Topsail High principal suspended

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Submitted: Thu, 10/27/2011 - 4:10pm
Updated: Thu, 10/27/2011 - 4:16pm

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Topsail High School’s principal has been suspended, but no one is saying why. Pender County Schools spokeswoman Joyce Keith says Marcus Skipper was suspended Monday with pay. Keith said in an e-mail to WWAY, “There are no further comments.”

Back in June the school board reassigned Skipper to Cape Fear Middle School leading to outcry from Topsail parents and students. Within days, the board reversed its decision.

“Marcus Skipper requested to be reinstated,” Keith told WWAY in an e-mail June 16. “The decision is in the best interest of Topsail High School and Cape Fear Middle School.”


  • Jordan Gulliams says:

    What did he do?

  • GuessWhat. says:

    Oh my goodness. All of these comment owners apparently are in the Pender family yet throwing stones at each other. I’ve had more principals than Skipper and as far as I’ve seen he’s handled situations very maturely and has never been hostile or rude towards any students or parents speaking by what I’ve heard and experienced. There can be room for improvement in any situation, but as of now Topsail needs a principal so it would be very helpful if parents/teachers/staff people would quit yelling about how wrong each other are and finding a solution for we, the students. Merci famille de Topsail.

  • THS parent says:

    I have heard from a source very close to this issue why Mr. Skipper was suspended, and I believe he deserved to be. It has NOTHING to do with any axe the school board has to grind. I have an Honors student at THS and I am very unimpressed with the direction the school is going under Mr. Skipper’s (lack of) leadership. “Walking down the hall with a happy face” is nice, but not the only thing a principal should get paid such a high salary for doing.

  • For Skipper says:

    If you don’t like the direction Skipper is taking THS, then take your kids and go to one of the other Pender County Schools or better yet go to New Hanover, see how that goes. For me and my family I prefer THS and Skipper at the helm.

  • 123 says:

    Mr.skipper is a great pricipal at Topsail high school he has been my principal for the past couple years since middle school he’s a very kind,gentlemen he do not deserve to be put under something he didnt do. I think they should vote new peoples in the Board Eductation cause they full of it .I Do attend topsail high school to this day

  • Jordan G says:

    thats what you get

  • Jordan G says:

    Can you guys stop putting my name on here, Juliana and Dante

  • confused1 says:

    Where is Karen Gonzales? Isn’t she our School Board representative for Topsail area? Has anyone asked her directly?

  • Nancy S. says:

    If you are going to suspendend a principal for any reason I believe the parents should have been made aware of this via a phone call!!!! Topsail calls for everything else why not this???? I have NEVER had any issues with Mr. Skipper in the 5/6 years that I have known him as my childs principal!!!!!

  • Topsail Parent says:

    Good Riddens! My kids are at the top of their class, yet anytime I have any dealings with Mr Skipper, he is always very rude and seems to have some control issues!

  • Guest What? says:

    I’m glad your kids are at the top of their class, and apparently have good teachers, because they certainly don’t get much book-lernin’ at home. What exactly is riddens?

  • Chris Poage says:

    Well evidently you don’t know Marcus Skipper at all! He is an AWESOME man and a true leader with only the best interest of each and every child at heart! My daughter is VERY LUCKY to have Marcus Skipper as her principal! N

  • student says:

    You guys make me sick. None of you have no clue what you’re talking about. The person who has already graduated, how do you know what he’s doing these days? Exactly, you don’t. And all the parents that thinks he’s controlling, I would love to hear your definition of controlling because he is not! How can you run a school without rules, or in your words “control.” Mr. Skipper is the best principal that Topsail has EVER had. He is the only one that walks down the halls happy and says hello to everyone. When you have a principal that has remembered probably 95% of the school student’s names with over 1100 students, does that not tell you anything? Mr. Skipper attends all the sporting avents that he can, and every other school even that he is able too. It is absolutely ridicolous that he couldn’t attend his students senior night that he’s had since 7th grade. That is absolutely RIDICOLOUS! I am a student that currently attends Topsail, and I see what happens at our school. He has encouraged and motivated students who don’t care one bit about school to come every day and try their hardest. The graduation percentage is higher than any other school in Pender County, and our grades and scores are the best. Why doesn’t the board try to fix the other schools and try to get them like Topsail? I am so sick and tired of having to worry about politics when I’m only a student. They are ruining my future with all of this mess. Just leave Topsail alone, we’re doing fine without all the politics. Leave the Topsail family alone.

