I’m not from Leland so I don’t know the first thing about the police department or any of the officers. What I found funny though were the unintelligent comments posted. Sounds like a bunch of backwoods hillbillys. Where is Leland anyway? In Deliverance country? LOL


    that’s why. they have two sets of rules one for them and one for us. That is why the general public despises them so much and does not trust them..


    was a friggin cop that’s why. There are 2 sets of rules one for them and one for us. Read national news on police corruption and you will see it everywhere, that’s why the public despises them.

  • Phyllis Ann

    My sisters boy got years in prison for having a relationship with his 15 year old girlfriend. But that cop over in Southport only got 6 months for the same thing. You tell me how that works.

  • Witness Fraud

    This ex officer was not even at the party. Read the story … He is speaking in third person. You have already reported this weeks ago.. That story came from John Holman who was involved so why do you need a third party witness to tell his story. Which is fun because he wasn’t even there. Look into your source… Now that would be a good Lifetime Movie! Ask Holman…. Your source was not at the party. I like Holman and hate he is going through this mess because of getting bad advice!

  • LoveLeland

    @kblue and WWAY…..You said your next post would include your full name and an invite to your cookout! However, you posted the next day with more unfounded lies… But no invite to your cookout?? Where is all this proof?? Can’t have an assault without a vicim… Who is the victim? The people of Leland would like to know!!! Provide us proof of any of these allegations. I have not seen anyone providing any proof or real witnesses. We all are aware that WWAY continues to call the fab four for information… Holman, Foss, Edwards and Clarke. WWAY can I file a public information subpoena to find out who is spreading these lies? WWAY I have never seen a news organization go after so many people with no proof of guilt. I hate to say this but I really feel bad for Brian Berger, Councilman Barnes, Senate Boseman, Senate Soles, DA Jon David and the whole LAPD… Because we know the truth about LAPD now I question all the “only on 3” news you reported about these people and I’m sorry to say at one time I believed your news report. I will never trust anything I hear or read on WWAY again. I understand your organization has had to cut back on real journalist but your interns or the ones you are doubling as news anchor/ grip/ stylist/ janitor need some direction on getting to the real truth. It is rather amusing no other news outlet is reporting this non- sense. Why report on the same stories over and over? Kblue has a real hard on for these three men. It is rather creepy!! I also, would like to express to Chief Grimes on how much I respect you as a leader after WWAY tried to disgrace your department!! You are a fine leader and you have a fine department. Martha Currie hire someone from an outside county agency to come in. It is common knowledge a sheriffs office does not work well with a police department. Have you forgotten your days in Wilmington? Did NHSO work well with WPD? Remember you and your husband worked with most of these guys at LAPD… They respect you and loved your husband.. Please help these fine officers get to the truth and weed out the bad ones who are bringing this department and our people great disgrace.

  • Nick Smith

    Sometimes the truth hurts. It seems like some indebted to Farris just will never see the truth, even if it is smacking them in the face. How can you tell if someone is lying? The answer is in the details. If someone can give extensive details then you can rest assured that they are not lying. Is sounds like the “holding a grudge” certainly are giving a lot of details and probably could give more. What about Farris? He can’t even give his own Council members details. He gives “summaries”

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