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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — The controversy surrounding R.C. Soles continues as the former state senator once again faces criminal charges. Soles is accused of beating a man on his property back in September. Today he was in court, but after court, Jernigan said he wants to drop the charges against Soles.

“I just wanna get it over with,” Jernigan said. “I made a bad decision. I mean, I was on his property. The man ain’t done nothing but help me, and everybody makes mistakes. So I’m trying to drop the charges and go back to peaceful.”

Jernigan says he regrets pressing charges against Soles in September after saying the former state senator hit him in the face with a metal cane. Jernigan does not deny he was assaulted, but says he believes he was also in the wrong by being on Soles’s property.

He says Soles has always taken care of him and helped him financially when he needed it.

“He’s got a big heart,” Jernigan said of Soles. “He’s like a father to me, you know what I’m mean? I didn’t have a father. He’s like a father to me.”

Jernigan has been linked to the former senator before with incidents of trespassing on Soles’s property. When we asked why Soles was so generous, he said Soles just wants to help. Jernigan says he made a mistake and wants to look out for someone who has always looked out for him, but he says he does not know what to do to get the charges dropped. For now, the case has been continued until December 9.

We tried to catch up with Soles on his way out of court, but he said he had no comment.

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  1. guest 35

    Jernigan has cashed in on the R.C love as well.I am sure he was compensated very well for this misunderstanding.

  2. Guest romie

    wow wway, you still hanging around in them there parts among psyco moms gone wild and predator senators that love ’em some little boys? can you guys not find something else to report on? maybe we should lock you guys in a room with psyco mom and the senator. maybe then and only then you will get some sense knocked into you and report on more important things like jobs and the state of the economy. move on wway.

  3. Guest55878

    Wonder how much Soles paid him. $20,000? It’s a class H felony to intimidate a witness…does paying them off count? How long will it take until one of these love toys drops Soles off face-down in the Green Swamp?

  4. GrizzlyRN

    Could you please find something else to report on. I am soooo sick and tired of hearing about RC and his boys.

  5. les paw

    …then why do you obviously read the article and then take the time to comment?

  6. Watching from on the Sideline

    I would imagine the only reason Frankie Jernigan went to court today was to have leverage in how much money RC Soles, Jr. gives to him. Thankfully, Jernigan cannot drop the charges. If Jernigan refused to appear on December 9th, a bench warrant will be issued for his arrest.

    It’s funny how these guys will be so desperate to go on Soles’ property, get arrest or beaten in this case and when they file charges against Soles, he suddenly is the best person in the world to them. Soles never drops charges against these guys. He just says he doesn’t want to testify.

    On both sides, my opinion is the law is being broken. Extortion is being committed and witness tampering. Both of these are serious charges. These people need to quit tying up the court system and costing tax payers money. All of them need to be jailed. Then, maybe peace can be restored and they will at least learn a lesson that enough of anything is enough.

  7. Guest461

    …most of this nonsense would fade away in the swamp anyway. Some people just have to follow every nosey detail, every piece of gossip and throw out a bunch of unqualified judgement.

    Don’t they have some checker tables, shuffleboard or mule racing you can partake in? Interacting with humans can be a lot more interesting than gossiping and forming useless opinions about a bunch of washed-up homosexuals that lack self-control.

  8. Waching You!

    You need to be jailed. You mental case. We are sick of you. You try to destroy people for your own selfish reasons. You think you have got the 5-0 in your hip pocket, don’t you? Get a job and stop living off the government. What are you getting disability for? Oh, I know, being stupid—-you are getting a stupid check, living in your stupid low income apartment, sticking your stupid nose in everyone’s business, telling your stupid lies on people. Didn’t you have RC as an attorney? You are a spiteful, vendictive, miserable, deceitful, viscous, want-a-be politician. You had rather climb a telephone pole and tell a lie than stand flat foot on the ground and tell the truth. YOU are a menace to society. How many trips did you make to the DMV, years ago? How many times have you chased a certain individual around at the state line bar, years ago? Your own family is sick of you. You just want everyone in prison, to avenge your nephew (who was in prison). You dont know what you are, Democrat or Republican, do you? One day you are praising the Lord and quoting scripture and the next day your are telling stupid lies. You have destroyed a church, to the point there are only 2 members,you and guess who. You know about witness tampering, don’t you? You take up for police officer’s who break the law and use their badge to hurt others. Maybe you need a monthly shot of Haldol to level you out——–please seek psychological help!!!! Or just stay stupid!!! You may have some others fooled, but you don’t have me fooled, you and your bill of nothings. You think you are always right, I bet even numbering the votes was right,too? Leave my family alone or next time, what I have to say is not going to be so nice.

  9. Guestgustd

    …and the beat goes on in Solesville!

  10. Guest2020

    You can say what you want about these boys, but part of the reason they are so messed up is because they fell victim to a predator. I’ve seen first hand the life-long damage that is done to the victims of child molesters. This in no way excuses these young men for the wrong they have done, but they deserve our compassion for what they have been through.

  11. Guest9909

    Looks like RC still has plenty of our corrupt tax money to keep paying off his “boys”. Stand up for yourself boy!

  12. Ricky

    Keep reporting on this guy WWAY, its about time Columbus County good ole boy network get put on notice…..

  13. Guest 25

    You could probably learn a few lessons from psycho moms’. Maybe even how to spell, psycho. Guess the truth hurts doesn’t it.

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