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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Another area law enforcement agency has asked the SBI to help investigate one of its own. Bladen County Sheriff Prentis Benston says he asked the SBI to investigate criminal allegations against one of his sergeants.

“The letter was sent to the SBI requesting a preliminary inquiry into whether or not Sgt. (Charles) Weathers has done anything wrong,” Benston told us during a phone interview this afternoon from a sheriffs conference in Asheville.

Benston says he sent that letter to the SBI after the Department of Social Services alerted him back in September about sexual allegations involving a minor against Weathers.

“DSS made a referral to Cumberland County, and we asked DSS if there was any concern at all that we would be willing to contact the SBI, and we made that immediately,” Benston said.

The sheriff says a couple weeks later he sent his own letter to the SBI asking for the preliminary investigation.

Benston says Weathers is currently on administrative leave.

We tried contacting the spokeswomen for the SBI several times to confirm that investigation, but they have no returned our calls.

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    at work, where are you LEO supporters, tell us how he risks his life to protect us. This is getting to be an everyday thing. Criminals with badges and you wonder why I have NO respect for them?? SCUM

  • nctrooper1072

    Give the man his inquiry before ya jump to conclusions..

  • guesty

    I guess in your sheltered life you haven’t noticed there are bad apples in every profession that somehow manage to slip through the cracks. It happens in the military, Timothy McVeigh, Nidal Hasan, Jeffrey MacDonald were all convicted of murder. In sports you have Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick & Ben Roethlisberger all have had charges of some sort brought against them.
    Do you talk bad about the military or sports like you seem to do law enforcement? Does this also mean no matter what you promise to never call 911 for help?

    Since you have identified yourself as homosexual, you should also hold the same standard to homosexual people since some have committed sex crimes and call all of them scum.

    When you make broad general statements, you generally make yourself just look foolish. Well done.

  • jking

    I live in Bladen County and am glad to say we do have some great LEO’s that honestly care! Ofcourse all aren’t but we are very lucky to have a few here that will go above and beyond for whats right, no matter the cost to them. If you feel so strongly about LEOs in your area, maybe you should try a change of address. Ofcourse you hear more on the news when theres wrong doing, but theres some that are blessings. Hopefully you won’t encounter problems to have to be in need of their service but if there comes a time when you do, I hope you will encounter one of the great ones! Have a great day!

  • Guest2020

    I don’t suppose that there is a higher percentage of criminals among law enforcement officers that there is in society as a whole. Just because there are a few bad ones, that doesn’t mean that every law enforcement officer is bad.

  • ILM71

    seriously man? Noone is perfect and there are always bad apples in every line of work and if he indeed did anything wrong he should be punished. But you Sir are a closed minded cry baby. just remember since all cops or SCUM as you put it , when someone is trying to kill your wife or loved one dont call the SCUM to handle it….

  • d0nt h8

    You are a dumba$$. All of them are not scum because of a couple bad badges. This badge needs to be prosecuted like anyone else if there has been a crime. There are how many other badges that ARE trying to do good? Don’t hate them all because of one.

    There’s idiots everywhere and you are proof.

  • Off The Cuff

    I guess when you mentioned the word Scum, you must have been referring to yourself. A doctor gets drunk and kills someone in a traffice accident. Does that make all doctors drunks and killers? I think not. Granted, I don’t like seeing an LEO do anything bad, but you can’t judge all by what one does here and there. Many hundreds of thousands put their lives on the line everyday so people like you can come on here and bash them. I respect them for the most part. Even though I got a ticket once, I was big enough to know I deserved it!

    So, let the investigation weed out the bad ones and leave the good ones to do what the rest of you are unwilling to do!

  • Guest whatever you want

    LOL wow I guess 1 little comment will make even the most well-respected person feel a little testy. but my opinion still stands ~LOL even if does make whoever mad~

  • Guest20

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Every time a Christian posts a comment, other posters want to throw their verbal stones at them and bury them alive. It just goes with the territory. They’re just bigots…pay them no mind.

    It’s a public forum. Yes, even a Christian (gasp!) can post any comment they want to here. So…have a great day and GOD BLESS!

  • Guest3

    “Seriousley though you should keep your religous talk between you and your congregation, family or whomever else might care what you think about God, which by the way is not us.”

