ONLY ON 3: Wife of Leland police officer says comments unfounded

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Submitted: Tue, 10/25/2011 - 3:16pm
Updated: Wed, 10/26/2011 - 1:23am


WWAY Manager,

I’m writing in reference to the abuse that my husband and I have encountered from your online blog. Per your comment policy WWAY reserves the right to delete comments that are abusive, off-topic or include ad hominem attacks. All of the posts on these blogs which include my husband and I are personal attacks; they do not include any evidence to back up any claims that have been posted on this website. These attacks have deeply affected my family, our children and our outside relationships. They have called our family out in a threatening matter and have damaged our reputation in our community. Your site facilitates cyber bullying. The comments on your site are abusive, off-topic and have attacked my family personally, instead of discussing the argument itself. WWAY is allowing these “bullies” to torment us without any repercussion, by giving them a forum where they can hide in anonymity. These posts have given out an officer’s wife’s vehicle information which could be used to provoke an offline attack by a hate or predator group. How is that information beneficial to your story?

You have allowed these officers and their families to be persecuted because they work at the Leland Police Department and carry rank. My husband did not shoot Officer Lewis; that is a fact. My husband was involved in an accident, where approximately 20 photos were taken before the vehicles were moved from the roadway; that is a fact. My husband has organized a softball game against the Leland Fire Department to collect Toys for Tots for the last five (5) years; that is a fact. My husband organized the first “Cop Camp in Leland”; that too is a fact. However, these no name individuals have posted that he stole toys from the Toys for Tots, he is having an affair with a fellow officer’s wife, he is always at home while on duty, he is having sex at the station during the day, etc. This is the age of cell phone technology and no one has any footage, please. These attacks are personal; not one has presented any evidence of such behavior. In one of the post, KBLUE2221984 actually wrote, “It tickles me to see how much these comments actually affect the department.” In another post, LOL wrote, after the post references an affair, “Bet that puts a kink in that alliance!!!!” lol … How is that relevant to the story unless it is to destroy their reputation?

I would like you to ask yourself, if your sources were so creditable and upstanding, why is all this “so called corruption” just coming to light? By not coming forth as a victim or witness, these officers/sources who took an oath to uphold the law, should be held accountable for impeding an investigation. I believe in justice and if anyone is proven to be guilty of a crime, even if it is my husband, I believe strongly that they should be dealt with in a court of law.

I’m requesting you remove any abusive, threatening, off-topic and ad hominem attacks toward my husband and me from your blog sites. (A famous Internet axiom called Godwin’s Law holds that the longer an online discussion continues, the higher the odds that someone will compare somebody else to a Nazi.) This site has devolved into name-calling and polemics. I understand you have to balance their freedom of speech with our rights; however, you are violating your own policy by allowing these posts to be submitted.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter,

Phylisha DellaPia


  • Southern Born says:

    Is it possible could it be,
    that the legend has written
    what the clowns can’t see.

    The legend he listens for many lies.
    while the three stooges disapear befor thier eyes.

    He wishes for justice,
    some could expect.
    Anger and fear he can detect.

    Farris he agrees these are the ones
    and the legend he picks each one as thier done.

    Right knows no wrong when the rules they scribe.
    The legend he knows they cannot hide.

    so before his time comes at the hands of three.
    he retreats with his king,so to be free

    behind he leaves, a army of good.
    while the three cover themselves,
    with a dark and dirty hood

    The legend is proud he did a good job
    while the three did what you read on this here blog.

    The Legend Lives.

  • Guesttriplea says:

    Mike, son you are so far out in space I can’t even see you with a telescope. No matter what kind if info you have from anyone is just not relevant enough. But if you are not scared, put it all out there for everyone to see. They had an audit and passed, the state came in and found nothing. I am confident that the FBI could come in and still everything would still be just fine. You need to calm down on all the people hiding behind screen names. They probably wouldn’t if people like you didn’t gossip and start piles of messes to ruin peoples ways of life that doesn’t concern you. But like everyone, you are entitled to opinions, I guess that means you are in the right career for yourself.

  • gordon hobbs says:

    when all this is over you will find that you are only a legend in your own mind. the truth be known my good sir is that the older you get the better you were. Until this is all over let’s wait it out and cease and desist from this poison you spout.As for now my good sir I will bid you good bye and return to the real world where rumors don’t fly.This poet makes a rhyme every time but in the end it all ain’t worth a dime.

