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LaNasa calls out GOP leaders, quits party after election loss


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A day after losing to incumbent Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo, Justin LaNasa is calling out another political leader.

In an e-mail this afternoon thanking supporters for their help on his campaign, LaNasa said he will leave "the Republican Party due to its lack of leadership, efforts and knowledge." LaNasa encouraged his supporters to follow his lead.

"I feel our New Hanover County GOP chair Rhonda Amoroso and select few executive committee are not working for the benefit of the Republican Party and I will give a few examples," LaNasa's e-mail continued. "I feel the low voter turn out was due to lack of GOP involvement."

LaNasa cited the party's lack of financial support for Republican candidates in the non-partisan city elections. He also suggested the leadership could have pushed a media campaign to oppose incumbents, which he believes would have worked.

"I didn't here (sic) or see much work or help at early voting or even during Election Day from the GOP. What really is a big disappointment the current GOP chair Rhonda Amoroso allows Republican In Name Only to hold executive positions and allow candidates to run on Republican tickets," LaNasa wrote.

Amoroso has not yet returned our call and e-mail asking for comment.

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Oh, boo hoo! You didn't play fair and I lost so I am taking my marbles and going home to pout! Leave the Rep. party - maybe you didn't belong here in the first place.

Losers like catlin

Justin is on right track. As long as we have characters loke Catlin=arrogant and self dealing we can expect Dems to keep winning.
Catlin scares Rhonda--he doesnt scare a lot of the rest of us.Justi9n aint a saint but he is aheck of a lot better for us than self dealers like catlin.

leaving the republican party

first of all, maybe you are not what the party needed! second, they quit you before you could quit. the old saying,
"when the ship starts sinking, the rats are the first to jump off"

Sorry but your interview /

Sorry but your interview / debate on wect was awful. You did not seem prepared at all. Can not stand Saffo, but you must come accross better than you did to win.

Rhonda is weak

RHonda is weak. But, she is alot better than the likes of Sandy Best.
She should not be listening to the RINOS-like Catlin. Some of these RINOs think they walk on water. I thought only Saffo did. When we see what maybe conflicts of the likes of Saffo(skyway bridge ) , Davis (airlie gardens) and Catlin (ballteam, etc.)--any wonder we have a mess here. There are so many possible conflicts you cant even take numbers.
Justin tried to make a race of it----but the party is being manipulated by a few folks.

I can tell these comments

I can tell these comments are done by people who probably didn't want Justin LaNasa to win. The people in the Republican party who didn't support Justin Lanasa gave their support to Bill Saffo. They are no better than Elizabeth Redenbaugh. Why not just change to the Democratic party? Justin was the only person that had the courage to stand up and run against Saffo.Shame on you rinos!! Thank you Justin LaNasa and I apologize for the negative remarks and support from those so-called Republicans.

Or maybe...

Or just maybe, a few of us know Justin well to know what a train wreck it would have been to elect him?

Maybe some folks just applied brain cells to the equation instead of just blindly whoring ourselves to a political party? Does a political party affiliation really matter in a mayoral election in Wilmington NC in 2011?

Rather, I'd say common-sense prevailed.

I will agree that it does take a certain amount courage to run for political office and I do tip my hat to anyone willing to subject themselves to the for that, Justin, thank-you for your continued interest in public service. As a voter, I will continue to vote for who I think is the best overall be damned.

Poor voter turnout?

Blaming the lack of GOP support for poor voter turnout? Don't think it would have mattered one way or another. Truth is, most people are sick and tired of the local politics and just don't give a crap. That's why I (registered Republican) didn't vote and will never vote in local elections.

