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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With early voting underway and Election Day right around the corner, we’ve been introducing your to the candidates for Wilmington City Council.

Incumbent Laura Padgett says her experience is an asset to the city and looks forward to continue to improve Wilmington.

Padgett has served on Wilmington City Council for four terms. She was born and raised in Louisville, KY, but has called Wilmington home for decades.

“I came here first in 1975 with my husband at the time, who had a job teaching at the university,” she said. “So I have lived in Wilmington basically 35-plus years, although I was gone a couple of years in the early ’80s pursuing a career.”

The retired financial advisor and stock broker says despite having been elected four times, her work is not over. Padgett wants to continue to see projects flourish like roads and parks.

“A lot of things run at a tortoise pace with government, so you start things, and we have ideas when we get elected, but it does take a long time for thing to come to fruition,” Padgett said.

Padgett says her years of experience on council is an asset, adding that her non-incumbent challengers may not realize what the job entails.

“It is kind of a hard job,” Padgett said. “People don’t realize the time and effort it takes, the volume of material you are responsible for. How many views points you really have to take into consideration before you make a decision that is going to affect everyone, sometimes affect many other people that you have not really heard from.”

Padgett has been part of some controversies during her tenure. Most recently her travel expenditures.

“There was a very good reason for each of those trips,” she said. “Number one City Council had approved a travel budget. The city manager and the city council through the travel budget allocation had not only approved the trips ahead of time but encouraged me to take them.”

Padgett says despite the bumps in the road her focus has always been on making Wilmington a better place for all. She says if the city continues to improve itself, soon everybody, including businesses will want to live and grow their companies here in the Port City.

“I would like to continue to contribute to Wilmington’s success, and I think I bring a lot of knowledge and experience about how we got where we are and how we might make things better,” Padgett said.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …you are giving a green light to her belief that every penny of the travel budget MUST be spent, and that WAVE must be supported and indeed expanded using your tax dollars in lieu of rider fares.

    She would never be as cavalier and generous with her own money as she can be be with yours.

  • Guest238

    You don’t know that. That, once more, is a supposition on your part.

  • guesty

    Just like Ronnie, thanks but no thanks. Your services are no longer needed in the City of Wilmington.

    Don’t re-elect anybody.

  • Guestnuance

    Padgett on City Council and Catlin on the County Board–both bad actors who serve their own interests and not ours, Padgett likes to travel and Catlin loves self-dealing and dirty tricks. Let’s keep them both in office -after all it is Halloween next week?
    Arrogance in politcos like these is what has harmed our City. They play nice in public but behind the scenes they make Nixon look like Mother Teresa.

  • Guest Reply

    (Quote) “Padgett wants to continue to see projects flourish like roads and parks”. (Unquote)
    What “roads” improvement Padgett? Increasing parking deck fees downtown? The constant flooding around town when a storm hits our area? The worse roads in the state lye beneath our tires here, and our front end alignment bills for our cars prove it!
    No sympathy here for any of the present City Council members…NONE! They have constantly made bad financial decisions (i.e) (Wilmington Convention Center minus a hotel) which the Center will eventually be paid for by tax payers one way or the other/Worse sewer system that goes untouched until a Break occurs/Virtually little to none on traffic patrol by officers/the list goes on and on.
    Throughout the year (every year) we read media reports of all the negativity that comes out of our City Council members making “Bad” decisions for this city…so the time is now to ditch them and start new…NOW!
    It simply boils down to this…”Vote Them Out!!!”

  • Guest1966

    When Laura Padgett talks about road improvement, she means adding bicycle lanes, at tax payer expense, notice bicycles don’t pay taxes for roads they travel on, just motorist!

  • Guest7969

    you are an IDIOT and vote for her…I hope your city taxes DOUBLE to cover all the things she wants to do..and I’m glad the new annexation laws will protect me from the spending spree!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …and you would chime in to disagree. You have some kind of OCD…but that’s your problem, not mine.

    I invite anyone to examine her travel expenses and her record on allocating money to WAVE. If she blew her own money like that, she’d be broke.

  • Guest238

    I guess you could say I have a low tolerance for blowhards and I would agree with you.

  • truthseeker

    The only projects Padgett wants is to travel on taxpayer dollars. She is just another spoiled “elitist” whose only concern is what benefits her. As a resident who was annexed in the very first annexation I have not received one benefit that I did not already have other than a significant rise in taxes. Padgett and Saffo have to go or Wilmington will continue to experience city growth for the significantly few. I could care less about a bike path. Bicyclist continue to ride on Eastwood Road instead of the sidewalk so what is the use other than waste my money. How about take care of what we already have. City Council let 3rd street crumble to pieces before they acted, too busy spending on bike paths and parks. Quit traveling all over the world, take care of what we have, then you can do something new. Like reduce tax burden!

  • No more Padgett

    Now is the time when the people of Wilmington hold the power. The power to get rid of the trash taking up seats on city council. Padgett is a plague on our city and wants nothing more than to separate you with your hard earned tax dollars. Its time to send her packing and let her pay for her own trips to far off lands. Lets all send the council a message this election that fiscal responsibility is not just a request of the people but a demand! That goes for you too Saffo.

  • Guestnext

    At least Padgett is a fighter and stands for something- more than we could say about that wimp Fuller. He is a classic RINO- loves to spend (our money) and Saffo is a hero. He bends at every wind gust.
    Why vote for a loser like Fuller when he wont be any different than Padgett—at least she has guts and spends her own money.


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