ONLY ON 3: Leland Police Chief Jayne withholds info on bank robbery; Councilwoman, town manager apologize

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Submitted: Tue, 10/25/2011 - 3:58am
Updated: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 4:21pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne’s beef with WWAY apparently runs so deep, he withheld information from the public about an armed man who robbed a credit union Friday to prove his point.

Just hours after the robbery, Jayne sent out a news release to inform local media and alert the citizens of Leland. We discovered, though, he deleted our e-mail address from his distribution list. There were even names of journalists on the list who hadn’t worked in Wilmington media for months, some for years.

We e-mailed the chief letting him know that not e-mailing us the information only put the people of Leland at risk. All he did was forward us his release.

We also alerted the Town Council Town Manager Bill Farris. Councilwoman Brenda Bozeman sent an e-mail Saturday apologizing and promising to make sure Farris took care of the situation. This morning, Farris personally dropped off an apology letter to the station.

“I was out of town Friday,” Farris wrote. “When I returned last night I read your email regarding the handling of the armed robbery press release. How anyone at the Town feels about your reporting or your station’s reporting of events and operations at the Town of Leland is immaterial. All media outlets need to be ‘fed from the same spoon.’ I am making sure WWAY is included on any future press releases from the Town. Please accept my apology.”

This comes after reporting a number of stories alleging misconduct within the police department and a lack of information on if anyone has been held accountable or disciplined.


  • NewsHound says:

    Kevin Wuzzardo is a true professional. Well done, sir. The apologies confirmed that Jayne did something wrong. Now that WWAY can begin reporting on the facts (as in specific names), you police officers and their supporters really need to pipe down with your UNFOUNDED criticisms. Do you think that they don’t know how to hold their hand? They’re not going to report on anything they don’t already have proof of, and some of you need a quick lesson on the difference between an article or news story, an editorial piece, and a public forum. Keep the pressure on. It’s working. We’re patient. They’re sweating.

  • fellow cop says:

    is the behavior this police chief is showing. You can tell a lot about one’s leadership ability or the lack thereof when things don’t go their way. This is a blatant neglect of duty and malfeasance to exclude a media outlet from vital community safety informaton out of spite towards a particular media outlet. This man is writing his own obituary as a police chief. And he is verifying my point – big city police commanders and/or middle managers usually DO NOT make good small town police chiefs. Someone please explain the trappings of this allure to me.

  • Polly II says:

    What a great quote! Of course another great qoute is “lying is another form of mangement”, by Chief Timothy J. Jayne!
    Keep digging! There are a lot of people looking & Listening!

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    It’s time for the Leland PD, and the town, to come clean and open up.

    I personally believe that Leland residents have lost confidence in the Chief Tim Jayne, and to a lesser degree the department.

    Settling the lawsuit brought by the female officer was possibly the smartest thing they have done so far.

    If I had been on a jury hearing that case, $18,000 would have been a drop in the bucket of damages that would have been awarded to her.

    That incident alone, shows lack of leadership of a department that desperately needs to revamp itself, and Officers that still have a fraternity attitude.

    The Brunswick County Sheriff’s department has transformed itself under the leadership of Sheriff Ingram. He offered to lend his Internal Investigations officer to assist the town of Leland, and at least that would have been an impartial professional to help clear up all the clouds that have been hanging over Leland. And he offered his services for FREE. Why was his help refused?

    The SBI has been summoned by the Chief, so it’s possible that we will see some changes made.

    However, Leland officials need to learn that departments do not run on autopilot. Many of the allegations made could have been avoided with a little oversight.

    The town needs to keep it’s Chief on a short leash, and demand professionalism and accountability.
    That is the job of elected Town officials.

    Taking a marked patrol car to another state, without official business
    is a serious matter.

    To the town leaders of Leland…..”Snap out of it”. Wake up.

  • From the Outside says:

    I have followed the stories coming out of Leland and I have to say that this WWAY sounds a lot like the National Inquirer. It seems they are looking to find things that simply aren’t there and are “creating” news stories when there isn’t anything.

    Sad “news” for journalists everywhere….making you guys look bad.

  • From the Outside says:

    It should if it is fiction!

  • anne says:

    Glad I don’t live in Leland. I feel sorry for the residents. They are stuck with a police chief that they need to get rid of NOW, and maybe a few police officers as well. They are giving law enforcement a bad name and make it hard on those who do the right thing and perform excellent service.

    It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of their mayor and some other higher ups. The folks of Leland need to step up NOW and get this situation fixed. Your only hope now is that the FBI will find enough to put many of them in the pokey!!!

