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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Missing documents. Officers not up to date on their training. In one case, it was so severe, an officer was relieved of his duties. That’s some of what state regulators uncovered during a recent audit of documents and training files at the Leland Police Department.

Every single one of the 31 full-time and reserve officers had something missing from their files. In some cases, even the most basic information was not there.

For five officers, fingerprints weren’t on file and citizenship information was missing.

Six officers were missing psychological exams.

In three cases, the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education Training and Standards Commission couldn’t read the birth certificates.

Plus, 25 officers had incomplete background investigations.

Now, on to mandatory training. One officer is missing 10 hours. Four officers remain eight hours short. Another is four hours short. Four other officers are two hours short. Plus, there were at least 25 instances where a training certificate was on file, but there was no proof of the hours of training.

Perhaps the most surprising discovery is what Training and Standards had to say about Ofc. John Blasingame. He did not complete his mandatory in-service training in 2009 due to his military commitment. He received a waiver, but the commission has not received the duty request.

Since he has not completed his 2009 training, Blasingame is not authorized to perform any law enforcement duties until duly authorized to do so by the Criminal Justice Standards Division. Put blunty, Training and Standards said Ofc. Blasingame must be relieved of his duty immediately.

Two weeks ago, we asked Leland Town Attorney John Wessell about Blasingame’s employment status. Wessell denied that Blasingame’s status had ever changed, even though Training and Standards had told the Leland Police Department to send him home October 6.

We called Police Chief Tim Jayne to get his response about the lack of adequate record keeping within his department, but he quickly said he was in the middle of something and would try to call back. He has not.

We then tried Leland Town Council. Mayor Walter Futch, Pat Batleman and Herbert Barnes did not call back. Martha Currie was on her way out of town. She says she has begged Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Bozeman for an independent review of the police department, but she won’t do it.

Bozeman said she had not seen the full report, but said she would get either Jayne or Town Manager Bill Farris to call us back. Farris did in fact call back and told us who was responsible for keeping up with the records.

“From my perspective it would be two people in charge,” Farris said. “One of them was Chief (Osey) Sanders from 2005 up to 2008, and then Chief Jayne from that point on.”

Chief Jayne says 85 of 89 of those deficiencies have been corrected. Now the question remains what about the arrests or tickets written by those officers who were not up to date on their training?

We ended up going in circles.

The Department of Justice, speaking for Training and Standards, referred us to the District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney’s office told us Training and Standards would have to answer that question. DA Jon david was unavailable, because he was in meetings.

Even though Training and Standards told the police department on October 6 that Ofc. Blasingame must be relieved of his duty immediately, the town manager and attorney have no record of that. They told us Blasingame was suspended for one month without pay on October 24, but Farris says that is for an unrelated incident. No one, though, would tell us what that was.

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51 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Audit leads to Leland police officer relieved of duty, questions about accountability"

2015 years 10 months ago

LIKE I SAID! NO ARREST! Where is the great KBLUE “RAPPING COP” NOW? I don’t see any RAPPING RHYMES anymore. Well, I guess the tables have been turned on you and now you have to start looking for another job! No Crime! No Arrest! Not Guilty!

2015 years 10 months ago

No worries Kiddo, This here star is NEVER far! Check this out yall, “Good afternoon welcome to Mcdonalds my name is Kblue what can I get you”? I got rhymes for my new job!!! Hey dum dum,? a KBlue2 wanna be?—>”YET”<—- No arrest's YET now you say it,"YET" sound it out, yuh ett, now put it together. yuhette YET! YOU DID IT!!!! GOOD BOY!! Kblue two twenty two is so proud of you!!!Say's who? Say's the one and only Kblue!

Guest Wilmington
2015 years 10 months ago

Boy isn’t everyone running to jump on the latest bandwagon! What I would like to know is where were all of you on all the nights that these officers were working the streets, taking the worst of the worst off the streets so that you may all rest a little safer? Where were all of you any time that these officers were at home on their “time off” and had to rush in because one of Leland’s citizens(the ones who are now the name callers and haters)needed them? Did you care that they had to miss dinner with their families,that they have to work all holidays to keep you safe, miss their kids birthdays, annniversaries all because duty calls? Of course not. You expect that protection and you receive that protection. But anytime there is an opportunity to “let ’em have it” we jump on it! Never once thinking about all the good and the sacrifices that have been made. I personally know this officer and I wouldn’t want anyone else coming to my aid, nor would I trust anyone more with my life. He is a fine human being, and has given so much to the Leland Police Dept. I am so very proud of the way he has handled himself as I don’t know if I could be as strong as he is. So before you cast more judgement, sit back and think about all the good that has been done for all of you.I doubt very many of you would ever want to put yourselves in the situaitons that these men and women face. And remember this the next time you decide to slander someone you most likely don’t even know-the Bible says the tongue is the devil’s workshop.

2015 years 10 months ago

the Feds are looking into Leland it ain’t over yet ding dong…

2015 years 10 months ago

If they don’t like working weekends and holidays, find a new line of work. These officers know the drill when they sign up for law enforcement. That means working nights, holidays, and when needed.

If they don’t like it, quit and go do what it is they need to do so they don’t have to work those awful hours.


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