    Please don’t presume to speak for me. I care very much what she thinks about God. If you don’t like it, just move on. You’re not in charge of what all of us want to read or post.


    is NOT on patrol daily (in the US) as Law Enforcement is. National Guard serves a very vital role as backup to the police BUT they are not the supposed first line of defense to criminals. When you put on that badge you are supposed to protect the public from criminal behavior not become the criminal. If you cannot be that person don’t put on the badge.
    Example: The Miami police officer late to work running 120 miles an hour and weaving in and out of traffic because he was late to work at his other job. Arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol Officer who is now catching grief from Miami for the arrest. She did an OUTSTANDING job of preforming her duties, Yes she has my full respect..that is what an officer should be. BUT how often does that happen???

  • guesty

    But we already knew that the National Guard isn’t on regular patrol. That is why I put in “…times of natural disaster and proved law enforcement supplementation.” So in times like a major hurricane, tornado or flood they are indeed one of the first lines of defense.
    Nobody is arguing that this deputy isn’t a piece of garbage for what he is accused of doing if he is found guilty. But you really shouldn’t paint with such a wide brush. Are all teachers scum because some have victimized children? What about doctors that swear the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm yet molest an sedated patient? So to use your logic, any line of work that has ever had a scandalous employee, all people that work in that line are now scum. All police officers, teachers, doctors, politicians, coaches, priests and so many more are scum because of what a few of them have done.

  • Guestnot

    relax. We’re not judging you…..or your love for men:)


    I can assure you I AM NOT homosexual, where you got that idea I have not got a clue…don’t even like them.


    people are not trusted by the people to uphold the laws of the land. LEO is supposed to be a cut above the criminals they are supposed to protect the public from.
    Homosexuals are scum and an abomination so where you got I was one I have no idea..hardly the fact, my guess is YOU are one.
    Now there has been a couple of times where I see someone has used my screen name but I assure you it was not me defending gay behavior..

  • guesty

    They come in times of natural disaster and proved law enforcement supplementation. They are on patrol to prevent looting, enforce curfews and provide all around help.
    Sports people seem to get a free pass for any atrocious behavior they do as long as they can still make a goal. I have never understood that.
    Feel free to think I’m homosexual if it makes you feel better about yourself. Your opinion of me really doesn’t concern me. You have proven that you are not capable of logical thought, only emotional reaction.

  • guesty

    Notice I didn’t say the National Guard was on patrol daily, yet in times of natural disaster they are often called in. Then the National Guard is the first and sometimes only line of defense. You should not make broad generalizations since they are easily disproved. Unfortunately one can find lowlifes in every profession and walk of life. A few don’t make all bad.

  • Wanda Malpass

    I will never ever believe this. He is one of the best people i’ve ever known.

  • Wanda

    Before everybody jumps to judge this man, remember that one day EVERYBODY”S closet door is gonna open and everybody’s contents are gonna come rolling out. He is innocent in my eyes until proven guilty.

  • Wanda

    I’m with you on that. He’s innocent in my eyes until proven otherwise.

  • PublicAvenger

    I wouldn’t expect a loser like you to have any respect for Law Enforcement. Like you, I know nothing of this man’s guilt or innocense. But I will say this. Out of all the many hundreds of Law Enforcement people in SE North Carolina, stories like this only pop up once or twice a year.


    Saying all LEO are scum is like saying everyone who hates them is a criminal (or self-entitled person who was given a ticket at some point in their life). If you make such a blanketed statement, be prepared to fall under one yourself. Or going by screen names should we say that all ILM Natives are closed minded and everyone from out of town should have no respect for them?

  • Guest who

    What’s done in the dark will soon come to light. So if you feel the need to do something dirty, remember it will catch up to you. and you will have to face the same judge that everyone else will have to face one day.

    Of course this man is innocent until proven guilty.

    my question is why did it take so long for the powers that be to inform us, the community about this situation.

    This is just one public official who is suppose to protect and serve.

    There’s no telling how many more crooked public officials there are in Bladen County. Im just saying. This one, If guilty of the charges against him just got caught. Who knows maybe his reign of using and abusing the system for his extracurricular activites was over and God saw fit to stop the madness. But this is just my opinion.

  • Guest not

    Yea I’m sure you’re right.. god was like “whoa! that’s enough sex with minors down there sgt. Weathers” And then he pulled the magic sex offender lever which, logically, is hardwired to the SBI Headquarters.

    Seriousley though you should keep your religous talk between you and your congregation, family or whomever else might care what you think about God, which by the way is not us.


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