Poor Voter Turnout

Pinkfish, I guess you are happy with status quo? How are all those parks working out for you? Have you used the one in the middle of Autumn Hall? How about the "Inland Greens" park, that will be a real winner! You must believe that the "Parks Bond" will pay for them. Gee where does that money come from? Let's get ready for some Baseball or did you forget the "Waves" and what Tommy LaSorta (sp) did to hose this town. How many times have you been to the convention center? Stayed at the Hotel next door (Oh, that's right, they don't have it built yet!) Let's keep on keeping on! To quote Bill, "We don't have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem." How does that make you feel? Any money left in your bank account? City Council needs it and will be happy to take it from you.
But I do agree with you, most people don't give a crap, but those of us who do, THANK YOU JUSTIN FOR RUNNING!

That's a self-destructive attitude

Do you view a local tax increase as less onerous than a state or federal tax increase?

Yesterday should serve as a wake-up call to every single Republican, Libertarian, and especially those identifying with the Tea Party.

No political movement will achieve success if it only works in fits and starts. It has to be a continuous effort and you can't afford to get "sick and tired."

We saw one of the biggest supporters of increasing your vehicle registration to fund "buses to the beach for bums" re-elected because 83% of eligible voters were too damn lazy to take five minutes out to vote.

We DESERVE the county, state, and country we're slowly getting. They're winning the fight because we're simply not showing up to fight.

Great idea Pinkfish...I hope

Great idea Pinkfish...I hope everyone else in the republican party will follow your lead, you're a genius!!

not to hijack these comments

but where did the fcc alert article go?

I posted 3.2 did not show an alert

and shazam!

it disappeared. ?

Quiting the Party - Thank You

Oh Justin, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can not think of a better move than to leave the Republican Party. All Republicans THANK YOU for this move. Based on your lack of understanding, of basic economic issues, city management, and concensus building, the Republicans will figure out a way to survive without your complaining and whinning.

Rid our party of Best and Catlin

We are a split party. We have had the likes of Caster and now Catlin and Best. Arrogance and dirty tricks are no substitute for substance on policy. Maybe we need SBI looking at some of these clowns. Before you call young guys freaks I suggest you take a hard look at Catlin and Best and their ilk. They arent freaks - a term you use. They are a reason why republicans will lose in future. There dirty trick days are over and if they cross the line we will be watching and taking action.We need more than RINOs- we need people who stand for something. Catlin isnt a freak-he is in my opinion arrogant, self dealing and a real loser.

Oh thank god!

Please take Brian Berger, Josh Fulton, and the rest of the red shirted freaks that invaded GOP with you and don't let the door knob hit in the a** on the way out.

GOP in dissarray again

Shades of 2008. Unprincipled Republicans from the top with McCain to jason thompson (not an insult...think he'd agree) at the local level. Infighting with the self-dealers and profiteers outnumbering and crushing the smaller band of principled GOP activists, who are more hated and feared by the Republican establishment than any liberal or moderate or purple or green democrat. After the election, the Party was as competent and relevant as France circa 1943. The Party existed, but in name only, the loyal defenders of conservative/liberty values previously banished by the collaborators with personal greed as their cause, not an one or multiple political issues, which drive the reagan republicans all but banished by the party natiobnally and implemented with even more vigor here in SE NC. The Catlins, Casters, Deans, Rountrees, lawyers and judges, longtime incumbents, slammed the door and locked it to keep fresh perspectives and platform-proponents outside while they, the Lees and C's (caster, catlin, criner, cheney...) divveed the spoils of victories that never materialized. They suffer from premature greed and selfish gratification. They are puppets of Louise McColl and Democrat leaders. Spineless. This year, a roster of these RINOs who dominated in '08 can be found simply by looking at napier fuller's campaign endorsers.
Whatever personal shortcomings of the much younger upstart smaller government advocates like ben mccoy, justin, fulton and berger (his personal life is his business, as long as he fights for lower taxes and spending surrounded by barfield, catlin, thompson and davis who gave us the catlin convention center, airlie gardens for the rich, and bridges for barfield, saffo...etc...that's why there has been so much violent hatred and personal attacks reaching new McColl and her puppets get what they want without those well-meaning youngsters shining the light of transparency on stuff that used to be passed in secret behind closed doors at exclusive clubs.

