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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Political campaigns often inspire supporters to pull some dirty tricks in the run-up to Election Day. Among the most common is campaign signs damaged or even stolen. Many times there is no proof, but one candidate for Wilmington Mayor caught a vandal on video.

It was just before midnight on Monday, October 10, when a man in a long, light-colored coat tried to take down a “LaNasa for Mayor” sign. The man quickly walked away as a car approaches, but he returned six hours later to finish the job.

“(I) checked out the surveillance footage, and it was an old guy in a expensive jacket with a pair of Crocs on ripping my sign down,” candidate Justin LaNasa said.

LaNasa will not say where exactly he put this camera, but it is obvious that it sits high above. The candidate for Wilmington Mayor decided to put cameras up after some of his signs were damaged. At first he thought it may have been some kids, but only two days after putting a camera by this sign, LaNasa had a visual of the suspect. It’s left him calling out supporters of incumbent Mayor Bill Saffo.

“They didn’t look like they were kids or anything like that, so it’s definitely supporters of the other side,” LaNasa said. “I don’t mess with his stuff. I feel people should treat people the way you treat them. I would never do that to anyone. I think it is an underhanded thing, and it shows the way he conducts business or his friends conduct business.”

Mayor Saffo says he has heard this story.

“No one ever comes up with a name, no one ever comes up with a driver license, no one ever comes up with a perpetrator, so it’s unfortunate,” Saffo said. “I’ve had my signs damaged, but I would not make an accusation against anyone unless I knew who it was. Unless I have facts, unless I have proof, I don’t make those kind of accusations.”

LaNasa is eager to find out who damaged his sign. He is even offering a $1,000 reward from his own pocket for any information that can help lead to the vandal’s arrest.

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  • xax

    Ehhh. I’m pretty skeptical of LaNasa here. He himself has something of a history of vandalism. He produced stickers a few years ago mocking one of the rival tattoo shops and either he or his employees/friends put them up various places around town. The stickers, by the way, reminded me of something a not-too-bright elementary school kid comes up with in addition to being offensive.

    This included one on my mailbox, because I happened to live with a former employee of his that now worked at that other shop. This man now wants to be mayor and whines about someone messing with his signs.

    He also accused me of stealing the sandwich sign from in front of his shop (I worked at a neighboring business at the time) when his employees didn’t bring it in for the night, apparently because I lived with that former employee. I had no opinion on Justin before these incidents and my roommate had never mentioned him at all but after seeing him personally involved in vandalism–of my home–and accusing someone totally uninvolved in his little grudge match of stealing, I formed an opinion pretty quick.

    I’m no fan of Saffo, personally or politically, but Justin LaNasa is a pretty loathsome individual.

  • Guestfdsfsdf

    BS.. Unless LaNassa has about $10 grand to waste, there is no camera CCTX or otherwise that would be able to identify that the footware were crocs.. Probably one of his drooogies incognito doing it just for publicity… SHow us the pics Lanassa.. Really.. Show these pictures to the public…
    You won’t.. cause you are FULL of it!

  • guesty

    The footage was shown on the news.

  • Guestin

    i believe saffo pulled this politian move last time acting like he didnt do it. saffo we all know you pay for your votes.

  • GuestIII

    And we wonder why children have little respect on life! Come adults —Be a better example!

  • Guestlittlealex

    “Droogies”? Really? Watching A CLOCKWORK ORANGE so you know what a “little ultraviolence” looks like?

  • RSimmons

    That pretty much describes every male resident of Wrightsville Beach

  • Guest2012

    “comfortable they say they are, you still look like a dumba$$ when you wear crocs…which always look like imitation crocs, because they are so ugly.

    I believe La Nasa! Who would even think to lie about CROCs that can be seen from MILES away. Eeeekkkk!

  • Guest611

    How is LaNasa running for mayor when he doesn’t live in city limits? Is that not a requirement? Or does it have to do with his business being in the city? Just a question. I’m not a supporter of anyone yet.

  • Brian

    Outlaw all campaign signs. They’re ugly anyway, and I doubt that they change anyone’s mind about who to vote for.

  • Barton Fink

    Remember Brian Berger?
    Red sign = a win for unknown republican candidate.

  • oneholer

    some political morons placed those tacky things on my front lawn once. I collected them (all of them) & placed them on my range with “shoot & see” reflective bulls eye targets. I clustered them at 50, 100 & 300 yards. We had a great day of target practice as the steel posts are fairly durable, in fact I still have a few standing that I just duct tape targets to. I recommend everyone collect these out of their lawns & give them to friends that target shoot, they make great gifts (just in time for Christmas).

  • guesty

    Now that is a great idea and one I could use. Another one is the city is always needing cash, they could implement a fine to the listed candidate that has signs still posted by Thanksgiving. Sure, some people may collect them early on and then put them back out after the deadline to make another candidate pay, but that is a risk to take when you put your litter all over the city.

