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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The rumors are true. Tony stark and the third installment of the “Iron Man” movie franchise will fly into Wilmington.

The film is expected to bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to the local economy.

“‘Iron Man 3’ will be made here in Wilmington, NC,” Gov. Bev Perdue said in making the official announcement. “How about that?”

Producers of “Iron Man 3” decided to move from one end of I-40 to the other. Gov. Perdue says with the film will come many economic advantages to the Cape Fear.

“This is a great day for North Carolina,” she said. “Five-hundred-fifty jobs, all the other sub-jobs, the construction jobs, that’s what it’s all about to us here locally. But around the country and around the world it’s about North Carolina’s brand. Today we are Hollywood East, and it starts right here in Wilmington.”

The movie will be the largest production to ever shoot in North Carolina. State officials are excited about the announcement.

“It’s going to be a film that’s going to bring a budget to North Carolina of about $300 million, but when it’s filmed in the studios it’s going to gross over $2 billion are the projections. It’s going to put North Carolina in the forefront of the movie industry,” Rep. Danny McComas (R-19th District) said.

Screen Gems officials say Marvel chose the Port City because of the scope and capabilities of the studio’s lot. North Carolina’s 25 percent tax incentive for films also helped the cause.

“We’ve had a 185 percent increase in films this past calendar year,” Gov. Perdue said. “We are doing something right all over North Carolina. We’ve got ‘Hunger Games,’ we’ve got five other films being shot in different parts of the state. We have changed the paradigm for North Carolina. Again the film tax credit made a real difference.”

Although this film will not bring permanent jobs, it is expected to bring around $80 million to the local economy.

The governor says with “Iron Man 3” coming to town more movies could find their way to southeastern North Carolina in the future possibly creating more jobs.

Shooting will start next year. “Iron Man 3” is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2013.

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  • Mario

    This is GREAT News! They’ve chosen this area because of the smart incentives put into place, the experienced studio and workers. This is another great..if not THE greatest opportunity to put Wilmington NC on the world stage! Most people know of the studio here, but this puts the studio in the biggest league handling a film of this magnitude.

  • SophisticatedMama

    Incentives? Smart? I don’t think so!

    In recent months, several states have considered eliminating incentives altogether. Facing unprecedented fiscal pressures, some lawmakers question whether handing out money to Hollywood is the best use of increasingly limited public funds. And there’s intense disagreement about the actual economic windfall associated with landing a movie production in your state or city. After a decade of ever-expanding film incentives, some say it’s time to end states’ gold rush for the silver screen.

    I say end them now. Time to send the Hollytrash back to Lost Angeles, the city of coke-addled, fallen angels.

  • SurfCityTom

    are you serious?

    Arnold filmed here in the 80s.

    Julia Roberts and Sleeping with the Enemy.

    Travolta did that movie 3 or 4 years ago,much of it in Hampstead and Wilmington; in fact he stayed on Figure 8.

    George C Scott & Firestarter.

    And all of that without incentives.

    So now, they will offer, I believe $25,000,000 in incentives for this movie; it will impact the area for a few months and woosh be gone.

    An Academy Award Winner was just filming, within the past 2 weeks, at D & E motors and the old Brunsiwck hospital. No big incentive plan.

    No telling what Smiley would have offered to get this one signed before an election year.

    Short term impact from major dollars. Wouldn’t these dollars be better spent to bring in long term jobs and businesses?

  • paul

    Where is the studio located?

  • Mike T

    congrads to our NC Dept of Commerce and our Gov. Bev Perdue. 500 jobs and $80 million revenue!!!
    Amazing how smooth thing go when Republicans get out of the way!!

  • Guest7969

    Last time I checked…the state Democrats got us INTO the mess we are in…I’m thankful that the Republicans STEPPED IN when they did!

  • Guest444

    Ummm…since when do politics have to do with a producer deciding to film a movie here?

  • Orchid Ra

    like Religion, it DOES NOT BELONG IN FILM, if you hire based on religion or politics in this town, you will give us the HORRIBLE TURN OUT SO MANY EXPECT! KEEP THAT JUNK AT HOME WHERE IT BELONGS!

    Seems we have had enough examples of thievery and murder thanks to those 2 silly things already. NO?

    yep, no place in film for that junk!

  • NotAMovieBuff

    State film incentives don’t ultimately pay for most states that offer them, or so argues a new study reported by the Boston Herald last month.