  • gordon hobbs says:

    amen mrs dellapia rats who hide and spew this type of hateful bile should not be afforded this kind of forum to hurt others.Based on a reply to my comment i am fairly certain one of the worst offenders is a member of the leland police dept.Keep your chin up and as they say “this too will pass”.

  • Guest20 says:

    More famous? Another one of your delusions. It’s only making you look more stupid and mentally challenged. The more people have negative comments for you, the more you eat it up…which makes you s-t-u-p-i-d. You do know what that means, right? In case you have any doubt, let me enlighten you:

    Definitions of stupid (adj)
    stu·pid [ stpəd ]
    1.regarded as unintelligent: regarded as showing a lack of intelligence, perception, or common sense.
    2.silly: irritatingly silly or time-wasting.

    Synonyms: unintelligent, dull, brainless, obtuse, witless

    Wow! They all seem to fit you perfectly! I found it in the dictionary easily. I just looked in the dictionary under the word, “stupid,” and it said, “see Kblue.”

    Comparing yourself to Larry the Cable Guy and Will Ferrell is only wishful thinking. Your brand of silly non-humor won’t make you a penny, and it only makes you famous in your own mind. Groucho Marks once said, “Humor is reason gone mad.” He must have known you in a former life.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    So this is your way of ignoring me? By making me MORE famous? Is Larry The Cable Guy Immature? YUP! And rich too! Is Will Farrell Immature? WOW! He sure is!! And rich too! So you see confusing immaturity with humor seems to work with some folks! Thanks for making me most famouser! Is Kblue immature? You betcha! Sept I ain’t rich, For breakfast? I had a slim jim, a tic tac and some gray thing I found in my freezer. Tasted a bit like Rhino tongue and frog feet! Say’s who? Say’s the ever so “immature” Kblue!

  • Guest20 says:

    I’m not an officer. Your observations and assumptions are sadly lacking. I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!

  • Localreader says:

    That’s right, continue to read the unbiased, fair, and hard-hitting reportage found in The North Brunswick Magazine. In case you didn’t know, that’s NOT reporting. That’s an advertising magazine, turned political magazine.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Oh my gosh! Remember that funny post you made???? ME EITHER!!!!!LMAO!!! I thoroughly love making others post’s funny! Say’s who? Say’s the “YANKEE” Kblue!

  • kblue2221984 says:

    After the arrest’s Mike? You and yours are invited to my cook out….Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    You are really just plain stupid. Lame jokes. What a cupcake. Poor ole leland doesn’t stand a chance. Crooked and ignorant cops. I am in high hopes they have a few that are half way decent.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Are all the locals in Leland drama queens like you and don’t have a clue kblue? “I PROMISE you, these issues WILL NOT go away until resolved!” Calm down, everything will work out. Go open your medicine cabinet and pop some of those xanax, you missed your daily dose. We are all aware of the issues at Leland PD, the last thing anyone wants to hear are a couple of cackling hens going on about it!!

  • Guest20 says:

    No anger involved. Just a simple observation of fact.

  • OUTRAGED says:

    Guesttriplea, it’s mighty convenient that YOU are hiding behind a screen name after making a THREAT LIKE THAT. What does Mike need to be scared about? This comes also with the community being threatened about making 911 calls. If the community can’t trust the Leland PD to respond accordingly, why do we need a police force? What is GOING ON HERE? And why are you referring to a grown man as “son”? Are you his daddy?

    Mike, please also provide a mailing address. What will it take to DISBAND the Leland Police Department? A petition? Someone start one!

  • Guestor2 says:

    WWAY-TV 3 has become tabloid trash. WWAY-TV 3 is filled with false information, slanderous comments, inaccuracies, innuendo, and unfounded allegations. It is muckraking of the worst kind.

    Call & write the FCC regarding the irresponsible and reckless conduct of WWAY-TV3. The purported “news” department is a gossip mill for cyber bullying. Tell the FCC how WWAY-TV has abused the public license that it holds.

    No responsible journalist respects WWAY-TV 3 or takes it seriously. It is a blight on NC.