  • Woodsideeee says:

    How would you know if he’s the best principle ever if he’s the only one you’ve ever had idiot.

  • Wrong says:

    on so many counts about Manning. As a PCS employee, I’m ashamed to have to call you a colleague. If you have to run and hide when she walks in, shame on you for not doing your job, because that’s on you.

    The only thing more sickening than your accusations is the sense of entitlement and arrogance that persists on the east side of the county. When things go wrong, let’s cry to the press because we don’t get what we want, and while we’re at it, let’s smear people in the process. This spring was a great example, as is this episode.

    I say this having worked in multiple parts of the county. I hope this works out for the best, for Skipper, for the staff of THS but more so for the children of Pender County.

  • Pirate Pride says:

    The fact that Mr. Skipper has been placed on suspension is absolutely ludacris and completely unnecessary. This is nothing more than Rachel Manning trying to finish what she started last year but was not able to. Every Pender County School employee knows that Manning was Scholar’s henchman and did all her dirty work. For whatever reason, Manning has a personal vendetta against Mr. Skipper and she is trying to get at him no matter what cost or who is hurts, students, staff, and community members. To her it doesn’t matter who she has to “sacrifice” as long as she gets what she wants, and that is to remove Mr. Skipper from his position as principal at Topsail High School. Unlike Ms. Manning, who likes to spread rumors about her employees and smear their name when she has never even SPOKEN to that employee, I’m not going to assume or make accusations that I don’t know if they are true or not. I’m not sure why she wants him out because I don’t know but it is very evident that she wants him gone.

    Maybe the school board should look at the fact that when school employees see Rachel Manning walking into their school that they run and hide. It’s like the seeing the grim reaper, she invokes fear and intimidation into school employees that they are so afraid to teach how they know and can because if they are to get any complaints to central office they know that they are in the crosshairs. And when Manning gets you in her crosshairs, you’re going down by any means necessary.

    Mr. Skipper has support from the community, as evidenced last school year, he has support from his staff, as evidenced last school year and he has support from the students, as evidenced last school year. Will every teacher be happy working for an administrator??? No they won’t there will always be those who don’t get along or like any of their administrators at their school. Will every student be happy and like the principal??? Absolutely not. Will every teacher be happy and like the principal at their childrens school??? No way. But look at the overall support that Mr. Skipper has. Would all the people that came to bat for him before and are coming to bat for him now do so if Mr. Skipper was not worthy of fighting for?
    It’s time the School Board steps in and cleans house where it needs to be cleaned. If they school board is too scared then they need to be give up their seat to someone who will be willing to stand up for what is right.

    The staff has pulled together and is rallying, not to show Manning and Central Office that we don’t need Skipper to function at a high level. But we are rallying and continuing doing what we are supposed to do to show Manning that no matter how much she messed with us or continues to beat us down that we are not going down easy. We got your back Mr. Skipper!!!

  • Guest20 says:

    It’s Southern for “riddance”. You should know that, since you know about book-lernin’ (hehe).

  • MisInformed says:

    WOW!! I think it is awesome that he is leaving! I dont have to deal with him anymore. We have already graduated… but I remember a time when I needed Mr. Skipper to believe and do what is right and protect ALL the children. but then again he chose to control the matter in a controlling way and still to this day He says he takes care of his school in a way that he knows everything that goes on in his school and at extra curricular activities. He is a very arrogant and self centered and not a very caring person!!! Lets get someone in the school that will make a difference and will be fair to our students and lets hear “THE REST OF THE STORY” Man up Skipper tell us WHY??? Concerned Citizen

  • Observer says:

