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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man loading a moving truck in Brunswick County was hit and killed today by a car. Highway Patrol says the 63-year-old, who’s name has not been released, was loading the truck on Green Hill Road near Duffer Blvd.

Troopers say the driver of a car heading east on Green Hill Road was blinded by the sun and hit the man. No charges have been filed at this time.

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  • lil dee

    gone but not forgotten

  • Lil Dee

    It seem liked.yesterday we were in a hotel in Kansas City sendin me back in fourth to wendys it hurt my legs.but we had lots of fun on the truck love yall fam (Jones Boy FOrever) HAROLD JONES

  • Tallaya

    all i have is good memories of him ‘ especially his scrawberry grape mustic and huney bump (in his voice) :) Mey He Rest In peace . Love Yall Fam

  • Family Guest

    A special thanks to everyone who posted their kind remarks to The Jones Family. Please know that this is far from over, Mr. Jones was a hardworking man and on that sorrowful day he was trying to make a living for his family. If the shoe was on the other foot and it was your loved one, I ask anyone who is reading this, “what you would do”? This was not a stray cat or a dog struck down, but a human life. Please keep us in your prayers as we move forth.

  • Jap

    Harold Jones was a husband,daddy, brother,friend,boss. Harold and I worked together for 15 or more years, we had good times and we had bad times but we loved each other in our own way. Janet, Brittany, Ethan, Darrell and the rest of the family he loved you. he called me his little son when we was out on the truck. My heart goes out to you guys but know you are not alone in your loss. Harold will be greatly missed and there will always be a empty spot in my heart. Love you guys and I’m only a phone call away.

  • Guest20

    Man, you had me until your last sentence. Instead of wanting “justice” (which is just another way of saying “revenge”), do something kind for someone else in Mr. Jones’s name.

    “Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst.” – Walter Weckler.

  • Brian Miller

    When you go to http://www.flickr.com, enter ChevelSS67 in the search engine. It will say no matches found. However, above the search field, will be a selection for photos, groups, and people. Select People, then click on ChevelSS67. It will direct you to the pics. I will add more to flickr as I will be taking pictures with the customers that Harold had on this trailer. Again, we are having a great response from cars passing on the road, giving a Honk 4 Harold, as well as many thumbs up and plenty of waves and condolences. Harolds legacy rolls on. God bless.

  • Barksdale

    This was a great man that the neighborhood people will truly missed.He was known from coast to coast. My family will lay him to rest today 11-2-11. Aunt Janet and Family I love you guys. It all seem so strange that he is gone. He was my dads best friend. When I saw my dad I could see the hurt in his eyes. In every ones eyes. We will have justice.

  • Brian Miller

    By the way, as far as the banner goes, you can see a picture of it on the trailer, along with myself and my helper. Just go to http://www.flickr.com and search ChevelSS67. You will find the pic there. Take care, and God Bless.

  • Brian Miller

    Hello everyone, and hello to the Jones family. My name is Brian Miller and I am a Beltmann driver. I am also the driver that will be delivering Harolds shipments for him. I personally never got the chance to meet Harold or his family, but I felt it necessary to honor his life and legacy in some way. Myself and my helper(Mike Aguilar), have made a banner that will honor him in this way. It is currently hanging on the back of the trailer, with the saying, “Honk 4 Harold”. Below it says Driving in Memorium 1948-2011, as well as a description of our reason for hanging the banner. Several close friends and managers from Dehavens North American in Wilmington, NC have also signed it with their own sayings as well. Its just my way of trying to honor a man that has been in this business as long as he has. So far, our first day out with the truck, we recieved well over 50 Honks 4 Harold, as im sure they read our banner, and were feeling the emotion of this tragic situation. God Bless the Jones family, and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. After the trip is complete, I will be donating the banner to the Jones family.

  • Terry Hocking

    As a seventeen (17) year member of the Beltmann hauling team, I have accumulated well over a million miles of safe driving without a accident or moving violation. During that tenure, it has always been my fear that if I were involved in an accident, I would cause harm to some one else. This ideology is predicated on the disparity of mass between a heavy truck and a automobile. It has never entered my mind however, that my life, or the life of one of my crewmembers could be taken in this senseless manner.

    Harold and I shared the same coordinator. She was clearly devastated by this news. I have also been a party to inter-Beltmann correspondence that reflects those same sentiments. Harold was one of the “good guys” and will be missed by many within the hauling arm of the Beltmann Group. It is my sincere hope that Janet can find some comfort in the fact Harold was clearly a blessing to his customers during a very stressful time in their lives, and as a result, that principle will mitigate some of the pain she is now experiencing resulting from his early demise.

    Terry & Karen Hocking
    Nashwauk, MN

  • Nephew Chris Jones

    Uncle Harold u will be greatly missed. Luv u unc. To my family may god b with u through this difficult time.

  • Felicia

    Harold Jones was his name

  • Felicia

    The man that was killed was my cousin, Harry Davis.

