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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Putting America back to work. That’s what President Obama hopes to accomplish with his American Jobs Act. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is a staunch supporter of that act. He was in Wilmington today to discuss the proposal and to tour a manufacturing company that could play a key role in improving our information infrastructure.

At Corning, Secretary Geithner got a first hand look at fiber optics, a key component in today’s information age. He feels Corning is one of many companies that would benefit greatly from the American Jobs Act, which would invest heavily in all types of infrastructure, including broadband.

“To help create a stronger tax incentives for businesses, help get more Americans back to work, put more money in the hands of Americans and it is very,very important we see Congress act in the next week and months to help strengthen growth here at home,” Geithner said.

Speaking of home, the American Jobs Act impacts North Carolina in several different ways. It would provide nearly 798-million dollars in highway and transit infrastructure, which is estimated to add more than 10,000 jobs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean out-of-work North Carolinians would be the ones who get those jobs.

“What you can do at the state level is try to make it a more attractive place for businesses to come and build and that depends on lot of different factors,” Geithner explained, “It depends on the quality of the workforce, they can rely on it. It depends on the quality of infrastructure, depends on the quality of the education system and access of local talent. Those are basic fundamental things and all things flow from that.”

The plan would also expand the payroll tax cut passed last December.

“Every business in this state and every person with a job will have lower taxes in January if Congress acts on the president’s proposals and every government in this state would have more resources to keep teachers in the classroom and first responders on the job.”

Secretary Geithner didn’t just talk about the American Jobs Act, he also talked about the global economy and how that could play a role in our economic recovery. He says the European crisis is one of the biggest challenges affecting growth around the world, so a lot in the US depends on Europe’s ability to restore confidence.

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  • Guest7969

    BUT BUT…that money is Federal Money…its FREE…it comes from Obamas pockets…

  • GuestyQuesty

    Very nice to see true patriots with common sense in Wilmington.

    Why did Timmy Boy venture out of DC to the hinterlands of North Carolina? Will we see Corning in the headlines soon, receiving more magic Bernanke $$$ as part of some “green jobs” scheme? Probably. How much would Corning exec’s sell out for? $10 mil? $100 mil? Half a billion, like Solyndra?

    What mis-educated “journalists” just don’t get – is that EVERY. SINGLE. DOLLAR. of that $798 mil in the “American Jobs Act” – had to be EARNED.

    Somebody had to dig a ditch – or bus tables – or stand for hours at the Walmart check out line, as a cashier – or run a combine in the cotton fields til late at night – or drive a truck – or clean toilets in fancy/schmancy bank office buildings – or bust butt running a business, working 16 hrs/day, pouring heart & soul into his/her life’s dream ….. to EARN THAT DOLLAR THAT GOES RIGHT TO THE CORRUPT DEM PARTY MONEY LAUNDERING/VOTE BUYING MACHINE, A/K/A GVT PROGRAMS & GREEN JOBS SCHEMES.

    Do you get it now?

  • Gbtvrf

    Ya and then in 2013…..after the long parade thru the plant hundreds of us Americans got laid off…..the month corning opens a plant in India…….ya corning cares about American jobs alright……you betcha…..they took all that incentive money and sent it straight to India.

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