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ONLY ON 3: Sheriff responds after Leland rejects offer to help

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Sheriff responds after Leland rejects offer to help

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It seems like Leland does not want any more help from outsiders in solving its problems.

Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram offered his internal affairs investigator, free of charge, to look into a slew of allegations within Leland's Police Department. The charges included sex at the station house, an officer pulling his gun on a colleague and an alcohol-fueled fight involving the police chief. However, at last night's town meeting, council members voted against the plan.

Today Sheriff Ingram spoke out.

"When the citizens have concerns or questions or allegations are made that could compromise public trust, it is my duty and responsibility to use every resource available to me," Ingram said.

Councilwoman Martha Currie presented the idea Thursday night and got support from Councilman Herbert Barnes, but Mayor Walter Futch, Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Bozeman and Councilwoman Pat Batleman voted against it.

"I feel like it's the only way we are going to get to the truth," said Currie. "If the SBI can investigate, they investigate the criminal part, then get this internal affairs man to come in and let him investigate anything else that may have occurred."

Sources tell us some leaders privately suggested that the only reason Ingram offered his help was to get publicity.

"I think being in office for three years now, my record speaks for itself regarding the media," Ingram said. "I've never been accused of someone who loves to jump in front of a camera."

Bozeman, who refused to talk on camera, told us she wants to see what the SBI investigation uncovers first, then take any other steps if necessary.

In the meantime Ingram says he hopes someone finds the truth, whatever it may be.

"I know that eventually the facts will come out, and at that time the town officials and citizens in Leland can make good decisions as to what needs to be done and move forward," he said.

Sheriff Ingram stressed that if in the future Leland would like more help with the investigation, he says the Sheriff's Office will be glad to help.

Two weeks ago Police Chief Tim Jayne sent a letter to the SBI asking for assistance investigating criminal allegations within his department. We asked a SBI spokeswoman today if that investigation started. She has not answered our request.

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This all seems pretty

This all seems pretty typical for Leland and the people of leland. Glad Im on this side of the river.

You have room to talk

With all the shady stuff that goes on in the city and the coo coos you have running the county, you have room to talk about living on this side of the river. I am sure you are perfect with no skeletons in the closet. Yeah right!!

Probably do

We probably do, we just don't overreact and try to throw everyone out, degrade them or their families, or skip due process. Guilty or not, they have a chance just like everyone else, including you.

Shame on you all

Seriously? It seems all posts here want action based on hearsay and rumors - which is what all this is until that person or people who saw or experienced these issues are brave enough to actually speak up.

You bunch of witch hunters want to see someone burn without the same fair process that you're guaranteed? Really? Thats just pathetic. Using peoples names, bringing innocent family members into the mess, again, pathetic.

It sounds as if Leland has more problems than just what is said about the PD and city govt, it sounds like the citizens are just as nasty and low class as the rumors and stories going around. Thats something that the SBI, DA, or FBI can never fix.

Hold on right there!!

Please do not put the folks that have made posts in the same category as all of the citizens in Leland. This is a VERY small percentage of people and I do not think all of them said they lived in Leland. Kind os sounds like we have some scorned people here.


Just when I thought people couldn't possibly sink any lower, I am proven wrong yet again. What in the hell does the car someone drives have to do with anything? It seems to me like you are either a jealous individual, or someone who has entirely too much time on their hands, or perhaps a little bit of both? Unless you are God himself, EVERYONE is going to have a skeleton or two in their closet. Noone is perfect and to attack the families of these Officers and to go as far as depicting physical traits is just plain ignorant. Incase you haven't noticed, Leland isn't known for its beauty queens and looks have nothing to do with the quality of a person. I feel terrible for these families and Officers. As if it wasn't hard enough of an occupation to deal with, now all of this crap has been stirred up all because of a select few individuals who have nothing better to do than run their mouths. How about growing up and showing a little respect? Am I saying that no wrong was done within the Department at some point in time? The answer is no, I have no way of justifying this either way. But letting one or two bad apples ruin the whole bunch is less than fair.