  • Guest2012

    Your Constitutional rights, especially the second Amendment, one holer! Heres hoping you also will see the signs from my prospective, namely, freedom if speech. Lots of countries prohibit the beautiful system of “rights” that we as Americans enjoy.

    Hopefully you will exercise the right to vote at every election too, as you’d soon miss it if you lived under dictators and Marshall law. It is still not too late for us to take back local and national leadership through our elections.
    Hey, where is a good, cheap range, for a woman to target practice around Wilm? Anyone?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    No jury in the world would convict LaNasa for putting any adult male wearing Crocs out of his misery. It would have been a mercy killing.

    Anyone wearing Crocs has two messages for the world – I’m a cheap bast**d and I don’t particularly care if my feet smell like a dead goat.

    When you folks get smart and make me emperor, woe unto the “man” who comes to court wearing Crocs or clogs. As a matter of fact, since it will only be about a year before everyone comes to the realization that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are the answer to your prayers and you demand my ascending to the throne (we’ll have to buy a throne), here is a list of everything that will be prohibited:

    * Crocs on anyone over fourteen, any type of clog on males over that age. You’re not European, so knock off pretending and just admit that you’re gay.

    * Earrings on men unless the wearer can prove gypsy (Roma) ancestry or that he is currently employed as a pirate, in which case a single gold hoop may be worn. It better be real gold, too.

    * Hair longer than collar length on any guy over 50 and ANY guy with a noticeable bald spot, regardless of age. Wrinkles and ponytails are a bad combination, Pops, and no woman ever said that Gallagher was a hottie.

    * Any metal penetrating eyebrows, lips, noses, and anything normally concealed by clothing my God does your mother know about that thing??!!??

    * That crazy, “electrified rotelle pasta”/Buckwheat hairdo that is popular among so many young Black males in the Red Star’s mugshots section. The hairdo obviously stresses the brain and causes one to commit crimes.

    * Dreadlocks on White people. They’re dirty, they smell, and you ain’t from dee islands, mon.

    * Shaving your head if you wear glasses, because it makes you look like an alien

    * Riding your bicycle AGAINST traffic because it proves you’re stupid

    I am always open to suggested items to include on the “Emperor Common Doesn’t Like This” list. A good rule of thumb is that men will be required to dress like Ward Cleaver or John Wayne in “The Quiet Man.” (You may dress like John Wayne in “The Searchers,” but you will be required to demonstrate your equestrian skills.)

    Hot babes are allowed to wear anything they want to as long as they don’t have metal sticking out of their body any place other than their ears. It’s for your own good – NC is second in lightning strikes every year. If you’re not a hot babe you can have pierced ears, but how you dress doesn’t matter. No one notices.

    I am certain that after I solve the financial problems of this country and insure our national security, these minor dress code rquirements will be a small price to pay. Plus, when I die you can all go back to dressing like freaks again.

    REMINDER: All of you who are about to tell me about how comfortable your girlie clogs are, or how much your boyfriend loves your nipple ring, remember that the Emperor WILL have the ability to hunt you down. I simply promise Scott or Kevin “Minister of Public Information (and WE will decide what you need to know) and all your info is given to the Emperor. Best to clean up your act now!

  • Barton Fink

    Nice one dude. I usually want to strangle something after reading your comments but that was some hiiiilarious! I expect Clint Eastwood’s character from “Gran Torino” would buy you a beer if he read that. Stick to the humor and avoid telling people seriously how to live their lives. You have a good talent going to waste sir.

  • Guest2012

    You are so Politically Incorrect, that you deserve your own show on T.V. Fox isn’t even worthy of your take on things, we need to create a New Network. You’re right on. You left no stone unturned on that one! Your kingdom will need a Queen and I know she will be Super Hot.

    But… even though I don’t think that the Republicans and Libertarians are perfect, they are certainly way ahead of the Democrazies.
    I used to see the Democrats as Americans. not anymore!

    …and this is NO croc!

  • guesty

    May I be in charge of security? I’m quite proficient with both sidearms and long guns.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Not to worry – we will have a Guillotine. Advice to Mssrs. Romney and Perry – liberal Republicans will be standing in line with them. Depending upon your perspective, it really will be “…the best of times….the worst of times.”

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …unless their irresponsible lifestyle impinges upon other peoples’ freedom and income. If you read any of my posts you will find the same recurring themes: Self-respect, self-reliance, and individual responsibility.

    They’re not optional. Mnaging your life is simply not all that difficult.

  • Guestrep

    Better than flipfloppers and self dealers like Thompson and Catlin. Do we really want a Mayor who is so interested in self promotion like Saffo and his real estate properties. Funny, at least Berger has kept these other phonies honest–and he hasn’t had his friends help themselves at our expense. So before you knock him, look in their closets–they have lot more dirty linen than he ever will.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I haven’t yet decided if you or Guest461 will be the Minister of Crime Control and Public Safety.

    Even if you don’t get that, I was listening to Gilbert&Sullivan last night and will be needing a Lord High Executioner.


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