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WILMINGTON, NC (BY CHAD O’SHIELDS, CFPUA WATCHDOG) — Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Board members are handing out political endorsements to help one of their own.

The CFPUA’s Chairman and its Secretary stepped into the political arena to help Ron Sparks, Wilmington city councilman and a fellow CFPUA board member, get re-elected. As a city councilman, Sparks played an integral part in both of their appointments to the CFPUA board.

Read the rest of the story here: http://cfpuawatchdog.blogspot.com/2011/11/cfpua-board-members-return-political.html

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  • Guest55555

    This is one of the biggest reasons to NOT vote for Ron Sparks that I can think of. If I was Sparks, I would try to distance myself from CFPUA as far as I could get.

    Sure seems like a conflict of interest to me.

  • guesty

    Don’t re-elect anybody. All new people in local government.

  • Well

    I am in full agreement CFPUA Boardmembers shouldn’t be allowed to endorse anybody for political office. Yes, Sparks had a hand in getting the Chairman and Vice-Chairman appointed. On the other hand, I want people on the Board who understand the complexities of a public water and wastewater utility! Berger doesn’t. The numbskulls running for city council on the platform of abolishing CFPUA certainly don’t.

    Any person who runs and says that they are going to do away with CFPUA is a pure, populist rhetoric-spewing idiot. It can’t be done. If they can get elected…a big if, and then get a seat on the CFPUA Board, well…they are only one vote of 11.

    How’s that work for you? Both Catlin and Berger ran on a “hate the CFPUA” platform. Now that they attend board and committee meetings (if Brian can show up), read the plans, understand the details…well, you don’t hear much from them anymore do you. And they know they have political cover to vote against a rate hike or piece of needed equipment, because that one vote isn’t going to affect anything. Maybe the empty rhetoric is just that?

    It’s much more important to have smart people on the board who have an interest in making it work for the Authority AND their customers, than idiots who spew sewage just to get elected…pun intended.


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