SBI will not be investigating

I dont know why everybody suddenly forgot that the FEDS aka FBI are investigating the Leland PD for corruption, misconduct and other issues as such the SBI backed down on any investigation so as not to interfere with a federal investigation. To me I was glad to hear the FBI was involved because while I generally think the Feds stick their noses in where it doesnt belong more often the not in this case its a necessity to avoid any persception of favoritism or any chance that the SBI would be 'bought' off. We all know the SBI has for years failed to take appropriate action against RC Soles as well as Rex Gore and their corrupt little political group (still surprised they got Easley to be honest he musta run outta bribe money). The Feds doing this will make sure that its unbiased and that in no way was the investigation tainted by any possibility of conflict of interest (such as apparently exists with the current DA John David {His lack of action has honestly seriously disappointed me}) The Feds dont play around and Ive seen cases both here in NC as well as Virginia where it was a Federal Investigation is what it took to bring the crooked cops down. (Some noted cases are those such as the Sheriff in Avery Co NC in the mtns who was proved to being bribed and tipping Meth lab and other felony drug operations {When 2 neighboring counties have sky high bust numbers and you only have a small handful it looks VERY SUSPICIOUS}}. Another is the Sheriff of Henry Co VA (best known as the County where Martinsville Speedway is, who along with several of his higher ups were found guilty of stealing money from busts as well as firearms that had been seized in drug operations. If its one thing the FBI does well and proper its being the ultimate Internal Affairs Agency as the law enforcement arm of the Justice Dept, crooked LEOs best beware of the G-Men.

On a side note as much ill will and bad publicity that has been garnered lately in Leland especially over the Police and the Police Chiefs actions why Tim Jayne hasnt either resigned, been asked to resign or fired is beyond me other then he has a load of dirt hes blackmailing people with because honestly any honorable head of an agency that has had such disruptive press and loss of faith by the people it serves the right thing would be to step down because whether Chief Tim Jayne likes it or not the buck stops with him. He is the face and the head of the agency and in this case instead of crap rolling down hill it rolls uphill right into his lap

Jon David and LPD investigation

I hope everyone realizes that our DA has to have proof of crimminal activities and have persons willing to testify to said activities before he can start any kind of case. He is a fine person, and just because he can't jump when people expect him to, LA residents must be patient and let justice work. And you are right, Tim Jayne should be have already been fired or he should have already stepped down and away from Leland...far, far, away.But who is going to fire him? Surely, you dont't think Bill Farris would. He is too much of a crook himself.Jayne has shamed the PD along with the other 3 power hunger disgraceful bozos under his command title. I was always taught to "treat others as you would want to be treated." This gangof4 has made a game out of how to demoralize younger officers or any other officer they may themselves feel threatened by. A Lt. who sleeps with another ofcrs wife while that ofcr is away serving his country, how dang low and sorry can he be. Or the ofcr who likes to have sex in the towns vehicle while on duty, not just once, but numerous times over the past couple of years, which the gangof4 have tried to kept swept under the rug. He, too, should be swept out the front door along with the gangof4. If a person has no respect for themselves, then surely they show no respect to or for others.

Breaking News,!!

Offcr B and Mrs Dela P........ You read it here on WWAY News Channel 3 first! Ouch....... Bet that puts a kink in that alliance!!!!! Lol. Wouldnt want to be anywhere near those homes tonight. Got some splaining to do George!

thanks Kblue for an amasing night out

Thanks to many of these slandering comments. My beautiful wife took me to the deck house for a romantic dinner for two. We had one of the greatest dinner dates together. Salad, 10 oz fillet ,a large buttered fresh Lobster, and to top it off o got to have my cake and eat it to...when the bill arrived it was paid in full only stating we respect you keep doing what you do. It was signed Anonymous ....
We the went to the Marriott for a cocktail and some conversation.when to our suprise we wdre given a complimentary suite fo the evening...... I was very gracious a
nd tipped well.
You may ask yourself what such a unexpected gift from many patrons around us, I was told we support the Police Officers in the Leland Department nd the majority of officers that work there..oh but I don't think I would name drop Kblue2221984....
Thanks for being so hilarious and full of your self,but I would attempt to book a reservation under your screen name or one of the many others that remaindered at the hostess stand.
Once again we want to thank you... no alliance or marriage problems here.