  • Guest3746 says:

    After reading this letter, I wanted to tell Mrs. Dellapia that I feel sorry for her and her family for what they must be going through since these numerous problems have come out about the Leland Police Department. I also remember her mother writing a response of how “saintly” her son-in-law was. But then I realized, her husband is responsible for many families going through pain and hardship as he went after them as revenge or out of vindictiveness, getting rid of people he didn’t like. But he could not have done all this if he wasn’t allowed to by the chief and town administrators. Almost daily, new things come out of how corrupt and immoral these people are – really, this is what Leland wants for a police force? When is anybody there in Leland, besides one councilwoman, going to stop pretending they don’t have a problem and start acting on the behalf of the citizens of Leland and stop trying to cover things up? Maybe getting rid of the whole department and starting over is the best thing that can happen now. Though I am sorry you are hurt, Phylisha, your husband (along with his thug side-kicks) has brought this all on you.

  • Givemeabreak says:

    First of all, the color, model, year, and license plate number were not shared about THAT officer’s wife’s vehicle, nor any address associated with either of their whereabouts. So unless they are such sought after celebrities that citizens are going to go looking for every Infinti in the county, how is your point valid? Anyone wanting to know personal addresses and vehicle info in BC can find that in the public tax records on anyway, which includes the highly classified information on LPD officers and family members. Imagine that. They’re not as important as the CIA. If this is such private information, why did she discuss it publicly on the Internet herself? I can’t speak on the relevancy, but the comment did not put anyone in danger. That was a bit of an exaggeration. Sounds like the officer in question is the real danger. And while I do not want to upset you, I can’t help but ask how making this “point” was beneficial to your cause? It wasn’t.

  • Ahshaddup says:

    You supporters of the “LA” PD (ego check) have as much knowledge about ethical and responsible journalism as you do about ethical and responsible law enforcement. WWAY has not done anything illegal or wrong per basic Journalism 101, which certainly isn’t taught in BLET. Some of these officers can barely spell their own names, much less know the ins and outs of another profession. Don’t think you are the judge of an entire industry just because you’ve done a few Google searches and had some classes on pr. I’ve seen enough of these officers and their families be camera hogs when something “good” was reported on this and other local media outlets. What we have are several individuals selfishly motivated to “serve” for their own personal fame and gain. Respect does NOT come automatically with the badge or uniform, but apparently simply wearing these items does wonders for filling voids and masking insecurities. Fix your inferiority complexes in the therapist’s office and not on the street and battlefield. Cyber bullies? Shouldn’t “badge bullies” be able to handle what they dish out? “Spineless” cowards? How about the cowards hiding behind family members? Looks like they’re already practicing their rights to remain silent. Rest assured no one is being silent behind the scenes. People have already been harassed and intimidated for suspicion of commenting on here and giving WWAY information. Now I do believe that’s a crime, and I didn’t even need basic law enforcement training to know it, as I have common sense.

  • LelandPoliceOfficerDefender says:

    That’s right. kill the messenger (WWAY). Just like we’ve axed three fine officers, who, like KBlue, took a stand. When all the corruption is exposed, it will be funny to watch the chief’s brown nosers quickly jump ship, to save their own spineless hides. They will pretend they were against what they are now supporting, all along.

    Why did two good, honest, career officers, have their careers ruined ? Was it really some back of the book rule ? If so, why aren’t these rules being applied to everyone ? Why was she bullied during training ? These Officers deserved better. No WWAY should not get unplugged, they should get a reward, or at the very least, truthful answers to their questions. Instead of threats and innnsults.

    This House of Cards is starting to fall. The days of hacking people off, or punching a subordinate because he angers you (and you know the click will do what you tell them, to keep you out of trouble) are slowly ending. This abuse of power has been going on too long. I’m sure they would love to bully WWAY and yank their license. But let me tell you, you’re barking up the wrong tree this time.

    This problem is too big. Simply destroying another messenger, is not going to hide the problem this time. Its time to start giving answers, and stop making threats.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Bowing………waving to my fans………”I want to thank my Mom for having me!, my Dad for doing what he did to my Mom to make me!” and last but not least? “ALL OF YOU” “yes you” my fans! for having my back”…Loyalty at its best. It is now time to act. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Guest Apu says:

    I dont’ know your husband, or have any idea if he’s a good officer or not. For now, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But, if corruption and the C.Y.A. that goes along with it is as rampant and high-reaching within the Leland P.D. as it appears, his mere association with the department may be enough to taint his reputation. If your husband wants to maintain his reputation and integrity, it may be time to seek employment elsewhere, otherwise he may go down with the ship.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Time for you to act? Grown up maybe? Lets hope you get your walking papers as well. Poor Leland.