Rhonda Amorosa has been a disaster as chairwoman, if the democrats wrote a script for the GOP, it'd look the same...Rhonda, Sandy Best, pstti "fuller of it" smithson, mccomas, thompson, all are in fact or act like they are on McColl and Associates payroll. To boot, in true RINO fashion, fake republicans like Sandy Best, JT, Criner, Caster, Causey, Rivenbark all answer to McColl. Fine for the Dems in that group, but dangerous and disgraceful when a Democrat like mccoll through best, criners, catlins, thompsons is able to use the RINO moles with no morals or adherence to American values to undermine, frustrate, and eat the young visionary leaders emerging in the GOP by using the RINOs in her circle to attack like rabid pit bulls, with no sense of decency, so the Democrats under Mccoll can cruise while she uses her republican soldiers to destroy any potential GOP candidate who threatens the waste and big projects mccoll controls. Rhonda fiddles while her friends sandy best and catlin criner and company burn a hole in the GOP platform and destroy the courageous like Josh Fulton when they become a threat because their ideas resonate. These people all need to go and fulton should assume the chairman's thrown. The Party can no longer sit by while the insider clique of McColl controlled judges (criner) and politicians (catlin, mccomas,thompson)and moles knawing at the foundation of Reagan republicanism (sandy best, smithson, fuller, dean) destroy the party and liberty from within the party leadership itself.


Hi Brian! Looks like the little kook is at it again. Have you not figured out we can spot you babbling moronic writing style! Or maybe it one of your red shirted groupie?

Sounds like a kid who takes

Sounds like a kid who takes the ball and goes home when he's losing...

Good Riddence.

Good Riddence.

Oh Justin!!

Do you want some cheese to go with your wine? You should be happy with coming in second. If Ricky would have ran for Mayor you would have came in last. Oh snap!! You did come in last. hahahahahahah

I do like some cheese.

I do like some cheese.

Do you...

Do you also like sour grapes?

I sure do. They are yummy.

I sure do. They are yummy.

So whacha gonna do now?

Guest Apu and Guest 2012 believe that you're the type of guy that takes his balls and goes home....but it's okay, we can judge a sore as loser a mile away...with allegations of GOP improprieties to political signage thievery...with modern day candidates.

But, here's the thing ~
Everybody who ran for the available open seats, Mayoral and Council ALL brought their balls to this game...but so far, you are the only one who forgot to wear a cup.
Man, with all those tats, I would have thought you would have developed thick skin by now!
Okay, I'll let you go I'm just messing with you... I hate Rhonda et al too.


I stopped eating cheese months ago,I wished WWAY would verify these clowns who hide behind false names,WWAY should make them show real names or emails pretty lame source of comments gotta admit star news at-least has you sign in with your face book. And just remember if the competition isn't hating your doing something wrong :) don't forget to drink some more hater-aid. Haters stay on your job while I am getting things done!!!!!

This is the same useless GOP that ran Curtis off 93.7 to AM 980

Curtis called a spade and spade and had no trouble calling out local politicians for their cronyism sadly we need more like Justin and Curtis Wright not less instead we have supposed prominent leaders forcing Wright over his views and instead ya our him on a 50k blowtorch with simulcasting on stations near our military in ft Bragg. Truth is you need pitbulls like Wand Lanassa. But only when if and when needed. The dembos learned a long time ago you can appear weak on a political matter. As has our home grown Wright and Lanasa. They powers that run this city on both sides tried to shut up Curtis will not be anywhere and I hope Justin Lanassa doesnt
Either. Politics as usual in SE NC is OVRT!!!!!!!!

Buh-by, Jason

Jason...get a clue. Maybe it's just you. Can you "here" me?

What an embarrassing article

What an embarrassing article to whomever wrote it. No one obviously proofread this story. "LaNasa went encouraged.." and "I didn't here or see..? What kind of grammar is this?

his mistake

"didn't here" was lanassa's typo. That's what (sic) means. Learn grammer rules before you correct others.

"Grammer" is spelled grammar.

"Grammer" is spelled grammar.