  • anne says:

    Just thought of something. Let’s get a producer in Wilmington to produe a new show – “As the Stomach Turns – Brunswick/Columbus County. It could be a reality show with all the law enforcement of Leland and Tabor City and all the yahoos involved in the situations in Leland and with Mr. Soles and his boys. They could play themselves – wouldn’t take too much writing. Over the past couple of years, they have been given enough material to last awhile. It would be a kind of Dukes of Hazard meet Cops. What you think? Could we sell it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Guest2012 says:

    Freedom of the Press should NEVER be suppressed!

  • Brian says:

    I hope that he sues you for libel after you can’t prove that he deleted your email address from his distribution list.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    another coverup coming again, sounds like something Leland PD would try to do….

  • Boom Boom says:

    Every property owners association should hold a special meeting and vote on a resolution to erase General Jayne from the line item from which he came. Then email a signed copy to Bil Farris & Council Members. There are approximately 16 associations with 60 percent of the vote.

    If the majority of the voting population, shows how they feel before the election, then I bet we will get action.

    Please do not hesitate to remove General Jayne..The reputation of every person in Leland is at stake.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    but some of his henchmen also need to pound the bricks to the employment office..cops never cease to amaze me…idiots.

  • Leland Boy says:

    It has been over two weeks now since Chief Jayne requested the SBI to investigate the Leland Police Department. Is there any word on if they actually have started their investigation? All seems to be quiet on that front. I guess we may not even know until the investigation is complete.

  • deputy 25 says:

    dude, where have you been? the SBI would not investigate because the FBI had already been investigating the police dept or i mean the kangaroo dept.

  • Guest4678 says:

    Have you been practicing your simple addition?????? I see you still on here taking up for these dirty cops!! Don’t write anything back calling me cupcake like you do everybody else. That’s getting old.

  • Boom Boom says:

    Or Bull Farris to release the report that was gathered by the then Assistant Manager, who was terminated shortly after.

    Oh come on right.. Bull Farris hires an assitant managers and then fires her cause he said she lied on her application. He could have verified the information with a string and two cans. she came from Burgaw.

    So he is either incompetant or unable to determine good talent when he sees it.

  • Guestrstsrnmjsrmtn says:

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  • Guestofferson says:

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  • Guestrstsrnmjsrmtn says:

    Good morning officer. Have you started looking for a new line of work yet? Your days are numbered.

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  • NO2LPD says:

    For a Police Chief to withold information from the media concerning an armed, masked, bank robber running loose is completely irresponsible. It shows a lack of concern for the people he swore to protect. I have reserved judgement up til this point but he has proven to me that he can no longer be trusted.

  • E Williams says:

    I am actually not in the city limits of Leland…but I am a long time citizen of this community since 1969. It is very dishonorable and disappointing that our town is getting such a corrupt name due to our Polic Department. I do not know who the Police Department is suppose to answer to, but I assume it is our Mayor and Town Council. It is time we as citizens stand up and strip Jaynes’ of any duties to the Town of Leland. He is dangerous to be in such a position to protect my neighbors and business partners. It is time the politicians we have put into positions stand up and do the right thing for the people that have put them in their political seats!

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Dear Chief “Balboa” Jayne, Bill “Tic Tac Head” Kozak, And “The Shadow” Slick Rick Delapea,

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  • Grand Ole Party says:

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  • Guest11221 says:

    Yes, they need to go but you are ridiculas!! You need to grow up. I am assuming that you are old enough to know that two wrongs do not make a right. You are making yourself look like a fool with your rants. I am not affiliated with Leland PD what so ever and I thank the need a complete overhaul, but you have some serious issues mam!! I would love to know what role or agenda you have in this mess

  • Wellwell says:

    By intentionally deleting WWAY from their press release pool, that would seem to break the law somehow. It sure seems underhanded and spiteful and I would think, requires some disciplinary action. Thats the big problem with some people in government, they act as rulers and not public servants.

  • Guest81 says:

    Jayne needs to be removed from his position as Chief of Police. No one trusts him, he appears to be a real punk, far worse than some he has probably arrested, and has discredited the uniform. He needs to go, along with his certification….both for good.

  • guesty says:

    I don’t like how the game is going so I’m going to take my ball and go home. Wow, Leland residents deserve much better.

  • Guest fmgxxfgmfmh says:

    The end is near………

    Thank you WWAY, thank you with everything in my heart. It is almost over. Thank you thank you thank you.

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