  • Guest20 says:

    I think you’re trying to communicate and reason with an immature, underdeveloped wacko whose ego and delusions of grandeur are immensely larger than his I.Q.

    An old proverb says, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” In other words, if you’re trying to teach Kblue anything, you’re wasting your time. He thrives on the attention, and the more he gets, the more he wants.

    My suggestion is to ignore him like the pesky fly he is, and hope he will go away.

  • Joseph@Pender County says:

    I really am feeling remorse at what all has been going on with this blog. Finger pointing, pie throwing, etc…

    I kept my comments to my self,but continued to follow the blog, because I had an interest in the matter.

    What I know for sure is that not all claims against the town are false. That said, there are also a lot of claims that probably will always remain unfounded and are being made to be vindictive and harmful. We will probably never know all the truths. This does cloud the process and I, for one, wish that every one reading these blogs could of had a more “Informative” read.

    Seeing as it took all of this slander, for the town, to make the most minute effort into finding the truth,I sadly would have to admit that, I am hopeful at the very least. Possibly answering questions that those in charge do not know the answer to.

    I am, also, very saddened that this has cost, and/or will cost, professionals their investments in a career that we teach our children to respect as one of the few “Ultimate Careers”.

    I am not a “fortune teller” but I see more of this coming to light…soon…

  • triplea says:

    I do live in leland, and absolutely love it there. My OPINION of all of this non sense is that you all sound like you are at a competition trying to beat each other to a pulp verbally. It’s just too funny. Let the LPD take care of there stuff, they are grown adults. The town needs to be looked at most definitly. All of you post all of these accusations, and want answers, go sit in a courtroom all day long, take a law book with you and do this for many days, maybe you will learn some stuff that can answer your questions. I by no means know the law like an officer, judge or an attorney, but I most definitly, won’t bad mouth anyone or anything till I know the truth about it. I do know that there are steps and processes that has to be taken before anything can be done about any of this or anything lawful. I assume that all you folks have jobs? Aren’t there steps or processes that has to be taken before you can just say you are done? Stop acting like highschool kids. Go to some town meetings in your hometown and start voicing your opinion there. That’s where you can start to make a difference and then “oh yeah”. Vote.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Where are you now ignorant lady????Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Dear Gordon,
    The only thing passed is your 84th birthday, your son’s carrier, and you ability to see illegal activity. But keep up the great work. Without stupid people like yourself I would be out of a job……Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • kblue2221984 says:

    I just looked in the dictionary under the word, “stupid,” and it said, “see Kblue.” <——-I’m in the dictionary!! Thanks again everyone. I’ll never forget any of you who made this possible. This is the best day of my life. Oprah here I come!!!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Mike Leggett says:

    Unlike so many post here,I will give my name, address, email and cell phone number!I am not scared of the truth, and not afraid of saying so!
    Wait & see what happens! It won’t be long before the truth comes out. I have 1221 pages of emails from the Chief, plus 3 Cd’s of other emails from town manager Bill Farris & the former asst. town manager Michelle Cox! And based on North Carolina General Statues, I will request additional information. The information will come out soon!
    KB2221984, you are on target! I will fight to the end to get this information out. The corruption inside the Leland Police Department has to stop, and it has to stop NOW!
    WWAY has done an outstanding job in releasing this information.And I have worked with them to get this information out to the public.
    As a local reporter,(and a lifelong resident)it’s my job to see that these issues are NOT swept under the rug!
    I PROMISE you, these issues WILL NOT go away until resolved!
    If you have a problem with my post, or wish to talk to me, I will not hide behind a screen name!

    Mike Leggett
    Local News Review

  • sasbasdbva says:

    “Let the LPD take care of there stuff…”

    Oh yea, we’d get real resolution if THAT happened. We should of just let Hitler and the Jews ‘handle thERE own stuff’ because they were adults. Right?

