Castle Hayne residents discuss incorporation

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Submitted: Fri, 11/04/2011 - 3:51am
Updated: Fri, 11/04/2011 - 12:43pm

CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) — Residents in Castle Hayne have been discussing incorporation for years. The decision to become a town or not will happen with next Tuesday’s elections. Thursday voters came together one last time to talk about the issue.

Opinions at the meeting appeared to be split down the middle. People for incorporation argue that they want a voice in their local government. Those against it say they already have one.

“I don’t need another layer of government,” says Teresa James, a Castle Hayne resident. “I have a government right now that I have already elected to office which is my county commissioners.”

Other supporters of incorporation worry that if the area does not become a town after the election that it could be consolidated or at some point down the road, annexed by the city of Wilmington.

Candidate for Mayor Tom Radewicz is for incorporation. He says that the decision may be tough for some residents because taxes will increase slightly if Castle Hayne becomes a town. Either way, he says, things will probably change.

“Our taxes here in Castle Hayne will be far less than if we were in a consolidated government or if there was some kind of form of takeover of the Castle Hayne area,” said Radewicz.

Radewicz also says that incorporation is the only way to achieve Castle Hayne’s long term goals, like attracting industry and growth.

If Castle Hayne does not incorporate and eventually annexation does become an issue, it will still require a vote by residents. Much like the current situation in Monkey Junction.


  • Guest963147 says:

    Vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Now and forever!

  • Robert Green says:

    Given the town’s lack of infrastructure ( i.e water and sewer) and limited development, I can not honestly see where Castle Hayne will be gobbled up by Wilmington.It is not a very attractive option for Wilmington, given how much money would have to be invested in the community.I understand the rich heritage of the community trying to be preserved but I think the residents can rest comfortably about being encroached upon.The character of this community has relatively gone unchanged for the last 50 years.With all due respect to Mr.Radewicz,I thought his long term objective was to preserve the character of area as it is now and not pursue growth and industry.I guess he sees the growth and the effort of trying to lure industry as a way to support and sustain another layer of government.Most citizens probably are not receptive to another bureaucracy to deal with , while receiving duplicative services for more money. I suspect there are some personal agendas at play and not just some individuals looking out for the welfare of their fellow citizens.
    If the current trend continues with a Republican General Assembly issuing a moratorium on annexation and hopefully a Republican governor coming aboard, forced annexation will likely be a thing of the past.The pro incorporation forces appear to be trying to scare misinformed residents about future encroachments that in all likelihood will never come to fruition.

  • Guest1955 says:

    I do not know Mr. Green but he is very insightful.. a lot of us in CH feel a personal agenda is at work.. I too do not like the scare tactics presented and feel that incorporation should be voted down, but I also believe the citizens of CH should go to our commissioners and demand some of the tax dollars be spent in our area for some improvements..

  • taxpayeriam says:

    I hope people are tired of having more government controlling their lives.Support of a new government will keep going up along with the size of it.people and things need to be paid for,lawyers,accountants,secretary.mayor,commissioners,building,insurance,utility,cars,tax collectors,just for starters.There is no way to run a town and the people receive any benefit with only 4% tax rate.What will keep them from raising taxes next year and then the years to come and why would any new business or corporation want to locate in castle hayne because it incorporated,and where would they locate,and how would have the say about what companies would be allowed.If you have the extra money for taxes and fees just give it to a good charity instead of letting someone take what you worked for just to feed their ambition.

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