  • Guestfedup

    What do you want to bet SPEEDING was a factor… God bless this man’s family. Both families

  • dawn

    speed is not nessarily the cause, the morning sun makes it very difficult to see anything, some days

  • J Sparger

    This man was my Uncle and he was a good man. He has been taken from us.

  • J Sparger

    Our family is devastated.

  • Jennifer

    He was a hardworking man, cut down by negligence.

  • Selest

    Im sorry britt ur fam in my prayers tha jones fam n.my thoughts ily britt n ethan love selest

  • Guesthhhhhh

    Soooo what was his name? Geez why are you posting when you dont even care enough to know the mans name.

  • J Sparger

    I strongly disagree, if that is the case, we are all in trouble overall.

  • Guestfedup

    Let’s see, SPEED + no visibility = DEATH!

  • Brittany Jones

    That “Man” was my Dad! If the morning sun makes it difficult, than ur ass dont need too drive.

  • Guestfedup

    It should have read speedING. Sorry.

  • my sympathy to the family

    Clearly you are simple. You have no remorse for the family or you wouldn’t be posting dumb, simple things. #1 he was unloading on a residential road he should have been driving the speed limit. If not he should be sited for speeding as well as man slaughter. Even if it wasn’t his intention to kill him he shouldn’t have been driving if he couldn’t see. As to the family look into wrongful death if the police don’t investigate properly.

  • Maggie and MKat

    Brittany – there are no words and I truly understand your pain. There is only fervent prayer for you and the family. I will see you soon. I love you cousin!

  • The Haywood Family

    On behalf of my family, I wanted to let you know that your father was a ray of sunshine in our lives during our recent move from Wilmington to Oklahoma. He treated us like his own family and he had a great smile and infectious laugh that was so comforting. He is an Angel who touched many lives in a positive way. Know that he is with God and may His grace touch each of you during this difficult time.

    Your father will be missed but he left many of us with happiness in our hearts during stressful times.

    God Bless to you and your entire family. You are in our prayers!

  • jay tatum

    He was my uncle but like a father n I drive trucks as well n I no that if the sun was the factor u can still c the clearance of the trailor. I’m hurt n my family as well today I lost my best friend I hope that it is looked into n handled properly

  • Selest

    Jones fam in my thought n.prayers ethan n britt I love yall wit all my heart

  • Beth

    Speeding is very bad on Green Hill Rd. We called state troopers several times. My heart goes ou to the Jnes Family

  • Niece

    To Who Ever You Are:

    I pray the GOD sends peace for your soul. My only hope is that you have a heart and that you have learned a life lesson from this most unfortunate accident. May God Bless you.

    We have lost someone who is very dear to us and we can not get him back in this lifetime. He may be gone from this life, but he will never be forgotten!


  • Guest5

    I would like to send my sympathy to all members of his family. I know this is a very difficult time for you and I can understand your sadness and even your anger. However, I think it is important for people that are reading your comments and maybe even for all of you to understand one thing. I passed the area where this happened before it occured. The moving truck was parked IN THE ROAD, not off of it. It totally blocked that lane of traffic forcing drivers into the other lane. I passed by around 8:30am. The sun is blinding at that time. When I had to go around the truck into the other lane, I was thinking that this was a very dangerous set of circumstances. I had just pulled of from an adjacent street that is less than a block from where the truck was. There was no issue of speed for me. I do not know who the driver was. I do not know what their speed was. But, I think it is very important that when people start attacking a person that, in my opinon, did not cause this horrible accident to realize that this person is probably suffering, too. It was an accident. Things happen in this life all of the time that are true accidents. I understand that it is tempting to want to blame someone, but think about this…the driver that hit him was in the road, not a driveway, not a parking lot. Why would a moving truck be PARKED in the road? Why would the movers be in the road? That truck endangered that driver’s life as well as all that had to pass it. The point is that it is one thing to try and punish or blame someone when they clearly made a choice to endanger others…drunk driving, etc. But, there are times when accidents happen that are just accidents.


    be parked in a road? To unload or unload stupid. Do you think this tractor trailer was able to fit in the drive way? Did you see a parking lot there? That was an ignorant statement to even make. He had all rights to be there to deliver or load.

  • Saddened by this unnecessary death

    It doesn’t matter if he was in the road or off to the side of the road…loading or unloading the truck; the fact is he was there and anyone passing him should have proceeded with caution because the truck was there and anyone could have been moving around the vehicle. If you are blinded by the sun then slow down and adjust your visor so you can see, if you are proceeding blindly you are endangering everyone on the road including yourself. Sun blindness is usually only momentary and how do you not see a semi and trailer that big. Any way you look at it, it was an unnecessary death and Harold Jones will be missed by many!

  • Guest5

    What is unload or unload??? And,yes,it would have fit in the driveway. Do you know the location or are you writing on something that you know nothing about?


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