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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will tour a Wilmington business tomorrow as he helps tout President Obama’s jobs plan.

The secretary will visit Corning’s fiber optics manufacturing facility.

According to a news release, Geithner will discuss the need for Congress to take up and pass the American Jobs Act.

Corning’s Wilmington plant is the largest fiber optics manufacturing facility in the world, and the Secretary’s visit will highlight the importance of investing in not only roads and bridges, but also in advanced forms of infrastructure such as broadband. Corning Incorporated’s fiber optics manufacturing facility, which employs more than 1,000 high-tech manufacturing workers, exports more than 45 percent of its fiber products throughout the world.

We will have a crew there tomorrow and will have a wrap-up of Geithner’s visit tomorrow on WWAY NewsChannel 3 starting at 5 p.m.

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  • John Difloure

    Anything that tax cheat is for, I’m against

  • Robo

    This is a waste of more taxpayer money. Obama’s job plan has already been defeated, and even his own party was not fully in favor of it. Geithner is out of touch.

  • Guest2012

    I’d FIRE US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner immediately!!! It would be my first order.

    OCCUPY Wilmingtonians, WAKE UP!!!! THIS is the corruption that is important to have the courage to make posters about! How can Occupy Wilmington, The Tea Party or anyone NOT see where the waste is eminating from, or if you do, you are afraid to be called a racist or something. We are ALL too P.C.

    Think about it~

    This guy is coming to town, using OUR money to get here, to wine, dine, probably stay at the beach, and campaign for his boss to SPEND MORE, and to stay in office (thus, guaranteeing him a job), to be able to SPEND MORE and more and more than we will EVER have again, I guess.

    …And, to Golf. and to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, and to go on elaborate dates to NYC on our dime. And to give our tax dollars to pseudo green projects like Solandra…. AND….this is continuously occurring while:

    We the People are dizzily sick and tired of being Unemployed/ Under-employed, of eating baloney skins and compromising our quality of life because of the ineptitude of all CZARS, at all levels, especially the one in the Oval office.

    Un believable!
    Why not show up enmass and Protest this WASTE tomorrow morning? What a MESSAGE that would send to the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guestoff

    The tax cheat wouldn’t be flying in on one of those evil corporate jets would he? To speak at one of those evil corporations for which his boss speaks of? Do tell.

  • Guest2012

    Exactly! Where are the Occunuts when you need them to protest the President using our tax dollars
    To send his goons to campaign for him.
    Perry is releasing a new 20% Flat Tax plan today in S. C. that will be so easy, that even timmy can pay on time, or at all.

  • Guest99

    Maybe Timmy can give us some tips on how to be evasive when filing our taxes.

  • BeenThere

    how many of those positions are contractors that receive no benefits such as health insurance, vacations or retirement plans!! Corning is the epitome of corporate greed!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If they are contractors, Corning is not responsible for their health insurance, retirement plans, or Social Security.

    If they work there, they obviously agree to that arrangement. Every single one of them is perfectly free to head off down the road and “find a horse that their saddle fits,” as Red Steagall wrote.

    Slavery ended a long time ago. No one HAS TO stay at Corning. If it’s that bad, they’d be voting with their feet.

  • Fed Up

    Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t Corning have a fiber optics plant in China? It would be nice to utilize the plant in Wilmington and Concord to create jobs for Americans here in America and then export to them. But this is our government that allows this. A total was of taxpayers money.

  • Pocket Change

    I hope no one shows up. Hide a key under a rock and tell him to lock up when he leaves. What a joke this group of Democrats are in DC.

  • deputy 25

    i guess they are gonna give them some stimulus mony like they did Solyndra andthe truck stop so they can go bankrupt and then send money to a car company for producing ‘green’ cars at their FINLAND plant instead of an AMERICAN plant and the zford focus gets better milage than th efinland green car. Timmy boy, go back to where you came from and tell your boss to go take a slow boat to china.


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