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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -– The SBI is investigating allegations of corruption in Oak Island, according to the NC Attorney General’s office.

The AG’s office says agents conducted an initial assessment and then formally opened an investigation on October 18, 2011 at the request of the District Attorney.

Agents will reportedly look into why a sewer project, estimated to cost $67 million ended up costing more than $150 million plus interest.

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  • Guest2020

    Is it me or is there a double standard being practiced in the District Attorney’s office? He can ask the SBI to investigate corruption in Oak Island, but he refuses to as the SBI to investigate the ongoing corruption in Leland. Mr. David, either you have the authority to do something or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Guest20562

    why dont they investigate the police dept on oak island why they are there?

  • Tracy

    They sure need to investigate th Police Dept and these yelllow tickets they hand out payable toThe Town of OKI like they are doing you a favor, I hope heads roll over this! I alwys wanted to live at the beach, but I sure didn’t plan on being harrased by the poice evertime i leave the house, and some of the not all of the badger you into getting into trouble and then print it inThe Statr Port Pilot the way THEY want it to sound!

  • Pervis

    The SBI needs to look into the EMS and Fire Department as well. The community needs to really know the truth about the IV Party and other behind the scenes issues that have plagued this department for years now. Was there a cover up in the Walters Administration? Hopefully Not!
    As a concerned citizen, I have lost all faith in this department and hope and pray that I never need to call 911 in Oak Island. Hopefully, the Town will turn over it’s Emergency Operations to the County. At least, the County is well trained and they have on staff a full-time Safety Coordinator. Maybe a meeting with Town Manager Jerry Walters and County Manager Marty Lawing needs to happen.

  • Guest00098

    Sounds like the same disgruntled employee is after the FD again. The only thing wrong with the FD is some of the piss poor decisions made by former Chief and Asst. Chief and most of those involved some of the folks he hired who are still there causing problems. Want me to name a few including you.

  • Guest49497

    Soo.. Take away the $50 civil citations payable to the town? Last time I had a state citation for speeding the lawyer was $150 plus something like $150 court cost (this was a couple of years ago, costs have gone up since then). The last ticket I didn’t use a lawyer I paid the fine, court cost, and years of insurance where my rate adjusted $75 more a month.. I think they are helping you by giving you that citation. Feel free to take the civil citation away and receive the state citation, I drive the speed limit anyway. Most of oipd aren’t pulling you over unless you’re 12+ mph over the limit. Explain how the civil isn’t better than a state citation so I can understand, or are you saying oak island pd shouldn’t be pulling you over at all for speeding?


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