    The Pender County School Board of Education is a JOKE! It all started several years ago with Ted Kaniuka being removed with false accusations. Firing and threatening teachers and administrative staff with “insubordination”. Everyone has a right to find out why they are being questioned and thorough investigations need to be done into allegations before someone gets dismissed. And ANYTIME a teacher or Administrative Personnel asks a question they are being told they are being “insubordinate” which is bullcrap! GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE Pender County Board! Elections are coming, we will find the right fit at some point and it will NOT include YOU! There are people who need to be fired within the school system, but it is NOT Mr. Skipper. Rachel Manning is just looking for a way to remove Mr. Skipper before new Superintendent gets in place and finish what Allison Scholar could not do before she resigned.

  • Guest461 says:

    not the News reporting agency. You have to ask the right questions to the right organizations.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    First of all your grammar mistakes do not bother me at all! What bothers me is what is going on at Topsail High School????? What has Mr. Skipper done to be put in this situation???? Students are now left without their leader!! Mr. Skipper is an educator with enough leadership ability that he positively has an effect on all aspects of the school and its students!
    Its time for someone to start answering questions!!!! My child and other children need a positive person (like Marcus Skipper) to push them in the right direction!

    Can (or will) anyone shed some light or tell the truth about what is going on at Topsail High School and with Principal Skipper??????

  • Pirate says:

    If you had a issue with someone involving your children, wouldn’t you want it handled? I’m glad there are parents who have had a positive experience with Mr. Skipper. However, not everyone has. If they choose to replace Mr. Skipper the chances of the new pricipal being as good, if not better, are high. Please keep an open mind about this situation. If he is removed, let’s move forward in a positive manner. Posting negative comments that do not apply to the original article are unneccesary.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    Hey Pirate since you have had such a negative experience why don’t you shed some light to exactly what your talking about…… That sounds just about as ludicrous as this situation!! Until the facts are released and I personally found out the whole story, My family and I will back Principal Skipper!!!!! He is great for the children in this community!! He puts their best interest FIRST! UNTIL FACTS PROVE THAT TO BE WRONG, HE IS THE PERSON WHO NEEDS TO LEAD THIS HIGH SCHOOL!!

    Good Luck Mr. Skipper! Some people know how valuable you are to Topsail High School!

  • Topsail says:

    Thank you! I don’t know why so many people are in love with Mr. Skipper. I have kids at Topsail and have been dealing with skipper for 5 years. My kids are not trouble makers and excel in class. The few dealings I have had with him were very very RUDE and uncalled for. Let him go. He is not the only person that can be a good thing at Topsail!

  • Nostradamas says:

    Rachel Manning is behind this suspension. Please keep in mind that she went after Marcus and the Pender High principal last school year…and lost. She is relentless. She is going after him again and won’t stop until he is gone. SHE IS THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE GONE!!! She is poison to Pender county. She was an orphaned child and has carried those issues with her all of her life…power and self-esteem issues. Hopefully, the new superintendent will clip her wings. Fight this injustice, Marcus. My prediction…everyone will figure Rachel out and dethrone her.

  • Wow says:

    Orphaned Child? You are an idiot.

  • Sandy Beach says:

    OK, Bottom line is parents aren’t commenting like they did in the spring because they don’t know the whole story.

    Because of this move, added to what happened in the spring, Topsail is now considered a hostile work environment. If we’re worried about the ego of an administrator with an axe to grind taking out our beloved principal, and wonder “Who’s next,” how can we focus on providing the education our students deserve and our parents expect?

    It’s time for the school board to intervene, and cut the head off the snake.

    Our students and the tax paying parents (that really own the school) need to get what they pay for. They need to speak out


  • Pirate says:

    I do not wish Mr. Skipper be removed from the school, however, if a new principal is assigned we need to support them and not hold grudges because we were so fond of Mr. Skipper. No one is going to be able to please all the parents of the 1100 students who attend THS. The negatvity is unneccessary. Voice your unhappiness to the superintendent and the school board. We need to show our children how to stand up for what we believe in by using positive outlets.

  • Concerned Parent says:


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