    The study, co-authored by Cornell University professor Susan Christopherson, contends that most of the three dozen states chasing film production with tax breaks will not catch up with New York and California, where the movie and television industries have been dug in for decades. “The subsidies they’re giving the productions don’t have a long-term economic impact for the state,” Professor Christopherson told the Herald.

    N.C. is wasting taxpayers’ money on these incentives.

  • Guestfellini

    Fortunately, before our incentives were put in place, the legislators consulted with production accountants and worked out an incentive program that is sustainable, unlike those in Michigan and elsewhere.

  • Denise

    Obviously you don’t count on the revenue that the film industry has brought to our area. So it’s very easy for you to say this. Our previous incentives were not working and we were losing work to other states. So NC decided to up the ante. And it worked. I have seen what a major production or long-standing series does for our area. Hotel business picks up, restaurant business is better, the over 500 crew members that live in this area are given the opportunity to provide for their families and not have to work in another city or state, the retail business picks up, and the general morale of the area gets a lift.

    Our local film people are hard-working, family-minded men and women who have been working toward something like this for a long time now. This production is the reward for all the years spent working on lower budget films and pilots and independents. I say we celebrate this as a great thing for our area and our citizens and stop with the negative comments that don’t do anything to help.

  • Office Fan

    The local film industry is one of the few good things this area has left. I would much rather see our local and state governments utilize incentives to keep the film industry thriving instead of not offering incentives and the end result is all of the highly skilled film workers trying to get by on nothing. Lets keep Wilmington know as Wilmywood, the Hollywood of the East and not the land of drunk college kids, dope dealers and crappy drivers.

  • Guestgingergrant

    Thank you for the positive post!! I own a small business that definitely has seen the impact of having film production in the area. I am looking to hire two more people at the first of the year with the news of “Iron Man 3” coming to WIlmington.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    How long before another state “ups the ante” and production leaves again.

    ALL the states need to realize that your goal is totally tax-free production, and we’re slowly moving in that direction. You may be the first tax-free industry since organized religion.

    Here’s hoping that someone, somewhere gives an ACCURATE accounting of what this production actually brings into the area, rather than this fantastic (in its truest meaning) $80 million.

  • Robert Green

    This may not be the last time our distinguished Governor visits the Wilmington studio.There is a rumor going around that she is in the running to be cast as ” Bozo The Clown ” in an upcoming production.Given her record of incompetence, she certainly has my personal endorsement.

  • Guest2020

    I personally wouldn’t have insulted Bozo (or any other clowns) like that.

  • Guest24

    23rd St.

  • Guest20

    It’s on 23rd Street, close to the airport (on the opposite side of the road.


    Now that North Carolina is getting this movie it’s about time the union brothers get their accolades. We lobbied hard to get the incentives put in, we lobbied hard to see to it that the union stood fast to force labor to be recognized for years.

    Thank you Jason, and Johnnie for holding true to the rope that ties us all together.

    And I say viva the revolution, North Carolina’s Right to Work laws are defeated. Join us if you want to work. Join us in celebration. Otherwise shut up and get back to your step and fetch it work environment.

    And as for all of you right wingnuts out there who think this won’t benefit you, too bad, if you paid the dues that we have you could sit at the table and feast right along with us.

  • Guest Reply

    Not one mention of the leading actors names…story line…nothing about those people.
    Well…the film stars John Wayne as Blake Crammals…and is about his grandson (Clark) as a 3rd generation cattle brander who has grown into a young car thief in 1865 Rhode Island…and grandpa gives him work on his ranch in downtown Rhode Island. Clark’s gramma has sewn him a skin tight suit to wear with missiles attached to it…and a helmet too.
    So there is the complete story behind the story!!

  • B.C.

    Bad news for the fans. Looks like we can expect yet another disappointing second sequel.

    For example: Terminator III, Jurassic Park III, Superman III, Matrix Revolutions, Return of the Jedi, X-Men III and more. Cutting the budget on the third movie is not a smart move, since the franchise is likely already well past its best.

  • Kizzie

    My son is ONE of the biggest Iron Man fans you’d ever want to meet! Does anyone know how he can become an extra in the movie. We live in Raleigh and I’m more than willing to drive to Wilmington on a daily basis just to make this happen for him.

  • christy

    how can i become an extra in iron man 3? I have always wanted to be in movies and here is my chance to do this and the iron man movies are very good to me.

  • Orchid Ra

    go to Premier Casting in Wilmington or look on (yeah believe it or not) Facebook for Vanessa NCasting, they are pretty much the only casting agents in town who do CAST EXTRAS.

    Good luck!


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