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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After all the votes were counted Tuesday night two new faces came out as winners for Wilmington City Council. Businessman Neil Anderson and retiree Margaret Haynes are the two non-incumbent candidates that will fill two of three open seats; incumbent Laura Padgett was re-elected.
Incumbent Ronald Sparks had a tight race with Anderson. Sparks says the voters made their decision Tuesday night but is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community.

“It has been an interesting four years. I have worked hard, and I will proceed on,” Sparks said.

The newly elected council members showed a sigh of relief once the final numbers came in. Haynes, who served on council before, said she enjoys serving the community. The councilwoman-elect said she could not have made it if it were not for her supporters.

“We just had a swell of support from a lot of friends and people we didn’t know. It is very rewarding,” Haynes said.

Anderson, said it was a nail-biter all night, but is glad that the final results had him over incumbent Ronald Sparks.

“It took a long time tonight, but the results were what we wanted,” Anderson said.

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  • Adrienne


    I hope this is a child that wrote the comments above. Who are we to judge, if you could have done a better job, why didn’t you run for a seat on the council???? Being an elected official is not an easy job especially when dealing with people as yourself.

  • ThanksRonny

    I just wanted to say thanks Ronny!! Thanks for:

    -Not having to hear your dumb comments anymore
    -Not having to hear that you use to be an engineer for the city anymore
    -Me and other tax payers not having to foot the bills for all of your clubs, organizations, and charters dues anymore
    -Not having free vacations and eating $300.00 meals in DC on my tab anymore
    -Not having to see your goofy outfits anymore
    -Watching you walk out the door and hopefully voters will remember you if you decide to run again!!

  • Guest20

    Now if we could only get rid of Saffo and Padgett, things would definitely be looking up!

  • Guestdem

    I am a dem but not sorry to see ronnnie go. It is a shame that best we have are Saffo and Padgett. Still, next time around a lot of us will remmeber Sheridan’s caustic comments to the Wilmington Jewish community about celebrating our Holiday in december. Sparks defeat shows some kinds of politics wont be tolerated even in Wilmington.

  • OhNO…Wilmington!!!!

    WOW….the voters of Wilmington have spoke again, and somehow believe that Laura Padgett and Bill Saffo did a good enough job to keep their jobs???

    Do you voters not see everything they did to negatively impact the city? And Laura…well, I guess she just gets to keep spending and traveling and eating and vacationing on the taxpayers dime and Saffo can continue to be bought by development special interests…

    I am so glad that I don’t live in the city!!!!

  • Curious

    If you are glad you don’t live in the city, then why do you care who is elected to Wilmington City Council?

  • Guest7969

    It shows the utter INCOMPETENCE of city residents! I for one am ECSTATIC that new annexation laws will most likely protect me from being involved in Wilmington!

  • Brock

    Or perhaps the silent majority just simply doesn’t agree with your point of view.

    Perhaps people evaluated Padgett’s performance and Wilmington’s strong growth over her entire time serving and not ridiculous over-reactions to meals paid for. Maybe people politically allied with her as a seeming way to offset whatever influence Danny McComas might continue to have on the city.

  • Guest3

    I don’t know about OhNO’s reason, but I live outside the city too, and I care about who is elected to City Council because I’m a city employee who is greatly affected by council’s decisions.

  • OhNO…Wilmington

    Because I work inside the city limits and their poor decision making effects my company…which could, in turn, effect me…

    However, the biggest disappointment is apathy…people just continue to allow the names they recognize to win and make decisions based upon their own special interests, or allow themselves to be bought…

    It is more an observation than anything, but since I do work inside the city, and they make taxing decisions, and zoning decisions…my company is effected.

    Thank you for your concern!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …will press and press and press for increased WAVE funding by city and county, and the oh-so-cooperative County Commisssioners will gladly pass that cost onto county residents who don’t use or need WAVE.

  • Guest461

    While 75% of them spend their time whining, complaining and accusing on this website. We tried to tell you, “Get out there and vote the incompetent incumbents out.”

    Now…you do what you’ve always done, You’re going to get what you’ve always gotten.

  • I see why the turnout was low, “the people had no one to vote for.” The only candidate who really cares about this city is Ricky Meeks. I voted, and he was my only pick. The mayoral vote was a joke also. We needed fresh blood, but not from a tattoo artist. Was the carnival in town?

  • Guest3ljui

    What did he say about the Jewish holiday?

  • Napier Fuller’s 4-point plan…guess the vaguery of it didn’t resonate well or wasn’t beliveable by the voters.

  • Guest3

    How is this judging? We are all exercising our right to comment on whatever subjects we please (including you). This is a public formum and anyone can post their thoughts and comments here. If you don’t like it, just move on. Everyone can’t hold public office because there are a limited number of vacancies, but everyone can comment.

  • Peter L

    Whether the outcome of Wilmington’s recent elections appeals to one’s satisfaction or not, the ultimate results reflect the local Democratic Process. Some Wilmingtonians elected to exercise their right to vote; whereas, others neglected to avail themselves of the Democratic Process. Whatever the case, Democracy Prevails. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Relieved

    I think the voters realized what happens when you don’t properly vet your candidates. Elections and have consequences and we can’t have City Council looking Bergeresque. Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    The story below

    describes dealings with the WHA.

    Has this suit been settled, or is still in the process.

    “The housing authority bought the property on Sparks’ recommendation”.

    What was the outcome.


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