Say's who?

Beautiful wife? Say's who? Say's YOU (NOT) KBLUE! EWE!!!

Big lies and tall tales

This is a perfect example of why people dislike u. All these fairytales u spin. How did the people at the restaurant and the hotel both in Carolina Bch know that you are a leo for Leland? Did they instantly know who u were when u walked in? U mean u blew ur cover for a little glory? A free piece of steak? Ur not a vip. Ur not famous. Ur not popular. Or 'sexy'U brag alllllllllllll the time about everything. Stuff you get for free as a leo. Discounts. Special Treatment. Are you in it for the free food or what? What's the point in that and then hitting the gym? Ur not a competition body bldr either. Can someone plz call this restaurant and hotel and verify whether or not free stuff was given out in support of Leland Police? Then can his salary and military service record also be checked? Can't expect to be given respect when u steal valor. U can't even do ur own school wrk. I'll tell you what this has to do with anything. It's about character and it is about the quality of a person. I think what the other person was trying to say is that its hard to be sorry for someone who is so mentally unstable and is at risk for losing their job when they claim to be so financially stable. Its too late for a psych eval. at this point. Speaking of late, if u and the wife okay, why u on here @ 1:53 AM? I wouldn't be if I had that free suite and all.

......Over n out.

U let that cat out of the

U let that cat out of the bag!!!!! How dang low can SHE be?! Kblue might not "do" officer's wives but everyone else sure does! Hi-dy ho!!!

OK Leland. We need to ban

OK Leland. We need to ban together like we have never done before. Unfortunately our Police Department needs to go. All PD Officers are crooks. Replace them all!!!

"Ban together". Ignorance

"Ban together". Ignorance at it's finest. Just what we all expect from leland.

Ingram wants to help Leland

Sheriff Ingram should clean up his own office before he tries to help others. And what he said about standing on his own record is a big joke to those in the know. Hopefully he won,t be Sheriff of Brunswick County much longer.

Totally agree with you Mike

Totally agree with you Mike Bain!

Leland/Sheriff Ingram

It is ridiculous for Leland officials to reject help investigating their Police Dept. Putting off the investigation or letting the SBI investigate it will only delay. People have a tendacy to forget facts. Why in the world would these town officals want people to work for the town if they are possibly commiting illegals acts. Do these council people and mayor have things they want hid?

It is beyond my comprehension that delaying the invesitgation is going to prove anything. Why not let all the facts come forward now? Sounds fishy to me.

I'll tell you why

Bozeman is not going to vote to bite the hands that feed her. She gets their votes, their support, and their patronage at Century 21. If they go down, so will she. Or at least her wallet will be thinner.

Don't lie Ingram

Ingram said "I've never been accused of someone who loves to jump in front of a camera" .......but every time he makes a drug bust he has a camera crew riding behind him to make sure he gets in the spotlight! I live in longwood every time he comes down there he has a camera crew with him.

Then why is it we never see

Then why is it we never see him on the tv? When our previous sheriff was in office it was said that the most dangerous place in Brunswick County was between him and a camera. I think it is safe to say that the same is not true of Sheriff Ingram.

Monkey see...monkey do....

My bet is that YOU are one of those busts and have spent a great deal of time locked in the back seat of Ingrams patrol car with cuffs on! As far as I'm concerned, everytime he can take the drug dealing scumm off the streets, he should be on camera, he should brag about it and he should be proud of it.

There will always be scorned, cowardly browbeaters like yourself that have a natural disdain for law enforcement due to your choice of lifestyle. That's YOUR problem...not his, whineybutt.


why do always assume that someone who does not worship cops is a drug dealer, thief or some kind of lowlife???? Maybe we just aren't badge who**s. There are hundreds of people who have no records that DO NOT trust law enforcement any farther than you could throw one you can thank the officers of Leland PD, State Patrol and others for that.