  • Guestrstsrnmjsrmtn says:

    Good evening officer, have you started looking for a new line of work yet?

  • EJones says:

    You are one to talk Guest1313. What is your name?

  • Guest1313 says:

    Ok, after following this story and staying relatively quiet I have a couple of things to say. FIRST, I would like to point out that I do not live in Leland or even Brunswick County so I’m unbiased when it comes to this investigation.
    While everybody is bashing the officers bc they’re not talking when they “can,” let’s think about that for a sec. How professional would it be for a member of a police department to comment on things in the media, especially when there is an investigation going on? Everybody on here wants to talk about how unprofessional the department is, yet they want these officers to be unprofessional by speaking publicly. Let’s see what the investigation brings to light and then we’ll see what’s newsworthy and what is not.
    Second, WWAY. While you do get certain doors to hide behind by being a mediator on this site, let’s also remember that you have to approve the comments made. IF everybody is cleared in this investigation or even if some of the officers are cleared, are you going to apologize to the ones that got run through the dirt on your website? Probably not. Your response will probably be something about how people have the right to voice their opinion and that is not your responsibility yet you are the ones approving these posts. You keep hiding behind these “anonymous” sources bc you have the right. What about the rights of the people that are getting drug through the mud and cleared? What happened to being innocent until PROVEN guilty?

  • M.M Hewett says:

    Them “fine guys ” i would trust my life with, i may not know their names offhand, but ive seen their work. I work in Leland and proud to have them here!!!!

  • Leland Boy says:

    The wife of an officer responds but not the City Attorney or the Police Chief. Fellow blog readers, don’t feel sorry for this lady. She may not be the problem but her “fine husband” is part of the problem. Until people realize how corrupt these “fine officers” are then this blog is the only means to voice concerns.

    The SBI, the Town of Leland, nor the District Attorney are doing anything.

    So for you Mrs. DellaPia my advise to you is do like everyone else associated with your husband’s “fine department” let Mr. Wessell do your talking for you. There will be a huge audience on the day your husband and the rest of his “fine officers” are sentenced to prison. Your husband may not have shot Mrs. Lewis but certainly you know as well as everyone else what he has done in role as a high ranking police officer. Then again, maybe you don’t. If not, I am sorry.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Yes you are sorry. Now let the people who actually have a clue handle it. Go back and watch more scooby doobie doo leave the rest to the big boys.

  • Guest, Just A says:

    Mrs Dellapia is %100 correct in her letter. This is the most on target, direct, and clear argument for WWAY to adjust its policy regarding forum comments and anonymity. If a post is made with name in it not referenced in the original article, the poster should also post their information. Fair is fair. The anonymity allowed in the forum has allowed degrading and personal attacks to go on, and should be stopped.

    I believe the forum administrator should delete any posts that reference a person in the article she mentions, and this should be made policy for the WWAY forum.

  • Leland Boy says:

    If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them. If you are getting threatened, well Mrs Dellapia’s husband works for the police department. I would say he’s more than capable of handling his family. Regardless of what the City Attorney has told the officers, they are not bound to stay quiet. I believe the news media has addressed that law. So if these guys want to tell their side of the story, let’s hear it. It may certainly help ease the public’s mind.

    I agree that WWAY does tend to cross the line at times with its journalistic practices. Brian Berger, RC Soles, and now the Leland Police Department. Sadly, they have to in order to break down the Big Blue Wall that has been put up to impede investigation. While I certainly don’t agree with everything WWAY has done regarding Leland, my remote never stopped working and I could always change the channel if I so desire.

    I do feel bad for the families of Leland Police Officers. I feel bad for the young officers who believe they are making a difference in Leland. I feel bad for the officers who suffered in Charlotte under Tim Jayne’s horrible leadership. However, my heart goes out to the victims of the Leland Police Department. They have victimized, threatened, and harrassed for years. Numerous felonies committed against people in their path and until recently, it never hit the light of day.

    In the words of Joe Dirt(someone I suspect is a hero among Leland Police Officers), keep on keepin on WWAY! You may be able to do with no other news outlet or law enforcement agency has ever been able to do.

