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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Much of Wilmington’s haunted history has been told again and again. Tonight, though, we have a ghost story you likely have never heard.

This spirit does not lurk in a cemetery or prowl the battleship. This one haunts our station here on North Front Street.

WWAY’s Ramon Herrera has had his own experience with this apparent ghost. This weekend a group of paranormal researchers joined Ramon for an overnight investigation to see if there really is something inside our building.

Ramon’s run-in with this apparent ghost happened last fall. He was filling in as the morning anchor. One the morning anchor duties is to record a one-minute radio news spot. One morning as Ramon finished and left the audio booth off the studio, he heard what sounded like a little girl laugh.

“I ignored it, but the following morning I heard it again,” Ramon said. “I asked people around me if they heard it, but nothing.”

Ramon’s story made some of our staff at WWAY curious. A few weeks later, one of our master control operators, John Fulcher, decided to bring a camera to work to see if he could catch something on tape.

After several minutes of snooping around in the attic, John called it quits and walked down the stairs. After reviewing the recording later, he realized that he may have caught something, a voice, that sounds like a little girl saying, “Good bye.”

With this ghostly message and Ramon’s experience, we thought it would be interesting to invite some paranormal investigators this Halloween weekend. For nearly four hours he tagged along with the Research: Paranormal group as they investigated the many rooms inside WWAY.

They called out to spirits, set up cameras and sat in the dark listening for anything unusual.

“You can walk into a place and have activity start right away,” Research: Paranormal’s Jason Cianciola said. “Some places you’ll find nothing at all. Some places you’ll find nothing at all and go back and find a lot of evidence on review.”

For this investigation, they did not feel or hear anything direct. The researchers, though, worked away; collecting information with numerous tools and devices

“We use audio recorders and full spectrum cameras, regular digital cameras, EMF detectors, thermometers,” Shellie Harrell said.

For many, the voice captured in the recording last year may be proof enough, but these experienced paranormal investigators have their doubts.

“When you played the video for me, there’s definitely what sounded like a very succinct sound at the end,” William Redd said. “The more you listen to it though the less it actually sounds like that.”

And so the debate will go on. Like all good ghost stories, there will always be those who believe and those who doubt. It all helps create another chapter in the Port City’s haunted history.

The Research: Paranormal crew is analyzing their evidence from the investigation. We’ll let you know if they find anything.

Ramon is not the only person who believes our building is haunted. A former janitor also heard a little girl’s voice and believes he was victim of a few childlike pranks he couldn’t explain while working alone early in the morning.

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  • justin

    Probably the ghosts of past interns, underpaid videographers and talentless talking heads….

  • The Ghost of Kimberly Downing

    I’ll bet Ramon Herrera “had his own experience” with a ghost all right!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….”Thanks for that load of total crappola?”

    I’ll excuse it because it is Halloween, but I’m getting sick and tired of finding shows about hauntings, UFOs, and Bigfoot on previously respected channels such as History, National Geographic, and Animal Planet.

    Please tell me that you did not PAY these paranormal “investigators.” I’m not sure I can continue to identify with a television station run by SUCKERS!

    (BTW, perhaps it’s Ramon who is haunted….)

  • OK, you DO know that there are no ghosts, right? It’s not really a matter for debate. There is no consciousness without brain function. No brain, no thought. Even on Halloween, this is inappropriate for a news station. You are promoting fiction as reality and really should be ashamed.

  • Guest7969

    Comes down to the old..I can’t PROVE there are ghosts and you can’t PROVE there aren’t….there ARE things that happen that absolutely cannot be explained…

  • How do you know that there are no ghosts? Are you so close-minded that because you function in one reality/dimension you believe it is the only one and none other can exist? The burden of proof is always on the one who declares there are ghosts. Why not place the burden on those who says there are none? What proof do YOU have that this is not “debateable?” Are you the all-knowing? Is it just safer for you to believe there are none?

  • Guest20

    You’re very smart. You have brains you’ve never used.

  • Julie

    Call in the REAL Paranormal investigators: Ghost Hunters. Or maybe the Ghost Adventures team, they seem to hear stuff all the time.

  • Richard H.

    You’re a NEWS ORGANIZATION. You can’t blend utter fiction with the news. You’re better than that, or I thought you were.

  • Guest3333333

    It’s halloween…why not? They’re just having some fun. You should cut some slack.

  • phillyguy

    The old WITN am 930 studios off hwy17 in Washington NC and 1240 WJNC in Jacksonville were reported to be haunted as well. Both had morning host that died while on the job and a few years ago station staff reported some odd sightings. Both stations now broadcast from different locations.

  • Guest20

    I remember when I was 16 years old. I looked up at a mirror in my mother’s bedroom and caught a glimpse of my grandfather, who had passed away about 9 years previously. I’ve never seen it since. Ghost? I don’t know, but I like to think of it as him looking out for us. It still gives me a lot of comfort to remember that moment.

  • Guest2222

    according to a researcher I saw on TV is that they technology they use to investigate these phenomena are in no way designed for such activities and there’s not one shred of evidence to suggest that spikes in electromagnetic activity, etc are suggestive of paranormal activity. It’s like using a volt meter to try to detect cancer. It wasn’t designed for such a use and there’s no reason to believe it will work in that capacity.

    You could clear a stretch of woods where there’s never been a house, murder scene cemetery, etc and build a new tacky, cookie cutter subdivision and use these devices and get “suspect” readings in these brand new houses from time to time. I’ll promise you, if you told one new resident of the development that a haunted house or old burial ground was once on the site, ghost stories will start popping up.

    That said: do I not believe in ghosts? I wouldn’t say that. I grew up in a house in which a woman died rather tragically – and it’s not a rumor, it’s a matter of public record – and I’ve experienced a few things that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up to this day. Human eyes and ears will have to be the best paranormal investigators as we’ll need to see and interact with one. That is the problem with being a true believer though, if ghosts are real and have “powers” or “abilities,” why are they so shy and coy? Why whisper good bye and giggle occasionally? Just walk up and say “Hi, I’m a ghost, let me tell you about the other side.”


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