Sure! I'll be happy to tell you!

For one thing, it isn't about "worshipping" cops. Law enforcement personnel have taken an oath to protect the public and are necessary to do that. Those that have "issues" with law enforcement are generally those that can't seem to stay away from criminal activity and/or have family members with the same problem. It's amazing how many people get PO'd at police because their "Lil' Johnny" constantly gets caught dealing drugs, driving drunk, fencing stolen goods or stealing cars.

There are alot of whiney-butt nay-sayers slinging a LOT of crap here and if you read, it goes from the police janitorial staff all the way up to the Chief and even up to the DA level. I don't buy it and see nothing more than a bunch of disgruntled losers that have had negative run-ins with law enforcement. Well, it's what they are supposed to do.

If YOU have a "lack of trust" problem with your local law enforcement, my best bet is there is a good reason for it!


help me out, how do you distinquish between tax paying citizens who have an opinion, and people who have been charge and convicted of crime. Are you saying that everyone who has an opinion has a criminal history and should have no opinion or that anyone who has an opinion has a criminal past.

Your comments are very typical of "stereo typing" if you have evidence that little johnnys relatives are on here and if you can prove that little johnnys all over the world are messaged by all of thier friends and family in that manner, then yes that would make sense.

But here is what we know someone was compesated for an issue that took place some little Johnnys shot another officer in a private area, and those little Johnnys were police officers.

So I can assume based on your theory that all police officers are a problem and thier family members have no credibility. AHH those poor little JOHNNYs..


Its a shame people don't trust Police Officers. It's not "ALL" Officer's but The Timillicky Trio sure has made it look this way. When ever we are given a black eye it reflects on everyone wearing a badge. 3 Cop's do something stupid all of us look silly then you get people like Guest12 not trusting us. Just Upsets me...I just so happen to know several Officers That would do awesome running the Leland Police Department. Me?????? Nah!!! I'm usually busy being hilarious. Hang in there everyone I promise there truly are some really good Cops out there. After we get rid of the bad ones all will be just fine....And Please believe me Sheriff Ingram is a great guy, again give him a break. Say's who? Say's Kblue!

"Cop's do something stupid

"Cop's do something stupid all of us look silly then you get people like Guest12 not trusting us. Just Upsets me..." You have already said you were a cop yet you are the biggest person on here bashing everyone and everything even personal issues within families. So how does that make you look to the public. It just shows how ignorant you are.....I can tell you I don't want corrupt cops protecting me, but I also wouldn't want a childish acting individual like yourself protecting me either........please send me an invite to that cookout so I can send a bouncy house over for the childish games.


This guy is a complete idiot. Leland PD is in more trouble than they know.

If one IS a law abiding taxpayer....

...without constant riffs with law enforcement, one normally has respect for law enforcement. Opinions as expressed here are NOT automatic and are normally based on experience, except for those that are weak-minded and incapable of forming their own. It seems the "experience" we read about here shows great disdain for ANY authority, not just law enforcement. You feel like you've had the shaft? Show your face, your name, make a formal complaint and's really that easy.

It simply reeks of scorned and troubled criminals with an axe to grind. Normal, law-abiding citizens don't do that. There appears to be a mission here by a "select few" and that's about as big as it gets.

Fair enough

Now all you have to do is discribe normal. is shooting co-workers in the groin normal. the act itself is enough to bring on distain for law enforcement.

For instance a normal officer would serve and protect and my law abiding self would have no problem supporting him or her, but our issue is with a department thats not normal in your terms and are possible law breakers themselves. so yes as a citizen I have a right to be angry and upset. judt show us a copy of the report the town manager has on the department and we will tell you are name. If they can hide behind secrecy so can we.

So if normal is ok and not normal is wrong your argument proves my point. Its not normal to berate the folks who have done nothing wrong and defend the quilty.