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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Anti-abortion protesters say a North Carolina city’s ordinance violates their free-speech rights by giving police too much leeway in deciding where and when demonstrations are permissible.

Police Chief Michael Yaniero said Thursday safety reasons dictated that demonstrators had to gather on sidewalks away from their desired spot in front of a women’s clinic that performs abortions. He says the site is on a tight road curve and unsafe for picketing.

The federal court case filed this week alleges Jacksonville’s public assembly ordinance unconstitutionally restricts free speech by requiring a police permit for protests that involve three or more people. The case filed on behalf of seven residents of Craven County and the Craven-Pamlico Christian Coalition complains the ordinance virtually ensures that public speech isn’t possible free of government regulation.

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  • Off The Cuff

    This is not an abortion clinic. It is a clinic that handles all pregnant women, even those intending to carry to term. It also handles women who have fertility issues and much more. These people come there to harrass the women who come to the clinic! You go for a regular checkup and have to deal with these people. The clinic is on a curve as the PD people mentioned and it is a traffic hazard when they are out there distracting drivers. Just what we need….someone running over a pregnant women….right???

    Go home and preach your message. People seek their own religion where they choose to do so.

  • Debbie

    The Crist Clinic is a clinic that does abortions, I should know I worked there for a brief period as a nurse long ago back in the mid 90’s. I left there because I could not stand to work along someone that commits murder one minute then runs to Onslow Memorial Hospital the next minute to deliver a baby. All Dr. Crist cares about is the money he makes. he does not care about women.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It sounds to me like Doctor Crist simply addresses the needs of his patients, be they pre-natal, obstetric, or in terminating a pregnancy.

    Like it or not, abortion is legal in the United States and Doctor Crist is providing a legal service to women who seek out that service. You were certainly free to follow your conscience and end your employment there, but are hardly in a position to question the quality of the care provided by someone with whom you disagree POLITICALLY.

    You worked there fifteen years ago – do you think he’d still be in business if he didn’t care about his patients?


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