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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Voters in Leland will go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new mayor and two new members of town council. When those three people take office, the town’s elected leaders will be getting a significant pay raise.

Our news partners at the Local News Review uncovered something interesting about Leland’s budget. The money Town Council spends on itself this budget year is up 71-percent from the last fiscal year.

Back in March, Councilwoman Pat Batleman sent an e-mail to Mayor Walter Futch and her fellow council members proposing a raise in compensation.

“Based on the research done on comparable compensation in municipalities both smaller and the same size as the population of Leland, I would like to propose we consider an increase,” Batleman wrote in the e-mail.

We called Batleman to ask some questions about the increase, but she refused to comment on camera. She did say, however, that she and Councilwoman Martha Currie would not receive the increase as it is only applicable to members voted in in 2011 or later. But Town Manager Bill Farris told us differently.

“Whenever there’s a new council, then they will all receive the same salary,” Farris said.

Council members agreed to an increase and submitted a budget with a 92-percent increase from last year. In July they approved a 71-percent jump for the council budget up from $56,700 to $97,005.

Previously, the town paid the mayor $200 a month while council members received $150. Now, likely-Mayor Brenda Bozeman will make $758 a month, while council members will get $520.

Farris said the job of a council member is time-consuming because of their involvement in the community and various workshops and boards.

“Being a council member at this point in Leland’s life is somewhat more complicated maybe than it was several years ago,” Farris said.

Mayor Futch nor council members Herbert Barnes or Currie returned our phone calls.

Bozeman was busy with personal matters, but said she’d have to take a closer look at the budget before commenting.

You can get more details on the budget hikes and how they came to be in next week’s edition of the Local News Review.

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  • Mike@the LNR.com

    This is not a Ripely’s Believe It or Not Post! WWAY is dead on the money!I have the emails from the Town of Leland to back up the allegations against the Town of Leland! If you need proof, email me! Kblue, so true, keep on keeping on! 1964!

  • GuestLAB

    enoughalready, her name is JANE not Jean! WWAY was informed where the Jon Tait celebration was,but they were gone when WWAY got there! Get a life!!!
    You must be a bobble head supporter!

  • Lelandgal

    Who is Jean?

  • enoughalready20

    I was told by one of Jean’s helpers how and who to write-in for the mayor position. So fair is only fair. Don’t you think? That’s politics.

  • Faye Burckhalter

    Glad that the election is now over. Hope to see some different things in the City of Leland. There will be a new Mayor and 2 new Council people on the board. Let’s see what will happened the first 6 months. That gives them time to work together and work out some problems too… Good Luck to the Leland Town Board. Faye Burckhalter

  • Leland Voter

    Information or rumors and lies in order to make Headlines, ie: more money! There is far more suspicion of this than anything going in in the Leland PD or Town leadership..Sleazy at best, illegal at worst.

  • enoughalready

    Can anyone tell me why Jean was the only one interviewed by wway last night from Leland, Is it possible she is one of the owners of the LNR which they are partners with wway? Now wway can get all the information they want.

  • beckyr

    Why do you continue to complain yourself? It’s kind of funny-you get on here to complain about complainers. So you must like it.

    This is what Leland needs:
    Open and accessible government. A government cannot be dishonest if its actions are transparent. Openness encourages competence because it subjects actions to public scrutiny. It also fosters the necessary leadership that is unafraid to address issues and make decisions that are in the best interest of the town as a whole.

  • enoughalready20

    If you think you could do a better job why didn’t you run for mayor against her?
    I will answer that, because you knew you could not win. You would rather sit around and complain. Complainers, complainers, complainers never does anything but complain, listen to wway and read the rag time newspaper.

  • susans

    I agree the Lord is watching that is why what was done deceitfully and in the dark has now come to light. I notice that you suggested turning the tv off and quit paying attention to what is written but obviously you take the time yourself to continue reading. If enough is enough maybe you should go outside and speak to the Lord. Have you done his service today? Have you fed the hungry, sheltered the poor, loved the unloving, put your wants, your thoughts, yourself aside for him today? Maybe it is you that needs to heed the message given to you.

  • enoughalready20

    If so many of you is disappointed in the way the town is being run, the town council, town staff and the police department why in the world don’t you run for an office and try and change things, instead you had rather sit around and gossip or type on a computer complaining about everything?
    The problem is you believe everything that is said on TV and you read in the so called news paper (not the star news). Try turning your TV off, go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. I bet you will feel alot better about your self.
    Have a good day and remember the Lord is watching and listening to you.

  • enoughalready20

    Why don’t all of you that is complaining about leland and the town council try running for a seat on the council or for mayor instead of setting around reading the so called paper and reading comments on wway. I think you would have a lot better life if you didn’t complain about everything, which you have no idea what is happening.

  • Jean Sidbury

    Brenda Bozeman running for Mayor??? Come on, she didn’t take a stand on the LPD issue….what makes me think she will be a good Mayor or good for Leland.I don’t think she has the back bone to handle the issues we need addressed…She maybe alright as a realtor or person but has not shown me anything that would make me vote for her..

  • Lelandgal

    Why not ask how many people were asked by the to be Mayor not to vote for Jane Crowder. I couldn’t believe it when I was told that she has asked a friend not to vote for Jane. So I did some asking and found out that she would whisper that in their ears. That is so rude if you ask me. Waiting to see if she says she didn’t…… Anyone can run for office and see if they can make changes in the Leland Town. We need some changes here in Leland. We need people to want to do what is right and what the people want. So what if someone on the board sells property or is the owner of the Local paper. Everyone on the board has another job. The Mayor Dr Futch is a Dentist.

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