  • Ludo says:

    all i have to say is, look at good ol’ ronald hewitt. at first no one had any evidence for all his wrong doings. but like all good stories, something good and bad will always come out of this. yes i agree with the lt’s wife, that they are attacking them in a weak hidden way, but i also say that even in today’s obamanation world, there are still people that agree with the freedom of speech. me personally, take them all out, start over, and let it all go, just like they did with ronald. what did it take, 3 or so years, and now he is doing better than ever, and people have forgotten about all the corruption that used to be in the BCSO.

  • GuestWowee says:

    Shoot.,. What you talkin’ bout Willis?
    Brunswick Countys Municipalities.., ALL of them are making Good ol Ron look like an angel and his poo smell like flowers……..
    Kind of like the redneck mafia

  • M.M Hewett says:

    All i can say is wow to this! Dont forget small things can get blown larger than what they are, and everyone has them “small things” I tend to find the good in people, one bad event does not make a bad person.

  • Rocky Lane Moore says:

    OK, slander and libel are at a rabid pace on the internet and on talk radio. This is the same stuff that Michael Savage does. Where a nobody attacks (A President) and gets famous for the things he attacks, though not actually doing anything to fix what’s wrong. So your husband is a police man, same principle. Nobodys slander the law enforcer, so they can get attention they do not deserve. and they probably should be excluded from the discussion for trolling. Tolling has become a serious crime on the internet and needs to have some kind of enforcement against people who write things to infuriate others, which has no basis in fact or is not relevent to the discussion. I suggest you run for official office where you can address this as a side issue of your campaign.

  • Guestpaulrevered says:

    You could compare Brian Berger to Joe Dirt, in that both are rednecks, but to even mention Berger and RC Soles together is like putting Hitler and Gandhi in the same pod (exageration but the point is valid). Berger never broke any laws, he got involved with a disturbed woman with a troubled past and present and tried to help her. And he must have loved her seeing how he allowed her to destroy every single thing in his life. He was “dad” to Heather Blaylock’s boys (the biological dad abandoned his two boys as infants).

    Anyone who has sacrificed out of love like Brian Berger did for Heather Blaylock and her children (you should have seen them together) and discovers their partner has been cheating on them, stealing from them, filing false allegations and lying to ruin Berger’s life in every way, many of us would snap and be much less subdued than Berger. Instead of protection, authorities saw a pretty “victim” and easy target in Berger and had him falsely arrested, paraded in chains in nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment for political reasons, compared to Soles who was protected from basic LE. Berger didnt suffer enough at the hands of a very evil, empty woman with severe mental illness that eventually affected Berger. He seems to be much better. And the kangaroo court of Sandy Criner is illustrative of the worst corruption and debasement of justice small southern towns are famous for…Berger was kicked and abused by the system that protects people like Soles and other “insiders” but often overlooks the rights of good people like Berger who have done nothing criminal but are political targets. Those who saw what happened in Sandy Criners court saw first hand the machinery spinning to crush a potential threat to the system and power structure here.

    The Berger’s only crime is poor judgement, ion his private life, choosing a malicious and possibly soulless woman as a partner. He probably has regrets after this last year. How did someone with blaylock’s background get hired to teach dozens of children with a history of violence, emotional instability, and CPS investigations? That sounds more like RC (special treatment??) than Berger, who has been unfairly attacked (with lies more than facts it seems).

  • Guest358 says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for submitting a piece of crap like this. I suppose he was “helping” her when he texted over 100 times in a day? What are you, his mother?

  • prettysure says:

    Brian, is that you? It sure seems like it.

  • No Name says:

    You said weeks ago that you weren’t going to read anymore posts on WWAY, remember? You just endorsed the very news station you have issue with by keeping this going, and gave them an additional story! Brilliant! You can’t have it both ways. You can’t post in secret (yes, it is obvious that is you) and fault others for doing the same. You also can’t fault others for not staying on topic when you can’t do the same! Are you asking WWAY to change their commenting policy as a whole or are you simply wanting things deleted that hurt your feelings and incriminate your husband? Is this letter about you and your family or another officer’s? The focus is not clear, or are you so used to fighting your husband’s battles that fighting another officer’s and his wife’s battle comes naturally? Do you have any idea how it looks to have such big, bad men’s chihuahua-y wives protect them? You are making them the laughing stock of the department. Turn YOUR focus to your husband. I understand you are hurt, but the fall will be only be worse in the end because you will have embarrassed yourself the greatest in hindsight. It is sad that you didn’t know some of this stuff, but now you do. It’s only recently that you’ve taken a more calm, rash approach. I believe you were criticized, quite aptly, for being Jerry Springer-like. If you can’t take the heat, stay out the kitchen.

