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ELON UNIVERSITY, (NEWS RELEASE) — North Carolinians are evenly divided on their views of the Occupy Wall Street movement, according to the latest Elon University Poll, as protesters around the country continue making news with demonstrations against large banks and a political system that many of the activists say is broken.

Of those familiar with Occupy Wall Street, 45 percent hold an unfavorable opinion of the movement, and the same number reported a favorable opinion. Thirty-two percent of respondents consider themselves supporters of the movement and 26 percent consider themselves opponents.

The poll, conducted Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2011, surveyed 529 North Carolina residents and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.26 percentage points. The sample is of the population in general, with numbers that include both landlines and cellular phones. The Elon University Poll does not restrict respondents by voter eligibility or likelihood of voting.

When asked whether the movement is aligned with a political party:

53 percent believe that Occupy Wall Street is aligned more with the Democratic Party
5 percent believe it is aligned with the Republican Party
34 percent said the movement is not aligned with a party

Meanwhile, four out of five North Carolinians are familiar with the Tea Party movement, and of those who are familiar, 42 percent say that they have a favorable opinion of the movement with 46 percent expressing an unfavorable opinion.

Three out of 10 respondents identified themselves as opponents of the Tea Party, but nearly as many considered themselves supporters.

“While the Tea Party has certainly emerged as a political player on the national scene, at this point it remains uncertain whether it will have a significant impact here in North Carolina this coming election year,” said Betty Morgan, director of the university’s Center of Public Affairs.

North Carolinians were also asked to identify who they thought was the “head of the Tea Party.” Almost half indicated that they “don’t know” who is the head of the Tea Party.

Other responses included:

Sarah Palin: 14 percent
Michele Bachmann: 5 percent
Republicans in Congress: 3 percent
Other Person: 11 percent
There is no Tea Party head: 18 percent

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6 Comments on "Elon Poll: N.C. residents divided on Occupy Wall Street movement"

2015 years 8 months ago

This is a rather strange poll. I hope the responders truly know more about the Occupy movement and the Tea Party than they indicate. The Occupy movement is associated with socialism and unions. The Tea Party is no longer an active “movement”, but there remain many who support the founding principles on which it was based.

2015 years 8 months ago

Obviously you are not a fan. But lets start with common sense.
They have ONLY pushed two facts.
they want to represent 99% of the population. And under this fact some of the population clearly are socialistic. Some are members of unions. But if I must go on listing all of the differences in 99% of the population then you should assume I am talking down to you.

For you . It is kind of like the idea of IQ.
here 100 is average. But if I claim I want a group of people that include 99% of the population, then you see, some of my members might have an IQ of 34. But you harping on my few slow members doesn’t discount the same number of members on my guassian curve of 134 IQ.

The second fact of them is in the words, Wall Street.
The one % of the population owns everything. And these few people currently run our lives. For example. I grew up and was directed that I must get some credit transactions to form a credit rating. Or I couldn’t purchase anything of real value. That is kind of screwy huh?

So little Elon. You are right the occupy movement is associated with members of socialism and some are union members. But those members are still a part of humanity whether you invite them into your house or not. They are part of the 99%.

But so I believe are you. What if …. people were really given in pay what their percentage contribution to their company really amounted too. Haven’t you ever done things for say $20 an hour. And the company was charging the client $1000 an hour?

What if you consider only that they are truly the only democracy left in this world?

Put them down and I’ll be watching a world war.

Guest Charles Farris
2015 years 8 months ago

Yes they have a right to protest and should be provided a place to stay and be repaid for any property destroyed by police.

2015 years 8 months ago

Those Socialists you want to include represent the stupid, limited capacity members of society who haven’t yet realized that it didn’t work in the Soviet Union, it didn’t work in China, it hasn’t worked in Cuba or North Korea, and Europe is finally waking up to the fact that it isn’t working there.

You cannot guarantee a quality of life for the poor while removing incentives to succeed from society: Soon, everyone stops trying to better their financial situation. The poor don’t need to, and no one else has any reason to, because the governmnet simply takes it away.

That’s when everything collapses.

BTW, if you want to dictate what workers make and what CEOs make, I’d suggest that you pick a corporation and become a majority shareholder, because other than that, it’s absolutely none of your business.

Then again, if you’re a Socialist, your plan is to change that, I’m sure. You should mentally prepare yourself for dashed hopes and broken dreams.

2015 years 8 months ago

Workers create wealth, not ceo’s or shareholders. As for “socialist” Europe it’s caught the same banker virus that infects the US. Big business is everyone’s business… they are our unelected rulers, We must keep it in check or lose our democracy

2015 years 8 months ago

When OWS polls as well as it does in conservative NC you know they have struck a chord with the American people… the t-party rails against government, but the core question is who OWNS government


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