    Incidentally, I have to disagree 100% that this was well-written. Your writing fails as an effective argument because it is wrought with personal emotion. In short, it sucks. Do you want that remark deleted as well? It’s on point, targeted, and clear. It’s also my OPINION.

    Protect my Freedom of Speech and your Freedom of the Press, WWAY. And continue to protect the identities of the commenters from the LAPD. Yes, people’s safety is stake from the police. Ironic isn’t it?

  • Salem says:

    This (story) started off as a good story with a purpose. Though now WWAY for some reason has taken things a little too far.

    I am all for exposing any sort of Corruption and dealing with it if it is true. The community on here has turned this into a crap slinging contest and sadly a vast majority of the people commenting on here I would bet are not the most “Stand Up Citizens” themselves.

    I trust the State to properly investigate the matter and handle it.

    WWAY has stepped over the line and has become blood thirsty to a point that I am starting to wonder if someone in Power of WWAY has some sort of personal vendetta against the Department or a Person within it.

    I believe it is possible that it is also driven by a fight for viewers as no doubt WWAY waste no time to put on their home page that they have lead the charge on covering the CORRUPTION (which is assuming there is before it is determined).

    Posting this Lady’s comment on your site shows me that you are using this only to put MORE pressure on her and her family. I am have to liken your guys handling of this more like a bunch of High School Gossiping Teenagers.

    I find it hard to sort through the facts with all the trolling.

    Now again I am not taking the side of the L.P.D. , I am holding judgment until facts come before the legal system.

    WWAY has been known to take down my comments in the past for being FAR LESS than offensive than the ones I have seen on here and remain on here.

  • EJones says:

    I will answer the questions as to why the “so called corruption is just now coming to light” First and foremost you must understand that when people with power continuously do wrong they become adept, or so they think, at hiding the truth. While it is understandable that you are worried about your family’s reputation shouldn’t you be more concerned about the truth? Isn’t questioning the truth of what others are saying just as detrimental to their families and their reputations? Haven’t they sat in silence enough?

    If you have been reading I am sure you are aware of the facts that show anyone that works for the town who has ever spoken out has been illegally terminated. And just as you want to protect your family I’m sure that many of them have done what is necessary to protect theirs. So some may have originally been hesitant to speak. There are many however, who have taken appropriate actions with appropriate sources, both internally and externally. You must be aware of the fact that true investigations take time. They can sometimes go for a year or even more. During these times many have chosen not to speak so as not to interfere with the investigations. Others may choose to speak anyway and that is their choice.

    You state that officers should be accountable for impeding an investigation and yet you also state that there is no wrongdoing. So, if there is no wrongdoing, there is no investigation. Then why do you want people who have made comments held accountable. You really can’t have it both ways. I suggest to you that you might be jumping the gun yourself and impeding an investigation by requesting information be removed. The bottom line is that you only know what you are presented with at home. You don’t know how your husband acts away from you, or in fact who he is with all the time. You don’t know what goes on at the Police Station, in the Police Car, In the Administration building, in town or other places if you are not there.

    While you mention your husband’s rank and the fact that he didn’t shoot Officer Lewis you don’t mention if he ever lifted a finger to help in any way. You don’t mention his overall attitude. As a leader, did he do anything to stop it? Has he ever spoken out about questionable policies and practices? Does he believe that his immature behavior and comments at Town staff meetings are appropriate? Honestly, you can’t defend what you don’t know. Do you know all that goes on and do you really believe that everything said is BS? If so, then why read the comments? Why let it get to you? If enough is enough then wouldn’t it be better for you not to give credence to what you believe is BS? The more you do what you are doing the more assumptions people make. Sometimes there is nothing more defeating than silence and sometimes those who argue the most argue because they ultimately know the truth and they want to live in denial.

  • Guestrstsrnmjsrmtn says:

    Hewitt went to JAIL. “Small Things”????

  • Duck! says:

    Got some trigger happy officers around here! One down. More to be exposed! Stay tuned.

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